Sureno House – Political Artwork Based On My Life

Posted: September 20, 2018 in Community Mobbing
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Sureno House

Political Artwork based on the Horrific Government agenda against me since childhood to remove me from society based on their labels and beliefs, with abuse of power, and violating the Constitution of the united state to accomplish my EXTERMINATION by fear mongering the masses worldwide in the largest historical crime against one man in history as we know it with the excuse “His kind cannot exist”

Downloadable zoomable Link on the 14K High Resolution image so you can read the details of what is in it

While most of my art is fun in nature. This is the first Political Artwork I have done that has 90% truth to what has been done to my life to remove me from society no matter what it takes. Weather that be to endlessly give me nerviness breakdowns until I am dead and gone, or locking me away in jail cells or mental institutions. For absolutely no reason at all other then his kind cannot exist. With the Police and My Family trying to make it look like all my art growing up was because I was tormented and tortured using their psychology degrees with the Government as LEVERAGE to to try to figure out ways to rid me of the world for the crime of being born.

While for me, I have been hunted, for every work of art I have ever created. Even simple College Assignments somehow led to mass groups notified based on psychological labels with all sorts of stories and theries that I am crazy. Think I am the person in the Painting, or Graphic, putting mass groups worldwide on ALERT in secret. UNHEARD OF OPERATIONS.

At no point would or will someone directly ask questions, tell me they know me, or deal with the situation, or acknowledge me for who I am, because it’s all about leverage and control. With labels I am crazy and need to die. Yet every other artist on this planet, weather they are crazy or not. Do not have this problem. Hence these illegal operations to justify my EXTERMINATION that doesn’t make any sense

As you can see from some of the examples in this Work of Art

While the World is being contacted by people with AUTHORITY pretending that they are special.  Feeding the world lies about me and throwing endless daily changing labels on me to make these masses think that them being told by the Police, and Government to take part in my extermination is allowed and OK. Basically riling up the masses and the Police telling them they are allowed to be vigilantes to help them have me killed or rid of the world.

While none of what the WORLD has been told about me is true. I am told I am not allowed to tell anyone on the planet about it, or they will kill me, or lock me away. Met with endless death threats for 18 years since finding out. Endless all day and night 24/7 worldwide attacks upwards of 1000 – 1 mil per day after starting to tell people what I was finding out or was going on, after realizing I was being hunted and endless setup attempts or frame jobs starting at a young age to accomplish this that they don’t want coming to light.

Hence all sorts of physical attacks over and over. And Police arrests to cover them up to smear my name. Hence a lot of the paperwork in this Fantasy picture is actual paperwork from the Police trying to thug and mentally batter me quiet, aside from their WORLDWIDE all day and night 24/7 mental terror attacks now going on 40 years to try to collapse my brain.

While I have modified the paperwork a little. The base statements from them are accurate. Such as Officer Sean Dinse’s parking ticket 2 weeks before him taking the stand on trial, showing that his obsession and personal vendetta is Government Sanctioned. A parking ticket that states that Kevin Perelman has parked 1.5 inches in the red zone. Showing their 40 year BEHAVIORS of. Kevin blinked wrong, Kevin farted wrong, he is out of control and we need to kill him. While I have endless proof of things like this. I wasn’t even allowed to show any of this in trail showing the Police corruption, to prove my Innocence. I was lied to that it was all inadmissible as evidence showing a mass conspiracy in my eradication for the crime of being born and being a really good person.

With such DEATH THREATS like, “If you ever take a picture of a person, I will exercise the law in my own way” from an Officer Toro, which was a fake name given out to hint about some people sent after me at Southern Oregon State College.

A lot of what is in this image was from things that happened at the court house with a Jury Tampered Jury the judge was not concerned about. As well as endless illegal activities and a fraudulent trial to convict me on frame job operations that were turned around on me to dirty me up to attack my credibility because they don’t want any TRUTH about these ILLEGAL Government operations and sent to maximum security prison for insignificant misdemeanors. At Pitchess Wayside. Put in solitary confinement the majority of the time, and Gang Members told that my website that defines “Gang Stalking” is somehow about Gang Members. to rile them against me in hopes to mentally batter me quiet.

Things that were talked about, Threats to me, or how it interlinks with what I’ve seen with the Judicial System. From Lawyers throwing out all Morals to make money and lock people away so they can’t say anything instead of upholding the OATH of the BAR ASSOCIATION in a system that is supposed to keep us safe.

A system our tax paying dollars was built by our founders to protect the innocent, and keep everyone safe and at peace. Is not what it is supposed to be. While watching corrupt police take kickbacks with Lawyers and Bail bondsmen to make money instead of uphold the laws.

And mass conspiracies while they contacted every lawyer WORLDWIDE telling the to harass me, and not help me working with Detective Angela Stewart, and many others even before I was arrested. Stopping any truth, or fair trails based on my innocence, and what is being done to me.

Taking out any POSSIBILITY for a targeted individual to DEFEND THEMSELVES on any level. Even verbally telling someone what is going on will result in an EXECUTION and that is when this got really bad for me at 29 years old. With a 25 year so called friend sent after me by the Police, NSA/FBI, Government named Mike Huntley at 14 years old.

The Constitution of the united states was built for one reason, and that was to PROTECT the common man from the TYRANNY of a Government. Well guess what. This no longer applies, and you are not SAFE from our Government!

Your life could be just like mine. And one day your life will go from NORMAL, to a mass conspiracy to ERADICATE you, based on nothing said other then finding out mass worldwide groups want you dead and have been conspiring with the Government to do this.

And now with the INTERNET and Technology. It doesn’t take much for someone with Authority to confront strangers or mass groups conning them into thinking they are doing something good, while they turn them into criminals to do their dirty work for them.

A lot of the messages in this work of ART, are from things either said to implied to me over and over endlessly for the last 18 years after finding out I was being Targeted by the Government.

I just made their statements or thuggings a little more direct so people can understand what is really going on. What people are afraid to speak about when it comes to Kevin Perelman. Or actually believe the fear mongering. Or the endless spree of people sent after me since 5 years old turning around what they did to me. Then saying I did it to them, or making up complete fantasy of other crimes to cover up the fact they were either paid off, or sent after me to have me killed or rid of the world.

Some 3rd Party Witnesses who the court did not provide me with time to prepare for trail. Not even 1 day. So I could not contact my witnesses to testify on my behalf to give you an idea of the MAGNITUDE of this and the lies the world has been told about me! Exposing illegal White House knowledge, by having me walk with the Tourists in front of the white house section and exposing them

So when looking at this Artwork, their is a lot read read if you want to take the time to look at the intricacies and details on a less direct level. So those who like to ANALYZE. Now is your chance. Trust me, you will have a lot to look at in this Picture.

Some links to related events which are vast and across 40 years of endless mobbings to EXTERMINATE me, and keep me quiet while doing it:

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Related and associated with this persons setup attempts and frame jobs:  LAPD and Officer Sean Dinse, working on their mental illness tactics to try to make me look crazy, then wanting a psych evaluation, which is really an ANGLE to remove me from society to cover up their endless crime spree against me –

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Link to Police Refusing to help me ever in life!

Aubrey Fisher sent After me by Police, Family, Friends, Government to end my life  –

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