Police officers trying to set me up with their U-Turn Tactic and having people wait in their cars to try to bait me. Similar to what they did last night

Posted: May 19, 2015 in Community Mobbing
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The other day, I updated my tactics section on http://www.KevinPerelmanTarget.com with some of the newer terror tactics these mass groups are having people do in patterns to try to provoke me into a reaction to remove me from society.

One of the Tactics I put in my site under “tactics used” http://www.kevinperelmantarget.com/TacticsUsed/Default.aspx is the U-turn tactic of passive aggressively trying to bait me into reactions by the masses over and over working with the police to remove me from society.

it says “U-Turn tactic – People in my neighborhood will see me and do U-turns next to me walking or driving. Not only this, police officers as well have done it.”

Today, when walking around the park, when I got to the corner on Topanga, and Marylee I think it’s called, A police officer was pulling up to the light. They see me, and cut off a car to their right, and went in front of them so they could go down the street where my car was. It was clearly obvious they saw me from their last minute decision as they were originally going to keep driving straight.

The immediately drove down the street about 50 yards, and when they got to my car, hung a U-Turn in front of it to try to bait me into a reaction to try to set me up, just like yesterday.

This shows several things. One, the most important. The police have my website, which I know they do, because when I found out what was going on and could comprehend it enough, I went to them for help, and gave them my website, and told them what was going on. And they have done everything imaginable to try to silence me, spin the story, and thug me quiet about it. What this says is simply, They are involved and heavily responsible since the age of 10 years old, and by stopping this mass world wide crime they are involved in starting, When the shit hits the fan, they will be held accountable and so they refuse to do anything to stop it and are trying to cover up their crimes because they want me quiet. And so they have to keep the crime their endless crimes against me that they are involved in covered up. And try to smear my name to make it look like I am the problem.

Especially having countless police officers follow me from place to place threatening my life, or trying to thug me quiet. It also means, they are trying to figure out ways to stop me from posting what is going on. Which once again, if it was any other person, they would stop the crime and arrest the people responsible.

It also shows that they are doing these things more when I document or speak out about them, because they think they can thug me quiet and stop me from talking out about it and all the people they sent into my life to befriend me to try to set me up and other various endless crimes. And that is why people kept coming in my life since 10 years old trying to keep me quiet, as they thought I had known something. And now I do.

I already knew they had my website for years, and I know they want me dead and gone because of what they have started with my family and are involved in and what I know. And they will do anything possible to try to keep me quiet or rid me of the world.

The action of reading my post what is going on, and then doing it more, especially by them is clearly an act to provoke me into a reaction to arrest me trying to make me look crazy and angry which they have been working on since 10 years old starting with my family and my brother.

Aside from yesterdays attempts to have 2 people waiting in black GMC’s watching me, in the same car I drive, to try to continually provoke me


Also, on my way home, the Metro neighbors were waiting for me in 2 cars in front of their gate, because they knew I was at the park. Which is also what they did yesterday with the GMC’s as you can see in the video.

P1190820 P1190818

This tactics go on, all day and night with world wide groups and have been since 10 years old. Their intent is to figure out ways to rid me of the world. Either by pushing me to suicide, or trying to push me out of control working with the police to figure out how to institutionalize me.

They have not only violated my civil rights since childhood, they have hunted me all day and night since 10. For details on this 30 year campaign to remove me from society, you can go to.


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