Jason Perelman’s endless 40 year rage to remove me from society or end his younger brothers life

Posted: June 4, 2014 in Community Mobbing
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Jason, my brother is an integral part of the murder/terror campaign to remove me from society. Although he is and was not the only person involved, he was a major part of this world wide manhunt to covertly remove me from society.

When we were young, my brother was a thug and a bully and still is for that matter just uses more covert tactics. I’m guessing around 10 years old or before, my brother would terrorize me. At the time, I just figured it’s what brothers do. They fight. I always loved my brother. Never had any real problems with him, but little did I know what was going on in his sick, twisted, obsessed demented head of his.

I was always the shy quiet kid. Afraid to talk to people, and docile as could be. But my brother was the opposite.  He would do everything imaginable. We would go swimming, he would hold me under water as long as possible, he would endlessly provoke me from sneaking up behind and flicking my ear, to bashing me in the back of the head.

There were never any times I provoked him, I was always as nice as could be. I’m sure my brother probably was making up lies to cover up his bullying, but never heard anything directly like usual. I am a horrible monster and if I ask why, I’m imagining it with no actual things I have done to cover up their crimes, just know people seem to come after me every time he comes after me as if it was my fault for some unknown reason. And my only explanation, which fits the pattern of behaviors which I know and have documented are people are coming after me, then making up lies that I somehow wronged them to cover up their crimes. And it just keeps going as I keep questioning why people keep coming after me.

Out of all the times my brother attacked me when I got older, I never held a grudge against him. I always liked him and I thought we got along so well, not only did I have my friends but  I felt I clicked well with him, being that I was in between in age. I was a year older then my friends, and a year younger then his.

But at a very young age now looking back I still can’t believe all the things he was involved in to rid me of the world. I remember, at a young age, when my brother went around bashing me in the head from behind and flicking me in the ear that at one point, I was holding a steak knife, and when I turned around, I fake threw it like you do a fake dog bone and dripped it to the ground. Jason went running in fear. But my brother, the psychotic bully did not like me standing up to him and trying to stop him from attacking me over and over endlessly. To a psychotic thug bully, that is a no no and you do not put a stop to his attacks or he hunts you your whole life do to severe obsession, anger and rage.

So what did he do? He went around telling everyone I was crazy and tried to kill him to cover up his endless mental illness campaign terrorizing attacks. He even, working with my family went to the police. But oddly enough, nobuddy seemed to care that the bully who holds his younger brother under water for as long as possible or keep running up from behind hitting his brother in the head or flicking his ear endlessly to get reactions for no reason  is not a problem. And the only problem in their eyes is that you might eventually react and defend yourself. In my family, they do not want you to put a stop or defend yourself against murderous or terror acts.

His claims that I have anger and rage are a reaction to his endless attacks which is a normal reaction to people attacking you all day and night world wide were you can ‘t get away from it. If you are sitting on a bench minding your own business and singing songs or smoking a cigerette, and someone comes up to you and punches you in the back of the head endlessly you’ve never seen and does not stop, it’s a normal reaction to turn around and put a stop to him. But, my brother needed to cover up his crimes because my brother was scheming calculated and premeditated  and the devoted his entire life to rid me of the world.

While I went on believing that me and my brother got along well, I didn’t realize the sick demented things he was doing.

At one point, he and his friends were bragging that they had put one of their teachers in a mental institution and around the same time he started telling me things like, he had put a bug in my room and was listening to everything I was doing. I kind of chalked it up as, that was weird, but does not sound realistic. To find out now, he was trying to figure out ways to make me paranoid to wipe me off the planet.

At one point, when he turned 16, and I was 14, he put a license plate frame on his cars that said “I swerve and hit people at random” for some strange reason, people were mad at me for it. So much so that Nicky Six who lived 2 houses down jokingly one day passed his house in his bronco and jokingly swerved at me. I did not make this connection because it was my brother who had that plate and was telling the world it was me along with all his other crimes. Yet he had been telling the world I was reckless and out of control.

After this, my brother started going on what he called “Runs” I don’t know why he named it this and I’m guessing that around that time, I was on the wrestling team, and very health conscious. I started lifting weights daily, and running a couple times a week. And I think he must have been jealous or something because I was into health and a wrestler and he was the computer nerd.

I really don’t know but from his actions he was taking parts of my life and trying to send me hidden messages to create mental illness, I have no clue why. So he and his  friends went out on his “Runs” where just like the provoking he did to me, he did to strangers. They would go through drive through with a water fire extinguisher spraying them with water, or get cars to chase them. He had a friend in the back seat with a sling shot and pachinko balls he would launch at cars if they chased him from his attacks, and if worse came to worse he would grab a handful of change and throw it at them. He would then go out and market to the world pinning his crimes on me.

I guess not only did he not like the people like me he was attacking, but he also didn’t like them standing up to them. When I became 16, there is no doubt he was trying to get me to follow his lead to set me up, but I was different. I was the opposite of my brother, Kind, generous, giving, caring, etc. While not perfect, and some fun pranks which I do not see as mean or a crime. And I choose a different path. And that pissed him, and my family off for some strange reason.

I chose to be positive and follow passions, and one of my passions was cars and building them. But he and my family who I find out knew what he was doing, was more concerned with me building cool cars, and going to the Friday night car clubs, then they were with my brothers endless rage to remove me from society, which seems very odd. Especially my brothers endless rage that I stopped him from beating my friend with a crow bar as If I wronged him telling me “Blood is thicker then water” and I must support him.

I can’t imagine one bad thing coming from a 16 year old buying motor building books and building cars. It seems pretty harmless to me. And while my family was mad at me preaching obsession, without driven people, nobuddy would start companies or accomplish things because they would all be labeled with OCD and locked up. But hunting down people with mental illness tactics to end someones life because you don’t like or understand them is ok to all these people.

After this, my brother and all his friends and my friends all working together decided to work on me any way shape and form possible to rid me of the world. Jasons friend Andy Adelman and Mike Huntley,  moved into a house on Chase street. At the time, I didn’t think anything of it but now knowing he was using the Name “Chase Street” to hint about him going on these  “Runs” Almost like he was trying to get a confession from me of his crimes. For some reason, Andrew adelmen would drive around in a crap green 1966 mustang wearing a confederate hat, and somehow this was directed at me. And from finding out that they were telling people that I hate black people for some strange reason, seems to correlate with Andy and his hat. I’m just assuming that they were making up any old lie possible to rile the world against me to rid me of the world.

They staged a whole operation where he went to the movies, called me on the phone asking me “Kevin, how long does it take to fill up a waterbed?” then letting it explode flooding their rented house. At the time, I didn’t think much of it, and now knowing, he was just trying to send me hidden messages to create mental illness.

From situation to situation, to conversations were all tactics to create paranoid schizophrenia and make it look like I was crazy to end my life and rile the masses against me.

At one point, My brother and his friends got into watching B movies and Horror movies as I watched them too. I do need believe I have done anything wrong and if horror movies are so evil then I’m confused why so many people pay to watch them and they keep making them, but I believe my brothers motives were different. He would watch movies and have me watch movies to try to figure out ways to create paranoid schitzofrenia, and send me hidden messages about the movies to try to make me look crazy. I have no idea this was being done until my late 30’s until I noticed these and his terror patterns to remove me from society.

An example of this would be, he would bring home “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” then some time later tell me his friends mom went crazy and chainsawed his door down trying to kill him. His who tactic was to try to make it look like I was conforming to movies, or not in reality, or get hidden messages from movies like the Son of sam.  It was a lifetime campaign for him, his friends, my family to try to figure out ways to make me look sick or crazy to end my life and rid me of the world.

Around this time, Apparently, he did not like me listening to music or would try to do the same with music with his and my friends. Trying to make it look like I conform to music or movies or maybe make it look like I’m crazy and doing whats in the lyrics tell me. For example, one of my friends working with them Eric Christianson introduced me to a music group called “Cherry poppin daddies” I instantly liked the group and their music and at this point he was working on some kind of profiling campaign from the groups name to some songs as If I had committed a crime for liking a group with an aggressive name or song.

So while I thought my family and brother were decent people who shared what they liked, instead, they had calculated hidden agendas to create mental illness, and make me look crazy to remove me from society.

I can recall around the age of 14, us going on a carribean cruz, and my brother buying both of us Kershaw keychain knives. I did not question it at the time being so young but now looking back, what was he setting me up for on that cruz? was he trying to figure out ways to bait me to stab him to put me in jail? Or treat me as shitty as possible to try to set me up. with all that has been done and he has done, I don’t think that is so far off, especially with his endless provoking, and attempted setups.I can recall at the age of 30 when severely sick driving up to the canyons and sitting out wondering what was going on as a cop then came to me saying it’s past curfew and then harassing me asking me if I had a knife for no reason at all which was weird now making the connection that my brother was trying to set me up the whole time.

My brother at the time was dating a girl in High School named Jennifer Yang an Asian cheerleader. Jennifer seemed like a really nice person and ended up marrying my friend Greg Waugh a basketball player in my grade. This is where things get really weird. My brother moves off to college in Colorado and they try a long distance relationship. Apparently, it wasn’t working but my brother says to Greg Waugh, that he is a good person and should hang out with Jen to keep her company.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t know any man in the world that would tell their girlfriend to hang out with some random buy, especially their younger brothers friend. So what happened is always what happens in a long distance relationship is that the person who is alone finds someone else because they want a real relationship.

So, Jen and Greg start dating, but it’s not certain, and I kind of have my ideas, just like my friends, but we don’t really know, although I have a feeling now this was staged and somehow directed at me. When my brother finds out he is furious! and you know, he’s the sane one and I’m the rage person right?

The next time Greg Waugh comes to my house to see me, My brother see’s him, picks up his pink crow bar he named, he keeps in his car for special “Run” occasions, and goes after Greg in a Rage. I, being the rational one in my family, jump in front of my brother and stops him. Well my sick demented brother after this, gets mad at me and tells me. I should have told him, and was pissed I stopped him from bashing my friends head in, as he starts telling me Blood is thicker then water, like some demented mobster. As if this whole thing is somehow my fault?. First, I was not 100% sure of anything until they broke up in Nassau, which my brother seems to be pissed at me for as If I was the one who told Jennifer to hang out with Greg, Then he’s pissed that I won’t help him bludgeon my friend in the head with a crow bar in a never ending rage to get even with me.

This all coming from the sick demented person who crow bars people to death and puts teachers in mental institutions claiming I have anger and rage problem.

I now  believe the whole thing was a setup to figure out ways to smear my name. Not only that but for some reason after that my brother has been claiming or telling people that I somehow tried to steal his girlfriend or something because I keep getting harassed as If I tried to steal her which we had no type of scenarios where we were even ever around each other which is very odd.

Around this time, when I turned 16, my brother with my family sent 2 more people after me to befriend me and try to destroy me any way shape and form possible. One was his Friend Micheal Huntley, and another was his friend Joe Humphry’s younger friend Paul humphry. Of course they both drove broken down vw bugs which I thought was a coincidence, but because people park identical cars in 2’s all day in front of my house I doubt it was and most likely was a mental illness attempt.

Mike and Paul spent a lifetime working together to try to set me up and smear my name. Paul would play the goofy annoying character and Mike would try to figure out ways to use the information or reactions to smear my name. Of course withing these 20 years or so were endless elaborate setups smears, character attacks and world wide smears to rile the masses up against me either using situations that did not matter or trying to set me up any way possible. And of course, all done in secret so I would not know it was going on, or defend myself any way possible.

An example would be that Paul Humphy would find out the women I dated online and then go date them to try to get reactions from me or dirt or scare me. I’m not sure what his motive was, but each time he would commit a crime against me he like everyone else would fabricate an excuse how it was my fault and I am a horrible monster. And what gives away his crimes is they were notifying the world with a funded operation of every lie imaginable so that when I found out, I could not defend myself because they were smearing my credibility so that I could not defend myself. At one point Paul pretended he liked a Girl Lisa Marie he met on the internet, and working on an elaborate setup he wants me to contact her and creates a triangle relationship. The whole time trying to figure out ways to set me up and steal her, even though she did not like him. Nonetheless, it did not work, and when his plan failed he started calling her a pit Viper to cover it all up. Needless to say, they were all working together to set me up.

The things that Paul Humphrey and Mike Huntley did for 20 years or so are an endless list of mass setups, mental illness tactics, stalking and targeting to end my life from just these 2 people alone working with my brother.

When I moved off to college, my brother went to university of Colorado, and 2 years later, I went to Southern Oregon State college. But my brother, my family, and friends working with the public were not done trying to set me up. When I was in Oregon, a person Named Eric Christianson, and at the same time, a girl named Sherri Christianson, came into my life. Erik, turned out to be, I believe a Nark trying to set me up any way possible  as well, working with Paul Humphrey and Mike Huntley and my brother and family getting information.

Erik had me go down with him to Sandiego to meet his girlfriend “Jen” which coincidentally was the same name as Jennifer Yang, my brothers X high school girlfriend that my brother is in an endless rage about for a simple breakup that he accuses me of, for some odd reason, and the only reason I can think is that she found out he was a psychotic and left him. But I have no clue how this is any of my fault especially if he’s been hunting me down for 30 years.

When we get to Jennifer’s place, she has a friend named “Kat” I have no clue why they choose that name, but at that point, they work on ways to try to scare me into a knife confession I’m guessing maybe 12 years later. So while were there, Kat gets mad, and playfully throws a knife at someone. So I take the knife, because I don’t want anyone getting hurt and put it in a duffle bag so she can’t find it. At this point, my brother, my family are on an endless campaign to rid me of the world working with the police. But what is stranger then strange to me is that no buddy cares about the real rage person which is my brothers, and his friends endless rage to rid me of the world, by mental illness campaign, guilt campaign, terror until I confess to something I did not do, you name it. Not only did he try to split my friends head open with a crow bar. He’s the provoker and setup artist who tries to terrorize people into situations to use against them. Kat, and Eric Christianson were trying to scare or blackmail me into false confessions, working with my family endlessly until they could get anything possible to remove me from society. It was not about anything I had ever done, and my life is cleaner then most I know, especially anyone in my family. It was a coverup for the true motive, to rid me of the world.

Me knowing that I had not done anything at all, and no knife was ever even thrown shows me that my brother, especially with mental illness campaigns, is a real psychotic. Who hunts people down, tries to get reactions, and then cries wolf. These tactics has been used on me by every person for over 30 years weather friend, acquaintance, co workers, you name it to try to provoke me into a reaction to remove me from society from my brother and families endless rage, refusing to leave me alone.

While in college, you can imagine all the elaborate and endless setups to try to provoke me into anger, and not one of them worked. At one point Erik Christianson would sleep with every girl I liked trying to get me mad at him while taking me to strip clubs and telling the community I am stalking strippers, also working with my friend Paul Humphrey and my brothers friend Mike Huntley. This attempt to take me to strip clubs, and set me up happened from not 1 person, but 4 people from 20 – 30 years old.

While in Southern Oregon State, I noticed someone who looked familiar in my dorm, Her name was Kelly Hatch, and she went to my high school. I had never spoke to her in High School, or was in her click, but I recognized her and ended up liking her. Little did I know her true motives with my family that they had her follow me up, working with the professors to smear my name and destroy me any way possible.

At the age of around 38 I can recall as I was in high school, my brothers friends and him would be singing, “Because her name was Kelly, kelly, kelly, kelly, K E L L Y” I have no clue what this is from as in my late 30’s I put it together my brothers and friends mental illness campaign. That not only were they trying to send me hidden messages, but then sending this kelly person after me, who with this world wide campaign has claimed I’ve done all these horrible thing to her by going through imperfect scenarios and making each insignificant thing into a crime. For example, at one point I was working on a plastic car stereo bracket on my car, and I knew she had artist tools and needed to barrow an exacto knife to cut the plastic.

That was collected and something was said that I had wronged her. Now you can imagine, if that is a crime, then everything you do is a crime. Breathing too fast or tripping would be a crime. To later on find out that Paul and Mike, my brother and family were working with her to send her after me and then try to make it look like I was up to something.

This does not start or stop with Kelly Hatch, it has been a world wide campaign since I was 10 years old and each person who comes in my life works on the same tactics. Of course while this was going on there we endless setups with Erik Christianson and Sherry Christianson and everyone else involved to try to destroy me. I had no clue it was going on. That he and everyone else was trying to figure out ways to get me to go after them or make it look like I was.

About 1.5 yrs of Southern Oregon State I had visited my brother in University of Colorado and realized I wanted more then a school of 1000 and a town of 5000 so I transferred to University of Colorado after my brother had graduated.

My brother saw this as an opportunity to not only tell her world I am a horrible person and copying him, as if people aren’t allowed to be inspired by others or do the same things, he started making up new sets of lies that I was following him around. And at this point, my brother started introducing me to his friends he knew in Colorado. Of course at the time, I thought it was a nice gesture that my brother wanted me to have friends, it was really the opposite that he wanted to remove me from society using more of his friends to try to destroy me any ways possible.

He introduces me to a friend name Jason Baum. I’m assuming since he and his campaign are big on using paranoid schizophrenia tactics, Jason Baum was supposed to send me hidden messages that he will explode or blow up. Kind of like my brothers making Combustion burgers as he called them, then me and my friends we would go to a restaurant called “Kevin’s Burgers” another setup, where hot rods would go on Friday nights as I was 16 and building cars. as I’m sure people were going ballistic on me like the one person who launched his car in front of mine to try to cause an accident to set me up to tell the world I am out of control.

Or using Mike Huntley to hunt me down or Aubrey fisher to fish for information. This is a big endless tactic they would use with names to try to make me mentally ill and end my life with their paranoid schizophrenia tactics trying to make me look crazy and lock me away.

So when Jason Baum comes in my life, they, working with the police create a double bind or catch 22 scenerio where my roomate sublets a man for the summer to rent his room, and the man pays an upfront fee, no rent, and squats. He sits around all day smoking pot and drinking everclear. As he slowly starts to move me out. I go home for a week, come back, he has moved into my room, etc. The whole time my roomates are trying to get confessions from me about Kelly and other elaborate smears with hidden messages and digs as they try to peak my anxiety. Finally, Jason Baum, swoops in and tries to figure out ways to get me to scare him with his gun as I never see Jason Baum again. It turns out, the whole time, they were trying to get a confession I guess from multiple smears they were working on and one was somehow, A bullet hole got in my fathers 300E mercedes when I was 16 and at this point, I’m pretty sure my father, brother working with the police just put it in the car and told the world I did it out of anger and rage because I have caught person after person with  elaborate setups like this. From multiple women claiming I had hit them to people claiming I had hacked them, endless lies and smears all given to the world to end my existence any way shape and form possible.

The next friend my brother sent after me was Mike Wexler. Mike seemed more toned down and I can’t remember much from him except a few situations. One was him trying to get confessions about lock picking, and I believe another was about hitting a bum with a car or something. To him setting me up with some red head who kept telling me she wanted to go out, but kept dangling carrots to try to provoke me into anger which has been done with every girl I’ve ever tried to date for the majority of my life trying to make me look like an angry person. They will always make up the same types of excuses, such as this is how I am, and I can’t see myself, which leads to the schizophrenia part of the campaign. Not only trying to create mental illness, but trying to make it look like it’s all my fault.

Around this time the internet started to come around and my brother was big into it calling me up and sharing his knowledge to get me on the internet. Little did I know his true motive wasn’t to share his passions, but to unleash a world wide man hunt to set up his brother. He would teach me the basics, then everyone would try to collected everything I was doing and make it into something it was not.

My enraged brother would play both sides of the fence, by saying things like, Hey, check out this Ifriends.com site while notifying to masses to try to get information to use against me and make it look like I was up to something. There is no doubt the webcam girls were notified I am coming their way if given the site. This was done with everything to try to set me up or smear my name and remove me from society. At the same time telling people I am a hacker so they need to hack me and get information to use against me and things like this.

This I believe was when my brother taught me about IRC where they could have a virtual terror frenzy directed at me to try to make it look like I was a horrible person and destroy me any ways possible. People would befriend me, like usual, and like all my brothers other friends, using their names as messages or what they were going to do. For example, one person named “Paranoid” was following me around trying to make me paranoid, and to cover their crimes they would say it is my fault because my name is Vertigo, which was just pulled out of thin air and randomly created, but you know he and everyone else will say what they have too to make their criminal activities look justified. But they needed to cover up their crimes and make it look like I am a monster and this is all my fault, and to top it off, my brother, my family, and all these strangers were working with the police to try to set me up or smear my name any way shape, or form possible.

Another person my brother introduced me too while I was an X Girlfriend Angie I think who was another cheerleader who lived in Colorado so that she could have me go out with their friends which seemed harmless, but yet once again, I believe he was probably telling the world that I was trying to steal his x girlfriends. I her and her friends once, but didn’t think much about it and that was it. I can only imagine what he would be spewing if I had taken the opportunity to meet more people and make more friends of hers. I sure he would say I’m moving in on his territory, etc despite the fact he staged the whole thing.

After University of Colorado I moved back to California to get into computer animation where once again a year or so prior Mike Huntley called me up wanting to start an internet company. You can only imagine what was going on at this point as Paul and Mike were trying to get me closer to destroy my life any way possible. As we started an Internet host provider Mike was not only working on all sorts of paranoid schizophrenia tactics, but using the clients company names who were signing up as well. And were working every tactic imaginable to set me up destroy and smear my name any way shape or form possible

Mike would do things like, lets watch this health video showing how people changed their lives by going to the gym. I was already into body building on and off since 16. But Mike was using it as an opportunity to try to make it look like I conform to movies or media. And when I went to the gym, I just said, I want to workout, and let him do the program he had watched. but of course, I’m sure that’s not what he was telling the world.

You can only imagine when Mike and I started taking creatine and working out as he told the world I drank too much water and peed too much as creatine dehydrates you. But these little world wide smears add up, especially one a lot of them are criminal accusations and things like you hate, asians, black people, women, etc. on a world wide funded smear operation.

Several times after I had graduated college and moved back to California my brother wanted me to come visit as he would by me plane tickets to see him as he and his wife tried to manipulate me to moving to florida with them. You can only imagine the elaborate tactics of telling the world I am following him around as he buys me tickets to see him and tries to get me to move their on more of his elaborate setups. They would even get all their friends to say “Kevin, you should move here”

On one visit, he says he has a friend he wants me to meet and sets me up with a nurse he knows. We go to a movie and she says she wants to go out again so I say ok. After this, My brother goes off on me how she is not in love with me as I am confused what exactly happened as we watched a movie and she said she wanted to see me again. But these are normal setups and smears that my brother works on to try to remove me from society, make me look crazy or delusional, and as I am 42 now, they have been going on since 10 years old.

My brother is a sick demented and righteous person. He will kill, and he will do it in the grey areas of the law just like Adolf Hitler claiming it is your fault for being something you don’t understand. He would probably tell you gay people are sick people and need to die as he pawns it off as he a a perfect person and is what everyone should be and if they aren’t they have a problem.

My brother has made claims to the world I tried to kill him. But he knows that I’ve never done a thing to him but watch him try to set me up and rid me of the world any ways possible.

The same person My Brother who has been hunting me since 10 years old with all his friends working with a world wide campaign has done everything in his power to try to get me to move by him after telling the world I am following him around. As he keeps sending me plane tickets and wanting me to visit him as they endlessly tell me they want me to move there seems strange that the person telling the world I have an anger and rage problem and have tried to kill him, and am following him around, which he damn well knows is something he made up while endlessly attacking me physically when we were kids and endlessly using mental illness tactics or trying to get dirt on me to give to the world now wants me to move close to him? So this person, my sick demented brother is clearly a liar he he tells the world I tried to kill him and then wants me close to him. It sounds strange that the man who smears my name like this tries so hard to get me close to him, I’m sure he’d tell the world I am pursuing him. But I’d think he wouldn’t want any part of me if I’m the monster her claims and tells the world I am. As a matter of fact, it fits all his schemes of trying to set me up or smear my name.

This is the family I come from which is the sickest of the sickest. Who all have psychology degrees they use to hurt people and tell you they can see right through you and are a horrible person as they hunt you down and try to end your existence for doing nothing but them not being able to trust or accept.

When my brother and family tries to prove I have anger and rage my only anger comes from their endless hunt to end my life. And I was a very happy and giving person my entire life. So to me, the righteous murderers like my brother are the ones with the problem, and not people like me trying to live a life, meet people, and accomplish visions and dreams.

I have only wrote about the tip of the icebearg in this blog because It has been an all day and night endless campaign since 10 years old to end my life finding out at 29. A lot I don’t know about, and a lot I can’t remember, but what I know is shocking and demented and I can’t conceive of such a sick, demented, and righteous person. Or what was done to my life.


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