Purchased http://www.exposegangstalking.info today

Posted: May 20, 2013 in Community Mobbing
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At the moment, I just purchased this domain thinking it would be nice to expose Gang Stalking, Cause Stalking, Community Mobbing, there are many names for this covert systematic attack to take away someones constitutional rights, and civil rights weather it be by the government, police, or communities all working in the gray areas of the law.

The one thing I noticed when this started at the age of 29 was that there were not many people coming forward due to the nature of this obtroucious crime. Being that angry mobs will conspire togethor to make people mentally ill, then tell everyone else they are crazy to systematically kill them or rid them of the world working in the gray areas of the law.

These tactics have been used for years by corrupt governments, as well as hate groups such as the KKK.

Going through the web recently, and on and off for years noticing that more and more are coming forward, I still noticed that most sites are informational and there is not much in resolving or putting a stop to these mass hate crimes done in secret.

I bought this domain, with no reason behind it really thinking it would be nice to get Targets like myself togethor and create a system to expose these horrendous things that, communities and police agencies do tocontrol and violate people removing their civil rights and refusing to protect them,

I don’t know what I have in mind for this site, although in looking on the web, most sites are very information, blog or forum type sites. My first thought is that since I am a web database developer, it would be nice to get some programers, and targets togethor in building a system that can counter, using our first amendment, and actually data showing proof of these situations so that these sick individuals, or groups cannot try over powering their targets stating things like “this person is crazy” or “they are imagining it”

Also maybe a prfile based system which could help so that going to a common forum type system is kind of messy in regards to people getting barried and not a lot of exporsure to the world. Also, I would like to find a way to unite all these sites, the legit ones, and people in regards to rise up against corrupt, sick demented organizations and individuals doing these things to people, then smearing their name to cover it up.

One site I have started long ago is http://www.GangStalkingReporter.com (database code is not visible), it is a site for Targets to be able to submit each incident, and notify groups of each incident, time stamped, pictures, and video proving the covert attacks, especially sublliminal and pattern based to normalize the situation letting people know what’s going on before approached and told lies.

I never completed this site, while 80% done, I’ve been solo on it, and don’t even know if it will be used. It is something that could help other targets insituations where mass communities know what is going on behind their backs, systematically work on them, and when they go to the police, they refuse help knowing what is going on.

Every person in the U.S. has the right to defend themselves, and that is why we have a judicial system. What is going on, which I never thought possible, is a violation on every level of the constitution. Not only that, but pain and torture tactics are inflicted on the target to keep them quiet and try to push them to their demise.

I do not have all the answers, or many at all for that, but I feel that everyone can get togethor in this situation as a whole and do what is right.
If there are other programmers, people with ideason any level in regards to this site, or any other legit site who want to fight this horrible thing where criminals or corrupt people or organizations conspire togethor to do this type of thing, I can be contacted at kevin@kevinperelmantarget.com

  1. Hi Kevin. This guy has a good site with good ideas. http://fightgangstalking.com/


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