Community Mobbing – Car without plates waits for me to leave my house and follows me with brights on

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I have been a target for over 30 yrs, I have people trying to provoke me into reactions all day and night for over 30 years, with the entire community taking part,
and then covering it up over and over, turning the situation around saying it’s my fault and I am up to something.

Today, As I left my house, usually several people in the community are waiting for me to collect information and put it on the internet, and disseminate it to the city to then have people follow me trying to get confessions each time I am attacked.

As I left my house, a car, who had taken off his plates, followed me as I was leaving. I looped around the park a couple of times to see if he was following me, and of course he was. So I stopped my car knowing this is a daily type thing since I found out 11 years ago. And he turned on his brights behind me and waited.

I always carry a camera main reason I am a photographer, but since I noticed these types of things happening, I document everything because these people refuse to address what their problem is, and won’t leave me alone, harassing me 100’s of times per day offline, and 1000’s online.

So I decided to record, this event, like I always do from day to day when I’m attacked. When I started videoing this person, he pretended to leave, then made a u-turn and came back around my car. I then proceeded to leave as he followed me again. He did this about 4-5 times. until finally, I went to my trunk and grabbed anything possible to defend myself.

The only thing I had was a camera tripod but I figured that could put a stop to him. a couple of times, he left and then came back around. Finally I approached his car about to swing at him and he speed away.

The thought of taking out his car with my tripod definatly went through my head, because if these people are going to do this all day and night, finding out 11 years ago, that they’ve been doing this for 30 yrs since my brothers crimes that he pinned on me to cover them up.

I could at least cause him several thousand in damages to his car. But of course I refrained, which I sort of regret, as these people need to be held accountable for over 30 years of world wide damage to my life on every level, and daily mass mobbing with mental illness tactics to end my life, since I found out 11 years ago.

The police know this is going, and most of this is under the duress. They refuse to put a stop to it, and even protect the criminal who have been targeting me for over 30 years.

This happens at the Starbucks locations, coffeebean locations where I get food as well as almost every other locations and businesses I’ve ever been in.
If I go somewhere that I can sit around and relax, teams of people are notified to come and harass me over and over until the end of time with passive aggressive, or covert tactics in subtle patterns.

If I react in any way shape or formm or it’s even percieved that I react, it is then posted to the world on the internet, where I am then harassed all day and night with new lies and smears with people pretending they do not know me as they harass me.

Today I went to the Starbucks, Encino california where they told me I could not go in, because they won’t leave me alone and I told the manager that I was being harassed all day. Then manager then told me I could not come inside because I addressed the issue.

When I went to the location and sat outside, amongst other things goinf on such as people walking by sending me hidden messages over and over, I have documented the more obvious.

Today, teams of people came in wearing solid black pants, and solid green shits. As these images represent only 3, I have more on servailance, just don’t have the time or energy to go through them all.

But also, teams of people came in wearing all black. Black shirt and pants. I have documented about 14 people at Starbucks coming in wearing All black to try to make me sick, and a few hours.

When I left Starbucks and went to Woodland hills,ca where I live, as I started walking in the park by my house, neighbors started to come out, like they do every night with the intent to create mental illness.

about 18 people came out wearing all black in a 30 minute to 1 hrs time with the intent to make me mentally ill.

This is just 1 incident today of the same thing that’s been going on for over 30 yrs.

This is not an isolated incident. other tactics are used. For example, they will collect my online conversations from twitter or facebook, then follow me to

each location, mimicing back everything I say.

Or if I rest my feet on a chair, they will have something like 10 or so people a day for years go to the places I go, and mimic me back by having teams of

people copy me.

These are a few examples out of 1000’s of tactics people are told to do.

This has happned at alomst every place I’ve been around the world.

When I hire people out of the country, they know exactly who I am, and start harassing me with these paranoia tactics to try to get reactions until the end of

time until I can no longer function.

More details can be seen at

I have to document this because these mas mobs refuse to stop doing what they are doing for the last 30 years.

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