Community Harassment Group – LAPD Shows True Colors

Posted: March 26, 2013 in Community Mobbing, Uncategorized


After finding out that my name was smeared all across the world with a mass mobbing for whatever reasons, an LAPD officer finally showed his true
colors last month.

An officer approached me at Starbucks, part of the police crew that’s been following me from place to place for 30 years trying to bait me into a
reaction to get rid of me approached me last month claiming his name was “Officer Toro”. I did not ask for his name mind you, he just openly gave it as
approaching me. I pretty much assume it was not his real name, and some kind of confession digging tactic like normal.

He basically told me, knowing that I was involved in Studio Photography, that if I ever take a picture of a person and I qoute “Exercise the law in my own way” which is what they have been doing to me for 30 years as you can see from my website and cnn posts.

After this, the police officer told everyone in my community to park Toyota Camry’s up and down my street, teams of them, to create mental illness for disobeying his rogue orders.

When calling internal Affairs in regards to this situation as well as everything. Not only did the IA officer play games about trying to hint about some internet troll (someone who tries to bait you or set you up to get rid of you) Screen Name “Breeze” who claimed her name was Julia Sofia Reynoso after me. Once I stopped communicating with this person a person someone Named Rodie morales befriended me with ulterior motives from my gym asking me to join him at Strip Clubs to find out after rodie was taking me to strip clubs he was telling everyone I was hunting this person down. Rodie was apparently working with the police in some other investigations as some news sources on the Internet stated.

The IA officer said, Hold on, put a fan in front of the phone and then came back on. When I asked him if he was outside with the wind, he got defensive and
told me, someone would get back to me, as of course, nobuddy ever did.

On 3 – 4 occasions from 20 – 30 this tactic was done to me while communities were told of lies in secret of these smears how I was doing all these things to people. And in each instanse, someone came into my life, followed me to the places I go or lived, then made up lies I was following them.

This was not a one time claim, but over and over to make it look like I had a pattern of doing these things.

This morning, when letting people know about these crimes being inflicted on me, a police officer was waiting in front of my place for me to leave. After I had left, of course so did he.

Tonight when I went to get food, waiting outside for a to go order, a man came out with his kids using the normal tactics to try to bait me into a reaction. He started texting everything I was doing to this group online as people started sending me provoking messages on twitter and facebook to try to manipulate me into a fight as this is done over and over as my predators pretend they don’t know what’s going on and it’s some random event of some person with a problem.

When the man saw that I was taking pictures, he approached me as I walked past him and away like people do to try to provoke a reaction to get rid of me. I told him cute kids as his 2 kids in pink were playing on the table.

He came up to me saying. You took pictures of my kids. I told him, as a photographer, I have a right to take whatever I want as I was taking a picture of a car.

He did not like me taking pictures for some reason using his kid as an excuse, and told me he would take my camera.

When I did not back down, then man said, “I will call the police” I said, go ahead, the law protects people like me from taking pictures in public.
The man then continued to call the police as if they have legal ground to tell me I don’t have the same rights as everyone else.

On that note, a police car was parked about 50 feet away, as they were in the resturant. Most likely trying to scare me into submission by covert blackmailing tactics which is done over and over for 30 years.

I decided to walk away to see if he would pursue me as he had ulterior motives to begin with, he did not, but he showed his true colors by the mere fact that he had something to hide and was trying to scare me out of my camera or to do what he and the police have been doing for the last 30 years.

This is just a daily event of LAPD and Police coruption which need to be addressed above. As the police do not believe in following the laws. And to picking people at random and deciding to terorize them for unkown, or some kind of policing covert illegal red flagging type of thing.

At one point, Police officers hinted I needed to stay quiet about the situation, as I kept trying to live my life, they still keep following me trying to make sure I am quiet, and do what I’m told.

Not only has FOX news showns situation where officers are using Phone GPS’s to track people they deam a problem before a crime has ever been committed. The police not only admitted it was being done because no laws eist for this type of situations for warrents. They also tried justifying it saying “We can stop the crme before it takes place”

There’s is complete details of my daily attacks from police organization and mass world wide smear campaigns on my website at:

But the people, polititions and organizations against ccorrupt officers who think they are judges and try to sentence civiliation who not only have done nothing wrong, but even if that was the case, it would still be highly illegal.

Just as the Police beat up rodney king and tried to get away with it. This is the same thing, but hidden in the grey areas of the law using covert tactics to terrorize and scare citizins minding their own business that have not committed any crimes

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