Fraudulent website claims it’s for photographers and models, but it’s really just a mobbing website built to run people they don’t like out of the industry

Posted: March 24, 2013 in Community Mobbing, Uncategorized

About 10 years ago I signed up to this website from a person I thought was a friend who recommended it to pursue my photography career. From the day I joined the

site, the majority of the site was notified.

I believe they have a user base of something like 750,000 users. A large majority of the users were told to use this site as a terror board all targeted at me.

On several complaints to the people in charge of the site with my concerns, Not only did they refuse to help me, but the people in charge would continually harass

me discriminating against me.

Not only this, but the people running the system are heavily responsible for continual collection of my personal life to use against me to destroy my reputation

and credibility.

On 90% of the photo shoots I did, the models were work with me trying to provoke me into a fight, and after the shoots, information would be distributed to this

mass group to harass me over and over all day and night for over 10 years.

I found that this site and the people related were even hacking my computers and getting personal information to use to create mental illness.
On daily occasions where I went in public was collected and disseminated back to the site to create illness.

Not only has this site been heavily involved in a mass terror campaign since it went online. They have intentionally, and with premeditation has done so knowing

that a girl named Aubrey Fisher was going to give me this advice.

They have also destroyed my physical health where I am seeing doctors, and for years dealing with the severe harassment of being harassed at public locations all

day from the same people on this site collecting private information to use to create sickness.

The people running the site are heavily involved, and not only refuse to stop, but finally closed my account because they got frustrated I did not leave

unjustified, trying to get a confession.

I do not believe this website is legit at all and the people running it are involved in criminal activities of stalking and building systems to do so. I do not

believe it was even built for photographers but has an ulterior motives as a harassment and terror board. They are involved in illegal activities, over 10 years of

mobbing all directed at one person.

909 North Sepulveda Blvd., 11th Floor
El Segundo, CA 90245

For more information in regards to what’s being done to my life and this mass terror campaign
you can go to

  1. kaylynn says:

    My cousin was on this site as a model. To date she has come down with “schizophrenia” due to similar bullying. She is a beautiful girl, obviously bullied publicly with various tactics to make her lose her mind. They pitted her against me so I cant help her overcome whats happened. Sad.


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