3/4/2020 – WITNESS and THERAPIST Brittany Henderson – Go to Van Nuys Police Station to report the mass crime spree against me

Posted: April 22, 2020 in Community Mobbing

WITNESS and THERAPIST Brittany Henderson – Go to Van Nuys Police Station to report the mass crime spree against me

– Go to Van Nuys Police Station to try to get help showing they are involved and REFUSE to help
– Proof of the Alarm Honking in 2’s and 3’s with Brittany Witnessing it
– Showing mental illness tactics with cars and people around my house
– Talk about the Starbucks related Stalking Operations they are trying to cover up
– Talk about some other situations with other people in the psychology community and the real root of the problem in which we all know
– Correlation between Dr Alex Lazar, Tom Farley, and Persian Groups sent after me to hunt me with my brother and Mike Huntley frame jobs
– Mental Illness Tactics with cars around my house
– One of the Civic Stalkers videos us, and honks his horn twice to try to intimidate us and silence us
– Talk about Starbucks Paying off John Paul Naranjo to attack me and 7 punches to the head with their stalking operations
– We talk about the Starbucks Defamation
– Starbucks having a Persian Person yell at me and try to start a fight, and me refusing to fight him, while Starbucks wrote up paperwork reversing the situation like usual
– Talk about Starbucks trying to BLACKMAIL me into signing false confessions with Starbucks
– Talk about these mass groups showing they have something to hide because everything that is said is in SECRET
– Talk a little about Lawyer Jonathon Franklin Stealing my money to help the Police, as well as referring me to a corrupt Civil Attorney Stealing my money to stop the truth from
coming out while stating he doesn’t want to get a cop fired
– Talk about why I’m told to ignore the situation
– We talk a little about Adriana Olivarez
– Mother asking me if I hit Josh Burnum if I hit him in the head when I was 14 – 16
– The White Supremacist Defamation with Tom Farley
– Show the Car Mental Illness Tactics at Ven Nuys Court House and Police Station
– Talk about my building cars at 16 and my family flipping their lid about me building cars
– Van Nuys Court House Parking in cryptic Idea of Reference Patterns to try to make me look like I have Schizophrenia, just like at Thousand Oaks Police Station, Police Parking
– Show how everything the police say and do with mass groups is turn things around on me and don’t care what I tell them
– Show how the police try to curve things by accusing me of being a Paparazzi
– Talk a little about Terrence Scroggins paid off and sent after me by the LAPD
– The reason I’ve indirectly accused of thing after thing to make me look like a Schizophrenic and for me to have no way to defend myself with a counter argument in illegal operations
– Lorena Escobar with her accusations about me and others to the world
– Police telling me I’m infamous, to accept it, and it’s a matter of perspective in cryptic form
– Talk about my Car Days and my family with the Police HUNTING me for it with Brian Weaver and many others
– How by simply taking a Photography class in 1996 I’m hunted by Mike Wexler my brothers’ friend

My World Wide Targeting info


For access to all the raw data on the last 17 years of daily stalking’s to me:

http://www.rudytherubbershow.com – Victoria Walker and Michael Bialys sent after me by the government, Brian Longbotham, in all sorts of operations from my father putting the bullet hole in his 300e with the policFore, to endless other ones
http://aubrysphotography.kevinperelman.com Aubrey Fisher Stripper/Hostess sent after me working on all sorts of angels how I supposedly ruined her life by tapping my foot around her, with worldwide retaliation and government resources why she kept calling me up asking me for help as she was hunting me down working with Tom Farley
http://fetishrage.kevinperelman.com – Connected to a girl named Melissa Detwiller sent after me
http://lisa-anns-playhouse.kevinperelman.com – Victoria Walker working some kind of Fraud Angle with a porn star named Lisa Ann Against me when asking me to build her the site
http://traciannakoval.kevinperelman.com – Hustler girl sent after me by Tim Thompson trying to reel me into some Gene Simmons hotel spy camera scam which they were trying to frame me for

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