2 Illegal Police Car Searches hours apart – “What we’d really like to find is a gun”

Posted: March 30, 2020 in Community Mobbing

Linking back to my family

While these operations have be DAILY since 5 years old and don’t make any sense other thenmy family paying off the police in some kind of HATE, ANGER, RAGE, and Jealousy against me while they label me a “HIS KIND”

and my mother babbles weird shit about wanting me to have a normal life while destroying it on every level known to man. Then mass groups telling me I had better not talk or they will kill me.

You can hear the polices voice showing he’s just looking for anything they can use against me in their JEW HATE, or HIS KIND as they’ve labeled me hate.

The police mention I was drunk, I had a couple of sips of Alcohol earlier that night prior and was not remotly close to drunk or anything else. They also pulled me out of my car, in the passenger seat parked off the road, surfing the net. And were mad that I was away from everything being HEALTHY. So in otherwords, their wasn’t even any drinking and driving. Them looking for any EXCUSE to lock me away for what I know. in locations you have to plug in GPS coordinates to practically get to in the mountains.

When are back to my fathers GUN angles. Where he pays off the LAPD to put bullet holes in his 300e Mercedes when I was 16. And me noticing it and telling him. To 25 years later find out, he is trying to not only PIN that on me, but literally 1000’s of other claims until I am dead or gone.

While this actually links to my father taking me to see the movie 1977 Wizards when I was 5, then telling the world I am a violent paranoid schizo. With his secondary PSYCHOLOGY Degree. Yet I have a WORLDWIDE campaign to HUNT and EXTERMINATE me over 1000’s of WORLDWIDE defaming statements like this one.

While the Police put me in the back of their car 2 times for no reason. They didn’t realize, like usual, they were being RECORDED STALKING and HUNTING me on their endless operations with PAID OFF, Sean Dinse being Sued by a federal Lawsuit for trying to lock him in a mental institution because he was sleeping in his van. and Dinse blasting to the WORLD the Topanga Division usual smear ops to turn mass citizens WORLDWIDE into VIGILANTES to do their DIRTYWORK for them while they sit around eating Doughnuts, and Killing “His Kinds” and operations like this.

Rex Shellenger Articles, and you can download the federal case info as well

The Police are DESPERATLY HUNTING me to try to SILENCE me about what they’ve done to my life, in a now 42 years KILL or ERADICATION operation.

Me finding out at 29 years with Mike Huntley’s Death Threats that he was going to KILL ME WITH THE GOVERNMENT and Police. Linking back to me jumping in front of a Crow Bar my brother wanted to Lodge in Grew Waughs Skull. As I jumped in front of it. Him telling me he and his friends (Mike Huntley) were going to lock me in a mental institution for stopping him. While this actually starts way before these 16 year old events. You get the idea.








Homeless Man Sues L.A. Over Facebook Pages Used by Police, Alleging Harassment



Homeless man SUES Los Angeles after cops shared his photo and ‘personal problems’ on Facebook


Homeless man SUES Los Angeles after cops shared his photo and ‘personal problems’ on Facebook



For access to all the raw data on the last 17 years of daily stalking’s to me:

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