Notice how it switches between black groups, Asian Groups, Persian And Armenian Groups, Latins groups and this happens at every place and location I’ve been since 5 years old while the police say I’m doing something to these strangers as they follow me or see me attacking me since 5 yrs old. And it gets really bad when I was 8 yrs old and I kissed an 8 year old black girl my father is so mad about in 1980. Still random OBSESSED RACIST STRANGERS attacking me over it. And are told to by the Police and Psychology Community. Then telling me to get help when I speak out about it. Or ask people to do what is right and say something as to what is going on. So if someone is Clubbing Kevin Perelman over the head with a lead pipe, and he asks for help. Then will follow me from place to place stating that I’m a SNITCH and I’M DEAD! then pretending it was a MISCOMMUNICATION.

Thing that are COMPLETELY unheard of on ALL levels known to man. And are blatantly OBVIOUS what is really going on

If anyone wants to give me a TRANSLATION, I’m interested in what that is in English.

Linked to my father paying off Lorena Escobar, Fernanda Sime, George Escobar, Shanna Briantseva and Many others in his office to have me KILLED since I was a young child

Short Video
Full Video


This is interesting because I am not sure if this is one of those INTENTIONAL people ramming my cars, or trying to cause accidents for the last 30 years. Along with People jumping in front of my cars and trying to make it look like I’m a reckless driver.

Like the incident when I was 16, the lady waiting by the Honda Dealer on the side of the road throwing her car perpendicular at me while I was in the fast lane, getting out and yelling I tried to kill her crying wolf in an obvious frame job met with 30 years of ongoing similar events.

After Reviewing the video it is hard to tell if it’s just a moron driver, or INTENT to RAM me. But what I can tell you is it appears as one of my Stalkers in a black VW was waiting for me on Owensemouth, possibly texting out to the driver my location. Types of things I get on video every day.

It makes it difficult to tell because the Driver is in the right lane who never even slows down to the flashing red stop light as if he thinks it’s green. Never even looking. He then veers off into the fire hydrant.

Now what makes that interesting is when I was 14 or so my brother telling me that he and his friend launched a VW onto a fire hydrant. Around the same time, telling me he and his friends are going to put me in a mental institution.

So we have a black VW possibly Signaling a Black SUV, not sure what kind. Almost taking me out, and veering onto a fire hydrant.

Not 100% sure but after talking to the construction crew that appears to have been there the day before there was another accident of someone hitting the light that is being replaced. Showing that there is a high probability this person was coming at me intentionally because he knew everything was being reapaired anyways. Got video and Photos of the contruction crew and the Powre Box and Tree he hit.



The next day go out and check out the Damage. Notice a Contruction Crew that had been there the previous day because the cones were out and the light was flashing as a stop sign at the moment the car tried to RAM me.

It appears someone hit a light and a different tree the day before. This appears to possibly be an attempt to RAM my car while I was going through the intersection timed with the Black VW. Also, what are the chances 2 different accidents in a row. And one right at me?

As I mentioned the Significance of what JASON PERELMAN and FRIENDS were doing and telling an entire planet it was me. Then saying I’m a schizofrenic as coverups to exterminate me.

They already knew the street and light was being reapaired, what a perfect way to make it look covered up. Unfortunatly he missed his mark where the light was and hit the Power Box and Tree. I’ve lost count on the more obvious of these situations over the last 30 years. But clearly Attempted Murder Disguised as a simple accident like the others. If I’m wrong on this one. I’m not on the others. Especially the lady when I was 16 on Ventura and Topanga Launching her vehicle perpendicular to me while I was in the fast lane and the Police telling her t do it with the insurance companies

While I have no proof, I’m pretty good at figuring these things out because it’s been done to me my whole life since 16 over and over. The question is WHY are people using cars as weapons to try to KILL me since 16 on something that starts at 5 years old with a father who SNAPPED and decided he wants his 5 year old dead and gone with UNLIMITED GOV RESOURCES!

I start in talking about my brothers childhood abuse to try to make it look like I’m doing something to him to try to FORCE ME INTO A MENTAL INSTITUTION with my father starting around 5. Now with WORLDWIDE minute by minute provokings, and random strangers over and over my entire life trying to make it look like I’m stalking them. This is met with endless attacks to try to make it look like I’m ENRAGED and HUNTING people as COVERUPS for government FLAG and EXTERMINATION operations with my father. It never stops, it never ends. Minute by minute now since I was 5 years old after my father showing me the movie Wizards in 1977 by Ralp Bakshi met with endless other try to make Kevin Look like he conforms to media tactics

Well this is kind of a Joke. But what’s going on here is the Neighbors keep calling the Police on me for little things no one could care less about so the Neighbors can let them in the gates to my complex.

In this case, they didn’t like my Disco Light. But what was really going on was the Police and Neighbors are trying to figure out how to make it look like I’m crazy and can’t take care of myself.

So they try to get the Police over to peak in my windows trying to get whatever they can to work on my CREDIBILITY and also INTIMIDATE me.

Hoping they can find something to use against me.

I know what your thinking. Labeling people as crazy and HUNTING people while trying to get COVER UP dirt is the crime of all crimes. They might as well say “Kevin Perelman is Jewish, we need to KILL the Dirty Jew” because even if someone were to be CRAZY or SUFFER from mental illness. That is not a CRIME and has nothing to do with the Police.

In retrospect, Well Kevin Spoke with Melody the Stripper when he was 16, he needs to die. Kevin was a Pool Player, he needs to DIE!

Also, in this case the HOA with the Police are paying off CityGuard Security Company to HUNT and STALK me to try to silence me. I have on video Rotating WORLWIDE security Companies Hunting me. And this all starts when I was about 5 years old in my fathers HATE for his 5 Year old

This has nothing to do with crime. Only HATE! and BILLIONS of GOV Dollars behind it!

Unless I drove through like 50 contruction zones over and over this is pretty strange

This is just an example of these minute by minute 45 year now eradication operations from random strangers my entire life no matter what state I’m in, from place to place since 5 years old in which the GOVERNMENT doesn’t want me DEFENDING myself by speaking out that the WORLD has been lied to about me. As well as these THUG, BULLIES working with my family since I was a young child trying to figure out how to lock me away for what I know, and what has been done to my life with the Police, Government, Psychology Community, and my own father in their HATE LABELING to a 5 year old.

With WORLDWIDE fear mongering, and riling up the masses against me on their WORLDWIDE secret Propaganda Systems on the Internet, and Defaming my name with INTENT TO ERADICATE!

What you are seeing here as a Random Stranger trying to get a reaction to set me up with that never stops minute by minute, hour by hour and starting since 5 yrs old on progressing tactics by the masses

A Conpiracy to Commit Mrder using the people and Dissinformation as a WEAPON. Tactics Derived from Adolf Hitler himself