Starbucks working with Lead Officer Sean Dinse Claiming I threatened to kill all Starbucks customers

Posted: May 2, 2019 in Community Mobbing
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Starbucks fabricating lies with Lead Officer Sean Dinse, and Karine T Philips to cover up their mass crime spree to have me killed claiming I have now supposedly threatened to kill all starbucks customers. You will see on video, this isn’t even remotely close to true like everything else for the last 40 years

Full Interview with Therapist Brittany Henderson talking about my life, and what she has witnessed being done to me

In the Starbucks Corporations as accessories to Murder With Officer Sean Dinse, and prosecutor Karine T Philips trying to desperately cover up the 40 year operations he and his co-workers are involved in these IMPERFECTION HUNTS!

According to my Attorney Seymour Amster, Dinse, with Starbucks is now claiming that I have Threatened to kill all Starbucks Customers, EXPOSING Lead Officer Dinse’s operations to hunt and kill me.

Also, with LAPD break in attempts, as well as one with my own father.

Remember that Lead Officer Sean Dinse, with my own father, and Government have sent countless people into my life to have me ERADICATED since a young age.

Mike Huntley, Paul Humphrey, Tom Farley, Brian Weaver, Brian Longbotham, Rob Roy McGregor, Steve McPike, Tom Thompson, Micheal Bialyse, Victoria Walker, and Many others to try to accomplish this.

Aside from Dinse and these peoples fictional endless fabrications that I have threatened to kill all Starbucks customers. Other claims from Sean Dinse, and people like Victoria Walker BEFRIENDING me with the Police, claim that I am also the next UnaBomber or Vegas Shooter.

All because, I am kind, giving, caring, outgoing, open minded, honest, and Try to make money, and help others make money. According to them, that I will break and become the Polar Opposite in 42 year PRE- CRIME Profiling Operations based on MORONIC WHITE SUPREMACIST STUPIDITY, directly linked the the Government of the UNITED STATES of America, and NSA level FLAGGING and KILL OPERATIONS.

Done in such ways by riling the masses against a single person in secret to PSYCHOLOGICALLY TORTURE them to death to KILL someone cleanly, and get away with a MURDER. AKA GangStalking

In this video, You will see I’ve done nothing to anyone at all, but document these mass attacks against me on video. And them realizing that their is PROOF of an attempted MURDER by the masses to hunt me down and kill me since 5 years old in which they do not want on video or to ANYONE that can see what is really going on.

Making the Starbucks employees accessories to attempted murder with the LAPD, and the DESPERATELY trying to cover up these operations and try to make me look crazy, and them killing me, or locking me away look justified.

As you can see on video, which applies to 42 years of similar daily stalkings. That I have done nothing wrong but value my breathing and am speaking out about it. And them trying to COVER IT ALL UP, while actively trying to hunt and exterminate me.

In other words, Lead Officer Sean Dinse is a racist, bigoted MURDERER desperately trying to cover up the MURDER OPS, he is involved in with the Government of the United States of America, violated my CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS, and PROTECTIONS, since 5 years old.

Do you really think you are safe? A free Person? You are not? You have no protections at all!

My World Wide Targeting info

Kevin Perelman Target:
Kevin Perelman Target Video Blog:

For access to all the Raw data on the last 17 years of daily WORLDWIDE stalking’s to me:

Some of my Artwork which is being used against me:
My Google +

One Model Place:
Deviant Art:

LAPD and Officer Sean Dinse, working on their mental illness tactics to try to make me look crazy, then wanting a psych evaluation, which is really an ANGLE to remove me from society to cover up their endless crime spree against me –

Coffeebean Discrimination with the Police and Sheriffs happening at every location worldwide –

2/16/2018 – Person having his dog attack and girlfriend assault me with Death Threats and not working alone –

Grubhub or restaurant Delivery Rachael pretending to be a ditz trying to give disinformation –

2/11/2018 – Confession from Togos Employee about Dime in sandwich, to try to make me look crazy, and get reactions to set me up –

2/10/2018 Canoga Victory Jamba Juice – Mass Stalkings working with the Black Community in their angry rage I know the truth telling me I had better not say anything –

Some Memory Maps (Simple depictions of locations and events with a lot less reading) connecting this mass defaming slanderous, information dissemination to the world and fictional events –

Some of the harmless things I’ve done to expose these mass worldwide stalkings to remove me from society –

New page online showing Criminal Defamation, Defamation, Slander, and how these operations are meant to end my life with community, city, and worldwide support. Proof of the Met blogs –

LAPD and Officer Sean Dinse, working on their mental illness tactics to try to make me look crazy, then wanting a psych evaluation, which is really an ANGLE to remove me from society to cover up their endless crime spree against me –

1/12/2018 – Coffeebean GangStalking – 18705 Devonshire St, Northridge, CA 91324 – Propaganda/Terror Operations
Exposing what they do at every location worldwide as well as public places all interconnected –

1/16/2018 Studio City Starbucks Trying to thug me quiet for telling people they are being lied too –

Surveillance glasses and hate used to prove these mass crimes against me the police want to lock me away for proving –

Starbucks – Tarzana – 18700 Ventura Blvd – Showing 2 hrs of mass Gangstalking on Thanksgiving. What has been done to me for 17 yrs at every location worldwide –

11/20/2017 – Woodland Oaks Gang Stalkers Man in Black Jeep waiting by other jeeps and other things –

Excel Investigations backtracking from their crimes, w manipulation & thugging instead of honesty, to cover up the truth and what is being done to my life –

Gang stalker pretending to be crazy with fire department and other tactics –

Woodland Oaks Neighbors Working with Gregory Allen Koenig in my complex heavily involved in this terror campaign –

11/5/2017 – Richard Barnwell my previous defense Attorney at the Cochran firm working with the prosecutors and LAPD –

11/5/2017 – Hispanic Person trying to Thug me quiet Working with LAPD Baily Bernard and the Lady in Green –

11/12/2017 – Gangstalker who hit the back of my Car with her hand another encounter –

11/09/2017 – Winnetka 12 – Movie Theater Thuggings to try to blackmail me quiet for what I know –

LAPD setup – For speaking out about what is, has, been done to my life, and is still going on to remove me from society –

LAPD  setup attempts and Arrests case re-opened for more intimidation –

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