Community Mobbing – 3/21/2014 – Metro Neighbors using cars and having people try to intimidate me to create mental illness to get rid of me

Posted: March 22, 2014 in Community Mobbing
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Today I decided to go to the park, take a walk and get some fresh air. When I went to my car, a white car was parked in front of mine with a “Keyes” plate cover and waiting for a spot on the other side

of the street was another white Lexus, with a “Keyes” plate cover trying to create mental illness doing things in patterns of 2’s

P1210936 P1210917 P1210921 P1210922

When I got to the park, their was a Grey Altima, parked in the spot a grey mustang was with a man who pulled up after I got there who was watching everything I was doing after he pulled up. When I got in my car to leave and turned it on. He turned his car on and left.


P1210884 P1210883

At this point, I did not leave, and a few minutes later, a man pulls up in a ford explorer, and just sits and watches me doing the same thing


About 10 minutes later two women come out of their houses in the empty park both wearing solid black pants and solid green tops
P1210894 P1210895I then go to Starbucks to get some coffee, and of course at Starbucks, after I go to the bathroom, a man instantly gets up, follows me to the bathroom, comes out in 10 seconds, starts talking to the employee pretending theirs a horrible smell in their. then starts insinuating to the employee that I’m crazy and of course doing his innuendos in such a way to try to make me crazy or provoke me into a fight.

and on my way home at the park, which is a little more vague on the corner is a White Lexus SUX with no plates and a “Keyes” Plate cover.


I then got to the corner of my house where once again, their is an identical White Lexus SUV with plates, and an Identical Grey Altima parked a couple cars behind with plates behind it


Of course, like the people who want me quiet say, their are coincidences, and some could be, but clearly the more obvious of these that happen all day and night are not. And the demented sickos doing this to me try to play games that it’s my fault because I see things differently. But the truth is, if they weren’t following me around for 30 years trying to create paranoid schizophrenia and obsessional looping and all their other tactics, then their would be no problem.

This is a 30 year campaign to either rid me of the world, or push me to suicide. the intent and motive is clear and has been going on probably since I was about 10 yrs old starting with my mother and brother.

For details on this mass murder campaign go to

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