Community Mobbing – 3/14/2014 – Metro security guards spying on my complex come out when I go out for a walk and try to intimidate me, then pull out video camera and follow me and video me

Posted: March 15, 2014 in Community Mobbing
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The METRO security guards as well as the people in the coplex have been targeting me since the day I moved in 13 years ago. Whenever I go out they try to find ways to passive aggressively provoke me or get any dirt possible to destroy my life along with this mass group.

They regularly spy on my complex waiting for me to come out, either them or neighbors come out working these psychological provoking tactics to get rid of me.

Some example of what they’ve done, one day I was taking a walk, and they start shouting at me that I can’t go in their complex BRO. And of course I was just stepping outside taking a walk. Another is each time thy follow me out they try to get dirt or pretend they are friendly with harassing innuendos. This is because they want a reaction to call

the police. These people know I’ve done nothing to anyone and have been as friendly as can be. But when people who are like Adolf Hitler want you dead. It doesn’t matter how good or nice you are. This is not a one time incident, it has been every time I’ve seen them, they or a neighbor has tried to figure out ways to set me up to get a reaction to

get rid of me.

As I walk out, instantly one man comes out to try to get a reaction, as I walk around the complex, another set comes out on their golf cart. after they pass by as I’m walking away, they hide behind a gate and pull out video cameras. Usually they just follow me on the internet looking for dirt, then park cars to try to guilt me into confessions to

create mental illness and hint that If I don’t confess to something they will do it until I’m dead. Today was more obvious out of desperation trying to provoke me into a situation, set me up, or get anything possible to rid me of the world

And most likely, since the day I moved in, the security and neighbors probably have web cams pointing at my place to try to figure out how to collect information to use for mental illness or to push me out of control since they seem to know when I come and go from my house, and people come out at the same time doing spooky things to create paranoia.

This has been the one constant since I was a small child. From my brother running up from behind bashing me in the back of the head endlessly, to holding me under water and if I got mad in return, he’d claim I had anger and rage and need to be removed from society behind my back. The act of provoking, then collecting dirt to rile people up. And if their was no dirt, they’d fabricate it and send it to the world in secret in a funded operation.

This is just another all day and night attempt by a moss mob to cover up their real crimes and rid me of the world. for the last 30 years and obviously, they can’t have me knowing about them targeting me for the last 30 yrs trying to end my life.

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