Gang Stalking – 3/14/2014 – Some of the more covert paranoid schizophrenia tactics being used to end my life and remove me from society

Posted: March 14, 2014 in Community Mobbing
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I’ve been posting the easier things to prove that people have been doing for 30 years to end my life, Now I will post the harder things people are doing in the grey areas of the law to end my life.

the reason for this is because my predators will say things like, their are coincidences, everyone drives these cars, people do these things, your too sensative. But the truth is, people don’t systematically and in patterns target and do these things in world

wide mobs all day and night with premeditation, or it is attempted murder

A couple of night ago I posted a blog showing to identical Audi’s parked in the same spot that cars are parked in 2’s over and over.

this same night after the blog was posted, the owner of the Audi, moved his car behind mine, and by my gate.

P1210624 P1210626

Also, in the same post, I mentioned examples of what they were doing explaining  about the Camry’s parked in front of my house after buying camera’s or going out on photoshoots to send hidden messages to create mental illness. this same night, not only did the Audi park in front of my car and by my gate,

but also, a Camry owner from the Metro complex pulled out a Camry and put it in front of my car



So within a couple of hours of this twitter post, both cars were moved in front and behind to send hidden messages with the intent to kill.

The next day, I had to rebuild my computer, and I posted on twitter something to the extent that “I’m going to have a FIESTA  rebuilding this computer.

Of course, the next day when going outside, across from my gate is a FIESTA.


Now not only in the 12 years I’ve been here have I een a fiesta parked outsite, it just happens to be the next day, which are systematic mental illness patterns I’ve been watching my neighbors do for years

which I found out has been going on started from my own family and their psychology degrees since I’ve been about 10.

These paranoid schitxofrena, obsessional looping tactics go from mimicing what I say, mimicing gestures and all sorts of things like this from person to person 100 times per day offline, and 1000’s online.

this is a clear mental illness attempt with people working systematic premeditated tactic with pre meditation for over 30 yrs,

This is just a couple incidences which happens all day and night and never stops until I am either dead or someone can figure out how to push me out of control to remove me from society.

I am a world wide target who has been hunted by the masses with my family, the police, and the masses the majority of my life.

I’ve even been covertly threatened by my therapists basically saying, this will be the rest of my life if I don’t do what they want.

I’m guessing the reason they do these things after I tell people what is going on is to try to BLACKMAIL me quiet about me knowing that they’ve been hunting me since my early child years and they don’t want the truth coming out, and me dead and quiet that

I knnow what they’ve been doing all my life.

Because I really don’t anyone, or the masses who collects peoples personal lives and following them around for 30 yrs unless they want them dead for some reason

for details on this mass 30 yr hunt to end my life go to



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