Community Mobbing – 3/11/2014 – METRO neighbors using more Civic’s and Audi’s in 2’s

Posted: March 12, 2014 in Community Mobbing
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As per my tons of other posts using the same tactics, as well as 1000’s of other ones to create mental illness,

a few days back, the 2 people with identical honda civics parked their cars together once again.

P1210567 P1210566

A few days afterwards, they m9ved the civics, and 2 people parked 2 identical convertible Audi A4’s where the 2 grey honda civics were.

P1210611 P1210607 P1210603 P1210615

These tactics have been going on my whole life with me as the target in a mass mental illness campaign.

Some people might try to play the coincidence game and say,  “well people have the same cars” but what are the odds every couple days for years this happens on the same street over and over and over

and most of the time, the names of the cars are hidden messages directed at me to play paranoid schizophrenia games.  For example, if I go out and do a photo shoot. People will start parking Camry’s outside my house to create mental illness and all sorts of tactics like this.

for full details go to:


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