Gang Stalking – 2/27/2014 – METRO complex pulls out more BMW’s and Pickups, and accords

Posted: February 28, 2014 in Community Mobbing
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At about 9:00 pm,

when going out for a walk I notice that the metro neighbors once again, like my endless posts, pulled out 2 almost identical BMW’s and parked them by my gate where I walk out.

the goal is to create mental illness to either push me to suicide or figure out ways to push me out of control to remove me from society.

These tactics, in the 1000’s world wide have been going on for over 30 yours to rid me from society.

This is done all day and night, I’m told I’m imagining it, and need help in order to end my life in the grey areas of the law started by my own mother and brother around

the age of 10.

In walking out my gate, once again, like my endless posts of cars in 2’s on an all day and night campaign, here are 2 bmw’s

P1210320 P1210328 P1210338

OIf course, since they park pickups in patterns of 2’s and 4’s over and over. this time only 1 black pickup, but of course no plates just like earlier today with teams of cars on my street with no plates when I came home


Then a couple hours later they pull out 2 almost identical Honda Accords

P1210343 P1210344

Here is a picture of all the cars togethor


Of course when taking this walk, 2 people from the METRO came out walking dogs, which is much harder to prove, but once again, in patterns of 2’s to send hidden messages to create mental illness and cover up this 30 year crime saying I’m seeing things that aren’t there.

For details on this mass world wide 30 year murder campaign you can go to

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