Gang Stalking – 3/22/2014 – METRO complex pulls out 3 identical grey honda civics and a camry to create mental illness with intent to kill

Posted: March 23, 2014 in Community Mobbing
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Today I went to the beach to do a photoshoot, when I got home the metro neighbors who have been trying to create mental illness to end my life since I moved in 13 years ago once again pulls out 3 identical grey honda civics to

create paranoid schizophrenia.  2 of them together like usual, and I guess they couldn’t get the spot for a 3rd so it’s between a car  all lined up like usual. This is done every single day until they figure out a way to end my life and has been my entire life.

P1220043P1220056 P1220057 P1220060

Also, a girl in a CAMRY which is a common tactic because they are mad that I like photography pulls her car behind mine,  gets out of the driver seat and into the passenger seat, and sits for hours behind my car.

P1220051 P1220035

This is a common all day and night mental illness tactic to end my life trying to create mental illness. These all day and night world wide tactics have been unleashed on me starting with my mother using her psychology degree, and telling my brother to take part since the age of around 10 years old with the intent to remove me from society.

This is a world wide mental mobbing with one intent, to remove me from society, weather it be pushing me to suicide, or trying to push me out of control to get me to do something so they can rid me of the world.

For full details on this murder campaign,

Go to

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