Gang Stalking – 2/14/2014 – METRO neighbors move the 2 blue civics and park the 2 grey ones in the same place with intent to kill

Posted: February 14, 2014 in Community Mobbing
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After this morning parking the 2 blue identical honda civics in place where the 2 identical grey ones,

this mornings pictures

P1200942 P1200937 P1200938 P1200940

They moved them and immediately put the grey ones back with intent to create paranoid schizophrenia.  This is an ongoing 30 year campaign to smear, rile up angry mobs to hunt me down

and end my life claiming I’m crazy with an elaborate wrap sheet of lies given to the world to rile them up.

This campaign has been going on since my early teens most likely after saying “Fuck You” to my mother and her going ballistic wanting to end my life. I’ve been followed harassed, world wide neighborhood watch groups told lies to hunt me down and end my life.

They use disinformation tactics such as trying to tell me I’m too sensitive and this is normal behavior, but of course then it switches to telling me vague things like I have done SOMETHING, or MY PAST CAUGHT up with me, of course can’t specifically tell me anything I’ve ever done to anyone.

Their intent is clear. Smear, destroy, Isolate, kill with mental illness tactics.

This goes on all day and night and has been for over 30 years from california, oregon, colorado, and back to california.

For detailed information, go to

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