Gang Stalking – 2/13/2014 – Metro Neighbors start using blue honda civics in 2’s

Posted: February 13, 2014 in Community Mobbing
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Today when leaving my house, I noticed the same location where the same 2 people keep parking grey identical honda civics together in many posts, have 2 more neighbors using their blue honda civics.

This is a 30 year mental illness campaign with the intent to either remove me from society by trying to push me out of control, or push me to suicide.

The predators involved will keep making up lies, publicizing them world wide, and turning people against me with a mass 30 year smear campaign.

Not only is it a smear campaign but intent to kill with all day and night world wide armies are involved across this 30 year period all directed at me.

P1200851 P1200852 P1200853

For detailed information, go to


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