Community Mobbing – 2/14/2014 – Neighbors back to using cars without license plates

Posted: February 15, 2014 in Community Mobbing
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Yesterday, when leaving my house, someone parked a car without plates. and a “Keyes” license plate from when I went to therapy.

after that I went to Starbucks where about  6 – 10 people walked by shaking their keys to try to trigger me into a fight to set me up and try to make me look crazy as if I’m randomly attacking people

which has been going on since my own mother and brother started this psychological warefare tactics to figure out how to remove me from society by making me look like I’m crazy and have no self


Pictures of yesterdays car to try to provoke me into anger

P1200653 P1200654 P1200655

Today when I got home from starbucks, parked in the same exact spot.

todays car


these tactics are done over and over to create paranoid schitzofrenia, and obsessional looping with the intent to either kill, suicide, or figure out ways to remove me from sofiety. These tactics have been used by almost every person who has come in my life since the age 10 started by my own mother and brother.

For information on the entire 30 year campaign, who’s involved, what they are doing, tactics, etc

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