1/31/2020 – WITTNESS and THERAPIST Brittany Henderson EXPOSE Car Mental Illness Tactics in Thousand Oaks

Posted: April 22, 2020 in Community Mobbing

– Show how the People work with the Car Pattern Tactics
– How my family Operates with Police and Mass Groups to try to find anything to use to eradicate my existence
– Judicial System do not like Brittany’s Style of Therapy committing a crime trying to debunk her, doing the same things they are doing to my life
– How they are trying to dictate my life and FORCE me to see specific people they know in the psychology community to get the help I’m supposed to need
– How the very people in the judicial system with my family tell me they want me to be healthy and have a normal life, yet, everything that is done to my life is about creating mental illness and trying to make me look crazy
– The reason why Starbucks wants to silence me for what I know
– The anger and rage behind their 42 year operations
– Father showing up again to pretend like he wants to feed my cat while I’m in jail
– Explaining the dynamics of how these stalking operations could be accomplished
– How people are supposedly just teasing me. But teasing me to DEATH
– What their motives are, if I’m imagining what is going on, and the scam that it’s because I am supposedly shady

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