1/24/2019 – The Reality Behind the LACDMH and the Judicial System trying to make me look crazy

Posted: April 22, 2020 in Community Mobbing

– What the LACDMH Provider Directory is
– Dinse’s lies with Starbucks
– The Gay Person Sent After me in Colorado linking back to Starbucks paying off Gay People to hunt me
– Lawyer Seymour Amster telling me I can go to any therapist with INTENT to make it look like I violated probation at the completion
– Karine T Philips Criminal Activities
– Exposing their ILLEGAL and UNCONSTITUTIONAL operations
– Trying to get my website offline while putting me in jail
– What is LACDMH
– Topic of why is LACDMH better than anyone else
– Related the Backlash to Brittany’s Style from the Government to my Studio Photography by the Government
– The Aubrey Fisher and ModelMayhem.com Operations with the Government and Psychology Community
– Seymour Amster and the Judicial System telling me to get any therapy, then showing their true colors at the end saying I didn’t get LACDMH therapy
– Dinse writing up false reports that I supposedly threatened to kill all Starbucks customers. As Brittany has seen the videos to the world with nothing there
– Them wanting to show on paper that I’m crazy and had to be checked into a mental institution through LACDMH
– Talking about how these 42 year operations to exterminate me are clearly personal
– What they are doing to my name on paper
– About judgements
– The topic that mental institutions don’t really exist anymore unless you are unable to function in society
– The real reasons why people are normally put in Mental Institutions
– Proving my point about what they are doing

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