Community Mobbing – 6/15/2014 – METRO complex person breaks from passive aggressive trolling and attacks my car in an angry rage of desperation to keep me quiet

Posted: June 16, 2014 in Community Mobbing
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Today on the way home from Starbucks, where yes, once again, people kept on coming in with hidden suggestive or paranoid schizophrenia tactics or obsessional looping tactics, An example was, 4 people in a row came in each looking at a lost dog picture in a row, in an empty coffeeshop, and it wasn’t random events. Or specific people in specific color patterns with the intent to provoke me into fights, once I decided to leave and go home and find a spot, once again, the Metro neighbors working together were using these covert subliminal or passive aggressive terror tactics.

On my way home, a lot of Metro complex people walked to the park to see it. But since I’ve started taking walks to try to get healthy but they’d follow me out in teams wearing specific color patterns, or mimicking my gestures to try to provoke me into fights and make it look like I’m crazy trying to get any type of reaction to do this.

As in my other posts, you notic

e that, just one of these terror tactics is people coming in wearing specific color patterns in teams, all matching or coming in, in patterns of 2’s to try to trigger reactions to call the police and tell them I’m crazy and doing this and that.

The one thing these people, which most psychotics or murderers despise, is someone who is targeted and hunted speaking out about these elaborate conspired tactics to remove you from society. They do not want the truth coming out any way, shape or form. I’ve had people following me claiming I’ve glued their mailbox shut and they were going to kill me working with my shrink , or when I bought one of my camera, person after person, 1000’s per day would passive aggressively attack me in the 1000’s per day because they actually want their pictures taken so they can turn the scenero around claiming I am harassing them, when the truth is they are endlessly provoking me with with criminal intent. AKA Trolling.

At every point of documenting my  mass stalking, my targeters have gotten infuriated and have done everything possible to try to IMMOBILIZE me until they can work on me until I am rid of the world At one point a police officer even went rogue and came up telling me if I ever take a picture of a person he will “Exercise the law, in his own way” and all I wanted to do was pursue my photography hobby and possible career. Even the models I worked with who came to me for shoots worked the same tactics of, I’m doing this and that to them when absolutely nothing was said or done. And this happened with each and every one working with the masses. Example of their true well thought out logic, You do not defend yourself why 1000 people a day pick up baseball bats and bash your head in. If you even swing one to stop from dieing, I will tell the news organizations that you are an enraged monster. And I’d say 99% of the people in the world when seeing someone be beaten by 1000 baseball bats, or 1000’s of covert systematic intentional mental illness tactics for 1000’s a day starting and esculating since 10 years old, is obvious who is at fault, and who is just trying to live their lives. Most of the people know exactly what is going on, even the police who started this slaughter with my family at the age 10 who refuse to stop it and want it covered up because if the truth comes out, then people have to answer for one of the sickest acts since Adolf Hitler except it is a world wide campaign against one person who has no clue what any of their problems are except trying to figure out how to kill someone in the gray areas of the law and get away with it clean and making it look like I was crazy. Especially people like Mike Huntley breaking from silence telling me “We are using the System against you” because he knew that at that point, their elaborate, Smear, isolate, and destroy campaign was world wide at that point and the masses we with him and their lies. But what gives it all away is that it has to be in secret, and if it has to be in secret, that means that they don’t want an opposing argument, they don’t want the truth coming out.

I have watched each and every person come in my life trying to bait me into situations and set me up, and it never even mattered that they couldn’t, they’d just make up some elaborate lie of what I did and give it to the world in secret. From endless women following me to locations claiming I have wronged them when never even saying a word to them or knowing them. To people trying to lock me into relationships by pretending to be pregnant, and tell people I wouldn’t leave them alone when addressing the issue of pregnancy. You name it. From people asking me to do things, and when I said no, telling the world that I was helping them in the elaborate setups. It did not matter how good of a person I am because their intent is to smear me no matter what with a mass hidden agenda.

And the cover ups have always been the same, your too sensitive to life, this is normal you just can’t deal with it and suffer this and that. But the truth is, not only am I not too sensitive and well grounded, but it took me until 29 years old to see what was going on, and didn’t really say anything to anyone but family until late 30’s after documenting it so their was no doubt any way shape or form that this goes way past any rational or normal level of just coincidences and are systematic mental illness attacks since 10 years old using every tactic out of psychology books to inflict severe mental pain with the masses working togethor.

Now, this being said, which is a world wide campaign, and 9 times out of 10 if someone tells me they don’t know me, it really means, I’m helping keep this covered up and am on their side because of my list of world wide disseminated lies put in a internet rap sheet of things they claim I’ve done to make their crime look justified and rile the masses against me.  So on my way home, I noticed several people who came out walking or ones coming home from the part after concert wearing these specific color patterns to try to rile me up.

Around the park were tons of people wearing solid black walking the edge of the park and is unusual, and at one point when Encino Starbucks did not want me their, they had the masses come in all day wearing all black. Literally maybe 20 or so every 30 minutes, maybe a lot more. It wasn’t always like that. It just started one day out of the blue, and escalated targeting me and changing to new tactics every day with an endless murder campaign to create mental illness, because how dare I meet people, get out, get work done or whatever. Because according to these people I’ve never seen or met, I’m a horrible monster and need to be removed from society, and keep it secret at the same time because why would they want someone defending themselves against lies.

So while looking for a parking spot, a man wearing one of the significant color patterns, Solid Black pants and solid green top runs up to my car pounding on the window as hard as he can. Yelling I’m a psychotic and this and that. Now clearly, this man is wearing the color pattern that last week at Starbucks alone in an hour, maybe 15 people came in for the sole purpose to set me up, try to get a reaction to use against me. Now, could this be a coincidence? it’s possible. but being that this is a world wide campaign, I’m attacked endlessly world wide with anyone I’m in contact with, if he was a good decent person, he  know’s that I am the target and I am being hunted by the masses. Weif he wouldn’t take part, and if he was a really decent person he’s help put a stop to the people doing this because generally hunting someone down sine 10 yrs old with the masses on a mass witch hunt trying to kill him is a crme, and he’s do everything to stop it. And even if he believed I was guilty of something then it would be up to the justice system even though these people are liars with hidden agendas. Especially ones who call you a PIG for telling people that you are being targeted.

But the truth is, he was wearing the colors to get a reaction with the masses, he was looking for a fight, and not just even for a fight, but to create severe aggravation and terror to figure out how to remove me from society. He wants me quiet and in pain. There is no doubt. And every time I’ve told them what is going on, they’ve told me it isn’t and start doing it more,. The same tactics that have been done on me since 10 years old because my family with the masses will do anything possible to rid me of the world making up lies I am a danger to myself and others trying to leverage their hidden agenda.

This man broke, because he wants to scare me quiet. By slamming on my window, threatening me, just as a few weeks ago another Metro neighbor came out threatening me in a pickup. These are people I have never seen, but they don’t want me talking. The thought of the truth coming out, the the kindest, nicest, most docile person who spend his life giving, caring, accepting, is being hunted by a world wide campaign is something they really don’t want coming out, especially with all the damages they have done.

So by saying, oh, he had mental problems and killed himself is a clean way of covering up their crimes rather then the truth that since 10 years old, they have been trying to remove me from society with a world wide campaign is one of the highest crimes possible , and that is why this man attacked my car tonight threatening me. Because while he was hoping for a reaction he did not get, he broke in a desperate rage to try to thug me quiet while telling everyone I am crazy, which they all know I am not and have to pretend they agree to get what they want, because afterall, a true psychotic will run around spouting, “the ends justifies the means” and don’t care about right and wrong.

He lives in the Metro complex across from me in woodland hills. And clearly one of the more heavily people involved in this targeting. I wish I had a better picture of this predator trying to set me up, but my camera wasn’t prepared to take pictures as he was attacking me.

P1050627 P1050633

For details on this mass campaign to remove me from society with the masses, you can go to

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