Community Mobbing – Starbucks, the park using color patterns

Posted: June 13, 2014 in Community Mobbing
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Today’s terror tactics were mostly color patterns, and of course people mimicing back my conversations to others in front of me to try to create paranoid schitzofrenia and get an anger reaction to make it look and tell people I am crazy and violant. The usual tactics going on since I was 10 yrs old.

The main color patterns were Black and red, green and black, and striped shirts

As I leave my house and go to starbucks I noticed my neighbor come out wearing a black and white stripped shirt. This was clearly because I posted a screen shot of Good Fellas where the women was wearing a black and white shirt with a character named Mickey Eyes. So like usual, according to the masses it is a crime for me to post what I want, or anything for that matter so in order to create mental illness and try to make me look sick or crazy for what they deem a crime, they have people come out wearing the same things or similar.


I then go to Starbucks to wake up and figure out my day, but when I get there I notice a full fledged terror campaign. The first thing I notice is tons of people wearing solid green and black. As more come in while I am there to provoke me into situations. Most come in wearing solid black pants, and solid green shirts

P1050128 CYMERA_20140607_170624 CYMERA_20140607_171125 P1050124

Some opposite

IMAG0137 P1050127 CYMERA_20140607_123807

After a while, people start coming in, in patterns of 2’s at the same time.

withing minutes, 2 women came in seperatley wearing black and white stripes

P1050222 P1050223

Later on, another girl comes in, in stripes alone


then two people come in, with solid black pants, and solid white shirts. In the picture the pants look blue but they are black.


2 people then come in with jeans and green shirts

P1050146 P1050149

2 girls come in with colored striped shirts, but the picture is blurry so can’t see


2 people together wearing all black at the same time


and then again


I then go home, but start at the park because I want to get some outdoor air and sun. When I get there, The park is almost completely empty, but about 15 minutes of being there, 2 women come out both wearing black and blue. One girls walks the park while another sits at a bench behind me.


I go get food and later on come back to the park, it is more crowded. Several people with striped shirts, and a man in Solid black pants, and solid green top.


And people in stripes

P1050176 P1050276 P1050279

As I go home, out front in the Metro complex across from mine, a women is walking her dog wearing solid black pants and solid green top


This one old man in the red white black flannel kept walking by me whistling or making noises to try to provoke me, which is an older color pattern they were using


There were a lot of other things going on which I could not get pictures of. For example, one man sitting in the seat I was yesterday where I cracked my knuckles, started cracking his knuckles in a green shirt to mimick me and try to start a fight.

Also, one person came in wearing a yellow/black batman shirt and when I went home, someone came out wearing a different yellow/black batman backpack.

As you can see, This is about 10% of what was going on in a mass terror/torcher psychological warfare campaign going on my whole life to remove me from society working with the police making up every lie imaginable to rile the masses to remove me from society. They will try to make it look like I am crazy or obsessed, and if I go someone else, it happens at the next place and the next place world wide until I am dead.

This is an endless world wide campaign to create mental illness, remove me from society by either trying to push me out of control so the can call the police, or push me to suicide with an elaborate world wide endless setup.

These tactics have been going on all day and night since I was 10 years old and never stop trying to make it look like I am crazy or suffer paranoid schizophrenia. But the motive is clear.

For details on everything, you can go to

What Starbucks is doing to me at every location in the world


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