Community mobbing – 2/12/2014 – Using colors to create mental illness

Posted: February 13, 2014 in Community Mobbing
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Today, I decided to wear green and black. Not a common color unless your being targeted by poeple with copycat or paranoid schitzofrenia tactics.

I’m very aware of what people wear due to me being a target and people using clothing colors to create mental illness to try to make me look crazy.

I was called to come into the office, meaning, that people could be notified and know when I’m on my way. On my way, of course I noticed tons of people were wearing the same identical color. Solid black pants, and a solid green shirt.

In a few miles drive I noticed about 7 people wearing the same thing

P1200741 P1200722 P1200723 P1200728 P1200734

P1200777 P1200826

At the office, also, 2 employees who sit within 50 feet of me were also wearing green and black.

I left around 3:15 to get food and when I got the to restaurant, a car was behind me in the left turn, either an old painted black cop car, or an undercover. This may or may not be coincidence. That I do not know.

When I got to the restaurant,  it was empty except 1 man, who had just ordered to go, and was also wearing solid black pants and solid green shirt just like me.


and as the man left, me mimicked how I spoke and said goodbye. common mental illness tactics of theirs.

Immediately,  after he had left, 2 elderly women came in sesperately both wearing pink shirts. going back to their patterns of 2’s

and both ordered to go.

P1200757 P1200759

After this, I went home. and sure enough, just like every day, their were 2 new of the same cars parked across from each other.

both identical model color Lexus’s one grey and one black.

P1200820 P1200828

This is an ongoing, all day and night 30 year world wide  mental illness campaign to either end my life, or figure out ways to remove me  from society in the grey areas of the law with clear criminal intent. Possibly even intent to torcher isolate and push me to suicide.

Details on everything at


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