Neighbors using passive aggressive tactics to get rid of me

Posted: February 12, 2014 in Community Mobbing
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Since the day I moved in, my neighbors have been following me around working on me every way shape and form imaginable to get rid of me.

This is something that has been done in every place and state I’ve lived in a mass community mobbing and mental illness  campaign.

At the age of 30 when I found out something wasn’t right with my life and people were working together to create mental illness and destroy me or try to push me

out of control to remove me from society.

You might say to yourself, well, it’s my fault for not moving. But in my situation this happens everywhere in the world all day and night. Moving would not change a thing but waste my time.

The motive is clear, and it’s not about moving, it’s about either pushing me to suicide or figuring out how to remove me from society which has been going on since my early teens.

Mass smear campaigns, mass terror campaigns using psychological terror tactics in the masses.

Today, when going to work, it appears as someone took a magazine and tore up pieces and put it on my car. This incident alone is harmless, but when 1000’s per day are working on you with these

passive aggressive tactics and never stop, you realize what their true motives really are.

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This is just another all day and night attempt to remove me from society by severe harassment’s in the masses until my nervous system gives out, I commit suicide, or the push me into a situation they can try to use against me

For everything involved in this mass 30 year campaign

you can go to

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