4/24/2022 – Latin Jew Hater Group with the Truck Group Yelling at me for no reason

Posted: April 24, 2022 in Community Mobbing

Notice how it switches between black groups, Asian Groups, Persian And Armenian Groups, Latins groups and this happens at every place and location I’ve been since 5 years old while the police say I’m doing something to these strangers as they follow me or see me attacking me since 5 yrs old. And it gets really bad when I was 8 yrs old and I kissed an 8 year old black girl my father is so mad about in 1980. Still random OBSESSED RACIST STRANGERS attacking me over it. And are told to by the Police and Psychology Community. Then telling me to get help when I speak out about it. Or ask people to do what is right and say something as to what is going on. So if someone is Clubbing Kevin Perelman over the head with a lead pipe, and he asks for help. Then will follow me from place to place stating that I’m a SNITCH and I’M DEAD! then pretending it was a MISCOMMUNICATION.

Thing that are COMPLETELY unheard of on ALL levels known to man. And are blatantly OBVIOUS what is really going on

If anyone wants to give me a TRANSLATION, I’m interested in what that is in English.

Linked to my father paying off Lorena Escobar, Fernanda Sime, George Escobar, Shanna Briantseva and Many others in his office to have me KILLED since I was a young child


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