1/26/2022 – Random Gang Stalkers Working With CityGuard Security to HUNT me and try to SET ME UP

Posted: January 27, 2022 in Community Mobbing

This is just an example of these minute by minute 45 year now eradication operations from random strangers my entire life no matter what state I’m in, from place to place since 5 years old in which the GOVERNMENT doesn’t want me DEFENDING myself by speaking out that the WORLD has been lied to about me. As well as these THUG, BULLIES working with my family since I was a young child trying to figure out how to lock me away for what I know, and what has been done to my life with the Police, Government, Psychology Community, and my own father in their HATE LABELING to a 5 year old.

With WORLDWIDE fear mongering, and riling up the masses against me on their WORLDWIDE secret Propaganda Systems on the Internet, and Defaming my name with INTENT TO ERADICATE!

What you are seeing here as a Random Stranger trying to get a reaction to set me up with that never stops minute by minute, hour by hour and starting since 5 yrs old on progressing tactics by the masses

A Conpiracy to Commit Mrder using the people and Dissinformation as a WEAPON. Tactics Derived from Adolf Hitler himself

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