2/21/2020 – WITNESS and THERAPIST Brittany Henderson go to the post office with me to mail a complaint to the Bar Association

Posted: April 22, 2020 in Community Mobbing

2/21/2020 – WITNESS and THERAPIST Brittany Henderson go to the post office with me to mail a complaint to the Bar Association

– Lead Officer Sean Dinse exposing his personal vendetta on Facebook, and with Starbucks Corporation to hunt “His Kind” and lock me away
– Dinse’s Territorial RAGE
– Put Together the complaint of Karine T Philips Crime of trying to Debunk her, for the Bar Association
– The dynamics of the Psychology Degree, Kevin is not allowed to drink coffee, linking to the psychology community, Paul Humphry, Mike Huntley
– Nothing ever said about they don’t want my kind at Topanga Starbucks, they just hunted me to have me killed with the Police
– Showing that once again “Kevin is not allowed to defend himself” while hunted to be killed with WORLDWIDE NETWORK TERROR CELLS
– Terrance Scroggins recorded on Audio “That’s the man I want to kill” referring to me, and the Police aren’t concerned with this, only silencing me
– Talk about man at Warner Center Park who walked in front of my car to try to make me look like a reckless driver
– At Post office mailing the Complaints to the Bar Association
– The Vertigo262 tactic from my screen names, and how they are trying to get anything to make my execution look justified
– Tom Farley with his fake Vertigo and my father giving him prescription to try to get false confessions from me
– Explaining Mike Huntley’s Crocodile Dundee Death Threat and Admission to his crime spree since I was 14 years old
– How Christina Vescovo is concerned that I might harass someone, but she is not concerned with me being attacked in brutal anger and rage
– Mike Huntley’s Google Blog, and Warner Center Met Posts with Sean Dinse Stating I’m a Violent Paranoid Schizo and need to be removed from society, showing government stalking agendas since 5 years old
– How everything that happens is always blamed on me
– Profiling and poisoning the well so that no matter who I talk to, I’m already labeled and accused of thing while they lash out in anger and rage at me
– Their idea of reference tactics
– Stop by Brian Longbotham’s old house on Ave De Los Flores/Flaming Star talk a little about Victoria Walker, and Defense Attorney Michael Bialys
– People who medal in my life dictating what decisions I should make based on lack of knowledge and education or personal experience
– Telling Dr Alex Lazar about the bunk accusations of me having ANGER and RAGE and the psychology community getting mad, then going after me to try to get dirt to use against me to the WORLD
– Rick Armando working with Dr Alex Lazar to try to silence me
– Discuss the Thousand Oaks Police Station and the Employees all parking their cars with the mental illness tactics directed at me
– The correlation with the name references – Brian SMITH, Judge Neetu Badhan -SMITH
– The significance of the Neetu Badhan-SMITH lookalike following us to Marriot in last video
– How they try to make it look like I’m taking revenge on people
– Them not wanting me relaxing, or chilling
– Horn honker parks car backwards in front of us gives me mean look, then honks his horn twice at me, then shows 100% it’s directed at me in front of Brittany

My World Wide Targeting info


For access to all the raw data on the last 17 years of daily stalking’s to me:

http://www.rudytherubbershow.com – Victoria Walker and Michael Bialys sent after me by the government, Brian Longbotham, in all sorts of operations from my father putting the bullet hole in his 300e with the policFore, to endless other ones
http://aubrysphotography.kevinperelman.com Aubrey Fisher Stripper/Hostess sent after me working on all sorts of angels how I supposedly ruined her life by tapping my foot around her, with worldwide retaliation and government resources why she kept calling me up asking me for help as she was hunting me down working with Tom Farley
http://fetishrage.kevinperelman.com – Connected to a girl named Melissa Detwiller sent after me
http://lisa-anns-playhouse.kevinperelman.com – Victoria Walker working some kind of Fraud Angle with a porn star named Lisa Ann Against me when asking me to build her the site
http://traciannakoval.kevinperelman.com – Hustler girl sent after me by Tim Thompson trying to reel me into some Gene Simmons hotel spy camera scam which they were trying to frame me for

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