2/12/2020 – WITNESS and THERAPIST Brittany Henderson go to Thousand Oaks Police to Report Crime Spree against me

Posted: April 22, 2020 in Community Mobbing

– Go to Thousand Oaks Police to file reports and try to talk to a detective to show that they are lying that I never tried to get help, and still won’t
– Letter from my Lawyer Steve Fische witnessing Karine T Philips wanting to debunk you
– The you do what we tell you bubble or your a dead man since 5 years old –
Mother calls every time I drive by a Starbucks
– Mothers opinions of my mental health are based on her fantasy world
– Go through one of Dinse’s FALSIFIED police reports against me stating I supposedly threatened to Kill all Starbucks Customers because my family doesn’t approve of me hanging out at coffee shops or drinking coffee
– Proving that Starbucks and Coffeeshop employees are fabricating lie after lie with the Police
– Starbucks Employees admit saying Man with their mental illness tactics with mass psychological warfare groups
– Showing Dinse’s paid off to follow me from place to place working with mass groups to eradicate me
– Showing that they Police Parking lots are filled with Judicial Employee’s doing the same Mental Illness Tactics
– Talk about the LACDMH setups and loopholes they did with Lawyer Seymour Amster
– The ENROLL in LACDMH – What is ENROLL? Are they trying to make me look crazy
– Christina Vescovo Stating the I’m supposedly harassing people, Showing the WORLDWIDE defamation. Yet nothing that’s done to me is wrong
– Asking Brittany why she’s going on out a limb for me when no one else will

My World Wide Targeting info


For access to all the raw data on the last 17 years of daily stalking’s to me:

http://www.rudytherubbershow.com – Victoria Walker and Michael Bialys sent after me by the government, Brian Longbotham, in all sorts of operations from my father putting the bullet hole in his 300e with the policFore, to endless other ones
http://aubrysphotography.kevinperelman.com Aubrey Fisher Stripper/Hostess sent after me working on all sorts of angels how I supposedly ruined her life by tapping my foot around her, with worldwide retaliation and government resources why she kept calling me up asking me for help as she was hunting me down working with Tom Farley
http://fetishrage.kevinperelman.com – Connected to a girl named Melissa Detwiller sent after me
http://lisa-anns-playhouse.kevinperelman.com – Victoria Walker working some kind of Fraud Angle with a porn star named Lisa Ann Against me when asking me to build her the site
http://traciannakoval.kevinperelman.com – Hustler girl sent after me by Tim Thompson trying to reel me into some Gene Simmons hotel spy camera scam which they were trying to frame me for

Most these people were approached beforehand and were working on me with every angle and tactic known to man to remove me from society. It got a lot worse once Rodie Morales was sent after me because my family didn’t approve of these sites, and he was working endless strip club and gym frame job operations as punishment for living my life

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