2/5/2020 -WITNESS and THERAPIST Brittany Henderson go to Nats Cafe & observe my house and local area

Posted: April 22, 2020 in Community Mobbing

– Go to Nats Diner with Brittany to Show the provoking’s in these Government Extermination Operations
– The sabotage and coverup tactics – Example stop me from having friends and relationships, then saying I’m a sociopath or Step me from making money, then say I’m against capitaalism
– Show how I don’t suffer from the mental illness they claim, while driving a stick shift and avoiding people and bad drivers
– Cars around my house with mental illness tactics
– Person tries to walk in front of my car to make it look like I’m a reckless driver with the police
– Family, how mothing is ever wrong, no questions ever asked to my face about anything
– Talk about Baily Bernard Paid off by the LAPD to stalk, and attack me
– Talk about the lies with LAPD, and Terrance Scroggins in those frame job operations with Lead Officer Sean Dinse’s defamation and slander
– Talk about the steak raw tactic and my father having a problem with me eating steak
– The Dynamics of my father trying to tell me that these murder ops, are just people teasing me
– Statements from multiple lawyers they can do whatever they want to people, including hunting and killing them if they don’t like or trust them
– Fathers statements “You know what you did” But won’t tell me
– The fact that nothing on any level has been said about anyone’s insecurities across 47 years, showing the the people hunting me have an agenda and don’t want anything truthful to the world
– Psychiatrist Susan Doner Sent After me, and her unethical personal Agenda with lies, smears, defamation, slander to the world
– Susan Doner telling the world I’m harassing waitresses to silence me with the psychology community about their kill operations
– Trying to force women on me then say I’m too picky and I’m not allowed to date women or have friends
– The why this is happening? And why no one will talk about the situation
– Being told I have to give forced false confessions
– Manipulation about the CLP – Court Linkage Program with Nina M Flores. PHD which is supposed to be a volunteer program
– My families OBSESSION with the GOVERNMENT to lock me away on some kind of Secret Hate and Jealousy
– Showing that people would not take a free shirt from me, proving that something out of the norm is going on
– There’s supposed to be two sides to every story, Trying to NORMALIZE the situation

My World Wide Targeting info


For access to all the raw data on the last 17 years of daily stalking’s to me:

http://www.rudytherubbershow.com – Victoria Walker and Michael Bialys sent after me by the government, Brian Longbotham, in all sorts of operations from my father putting the bullet hole in his 300e with the policFore, to endless other ones
http://aubrysphotography.kevinperelman.com Aubrey Fisher Stripper/Hostess sent after me working on all sorts of angels how I supposedly ruined her life by tapping my foot around her, with worldwide retaliation and government resources why she kept calling me up asking me for help as she was hunting me down working with Tom Farley
http://fetishrage.kevinperelman.com – Connected to a girl named Melissa Detwiller sent after me
http://lisa-anns-playhouse.kevinperelman.com – Victoria Walker working some kind of Fraud Angle with a porn star named Lisa Ann Against me when asking me to build her the site
http://traciannakoval.kevinperelman.com – Hustler girl sent after me by Tim Thompson trying to reel me into some Gene Simmons hotel spy camera scam which they were trying to frame me for

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