11/11/2019 – Competition Tactic – Castration Motive – Mind Racing Tactic – Cant see himself

Posted: November 18, 2019 in Community Mobbing

• the competition scam
• the lol tactic
• Hunted for quoting movie lines, doesn’t make much sense
• My cousin Vinney
• What about bob
• Newtons 3 laws of physics
• Do you tjhink it’s because I quoted movie lines, or do you think it’s because someone wants an excuse to kill or eradicate me
• Lame excuses: You stole from the movie people by stealing their lines

• hurting ppl. father castration
• Father that wants to castrate his son because he likes women he does not approve of
• trying to turn someone into an it
• trying to create addiction and mental illness for control
• example minute by minute worldwide torture tactics to try to get u to chew
• The mind racing scam
• Want to stop me from focusing on whats important or me to look crazy
• The notion of telling someone he can’t see himself, is a bad person, and needs help, have a problem, or are a bad person
then having everyone on the planet do it
– cia ngiateng
• aubrey fisher foot tap ops
• but everyone else knows who I am. especially those ive never met, talked to worlwide

• the camp scam and jail
• poisoning the well tactic
• garlic in food example
• dissinfo example
• the term, drive u crazy
• rodie morales with police. make money from crazy guy

• The camp thing my mother is so mad about
• Kill ops – Paris Hilton analogy
• you cant protect yourself
• Talk about what this really is. It’s a way of hunting and killing a 5 year old and getting the world to all help
• Hunted for typing lol like everyone else, Larry David, Rick Armondo
• Trying to manipulate me down the wrong path over and over
• Angry food service emailing me at 2:33 which is how this all starts
• kevin needs attention tactic

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