Community Mobbing – 1/25/2015 – People following me to the places I go and waiting in front with cars to try to intimidate me with intent to create mental illness and kill

Posted: January 26, 2015 in Community Mobbing
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Today, I left my place around 6:00 pm, and first went to get some coffee. While I was there, a girl came in wearing green shirts and black pants with a friend and of course sat as close as possible to me to try to start fights using their mimick tactics.

As I was there, 2 cars pulled up on the side of the road. One white mercedese, and one grey honda civic, while people sat across for about an hour looking at their phones, but really to try to intimidate me

P1170023 P1170027

After this, I went to get some mexican food, where 2 people came in wearing green and black, one man walked by shaking his keys, and then another couple came in both wearing pink.

as I left, I noticed one main who was parked outside in a white pickup, watching me. I did not get a picture of. Also, while I was there. 2 people pulled up in the same car I was driving. A GMC Envoy. One black, and one white. the man in the white gmc, intentionally left some lights on.

P1170044 P1170045

When the man thought I had left, he came out and jumped in his car to leave, then saw me, and put his car in the other side of the road, and then just sat and waited in it. Shown on the video


I then left and went home. A girl in a black prius was waiting for me to get home. smoking a cigarette and messing with her phone who lived across in the metro complex. When I got there, I parked opposite side for a while, and when she left, drove into the parking complex, showing she was waiting there for no reason at all, except for me to try to create paranoia. shown on the video. Not picking anyone up, just a random stop in front of my gate where I walk out or in, and then finally going back into her place where she probably pulled it right out of to try to intimidate me like the masses have been doing since I was 10 years old all day and night.


This video shows the people waiting for me in front of places trying to intimidate me, and not random events, as each place I went too I was followed and this happened.

These types of spy, mimic, covert paranoid schizophrenia tactics have been going on since I was 10 years old with the masses with the intent to create mental illness to figure out ways to try to remove me from society any way possible. With endless lies, smears, psychological warfare tactics with world wide masses until they can remove me from society.

For details, you can go to

  1. Victor leos says:

    Hey I have the same people following me wearing green shirts and trying to intimidate me. But I notice like to around 5-10 cars on my tail every where I go and I can’t figure out why they’re doing it. And I have no criminal records and it started a year ago after I did a title loan and paid it off. Do you have any tips how to get the police involved what state are you in


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