Community Mobbing – 1/22/15 – Metro Neighbors and community parking and waiting in mercedes 320’s or similar to try to create mental illness with the intent to kill

Posted: January 23, 2015 in Community Mobbing
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When I was 16, my family working with the police put a bullet hole in my fathers car, then notified the world I tried to kill my father in one of the endless setups to remove me from society since 10 years old. Since then, people will told to follow me around in mercedes or park them in front of my house until the tortured me into false confessions so they could find a way to remove me from society. This is one of the endless 1000’s of setups and smears, my family with the police have been torturing me all day and night for 30 years until I confess to anything possible, so they can arrest me and remove me from society in a 30 year world wide terror campaign to remove me from society out of my families endless hate and rage for me that I am different from them.

And they do not like people who are different, or open minded. Very similar to how adolf hitler thinks. But they have world wide backing as they keep smearing my name with endless lies and riling the masses after me to end my life.

The Metro Neighbors

Today when leaving for work, I noticed 2 black merceds 320’s parked across from each other. I think both without plates.




When I got home from work, I noticed one man waiting in one trying to intimidate me, and another wide one,




also, on the other side of the complex, their are 2 white escolades parked across from each other.

P1160997 P1160998 P1160999

This is an all day and night 30 year campaign since 10 years old to remove me from society by my family working with the police, and scoial workers, and the government to end my life. They don’t really have any reason behind it, just like Adolf Hitler, my family just doesn’t like me because I am not like them.

They have spent all day and night for the last 30 years trying to set me up, smear my name, frame me, with mass world wide smear operations in secret to figure out how to end my life any way possible. And have not stopped with world wide operations since I was 10 years old. The intent is clear. Torture me, force me into false confessions, or try to set me up working with the government and police to end my life.

For details on this extermination campaign, you can go to

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