Community Mobbing – 10/6/2014 – People at the places I go on a regular basis starting to use autoshades as a new mental illness tactic

Posted: October 6, 2014 in Community Mobbing
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In the 80’s people used these things called autoshades to put over their glass windshields to protect their dashes. Well starting about a month ago, teams of people from the METRO complex surrounding my place, and at work, and I’m sure the other places I go on a regular basis have started to use autoshades to send suggestive messages to me.

This has been going on all month, but today, I noticed, some cars, not only leaving my place with autoshades,

but 2 cars across from each other as I come home. Working with my family and Lorena Escobar using these tactics to create mental illness by justifying her actions with elaborate claims that I have somehow done something wrong, or have committed some crime she concocted in her lies to remove me from society with my family.

Here are the 2 cars from today

P1140965 P1140966

These tactics have been inflicted on me since 10 years old where my family had my own brother try to provoke me to death and if I defended myself in any way, would claim I have anger and rage and am out of control for the sole purpose to remove me from society any way shape and form possible working with the police, social workers, my family has made up every lie imaginable.

For details on this mass world wide campaign to remove me from society you can go to

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