Community mobbing – 8/12/2014 – Metro neighbors parking cars to create mental illness and having people follow me to coffee bean with intent to kill

Posted: August 13, 2014 in Community Mobbing
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Today On my way back from work I stopped at Coffeebean in tarzana

18505 Ventura Blvd (Tarzana)
Tarzana, CA 91356

The first thing I noticed is that they had 2 people come with “keyes” plate covers on their cars.

P1120497 P1120495

Also, I noticed they parked 2 similar black and white pickups togethor parked backwards continueing with their patterns of 2’s mental illness tactics


when I was sitting minding my own business a man sits in front of me wearing same clothing

jeans and a green shirt, he just stares at me


after he leaves, a man sits in front of me, but his feet on a shopping cart with mimic tactics.



then a women comes sits behind me and puts her feet on the chairs with more patterns of 2’s


When I leave, their is a man in a black and white Prius just waiting and watching me

P1120515 P1120513

When I get home, I notice on my street, 2 more identical black and white Prius’s parked across from each other.

P1120591P1120588 P1120585

also, there are people in a white trans am, a black man and a white girl waiting by the black and white prius, also the car I drove in high school as a mental illness obsessional looping tactic

P1120585 P1120577

and about 30 minutes later, one man in a black and white prius just sitting and waiting across the street


and about an hour later, on the other side of my place another person just waiting in his Prius


and the next morning, right where I walk outside my gate


This is an all day and night mental illness campaign in world wide masses with the intent to end my life. any possible way to remove me from society by trying to make me look crazy. the goal is to try to push me out of control working with the police to figure out how to

set me up and remove me from society or push me to suicide saying I am a danger to myself and others.

for details on this world wide 30 year campaign to end my life any way possible you can go to

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