Community Mobbing – 7/31/2014 – Metro neighbors using 2 civics, 4 Audi’s and people with umbrellas

Posted: August 1, 2014 in Community Mobbing
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Today in leaving my house, I noticed not only 2 grey honda civics parked togethor

P1110745 P1110752

But also, 2 black Audi’s across from each other

P1110740 P1110741

Later on when I came home, there was another black Audi, and a man waiting in a red one as well

New black Audi


Man waiting in red one next to black one

P1110825 P1110821

Also, on my way home, I noticed people within the area started to come out with umbrellas

P1110797 P1110800

This is an ongoing all day and night 30 year mental illness campaign started by my family working with the police to figure out how to remove me from society by trying to either push me out of control or push me to suicide for setups saying I am a danger to myself or others. Every imagineable worls wide lie, smear, terror tactics is the masses have been used on me since the age of 10 years old to end my life claiming I’ve done something or committed a crime to make it look like their actions are justified.

For details on this world wide mobbing and murder campaign you can go to

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