Community Mobbing – 4/19/2014 – Park terror tactics

Posted: April 20, 2014 in Community Mobbing
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Today on my way home I decided I needed some fresh air and to be outside a little as I try to get out each day with the mass world wide terror campaign.

I went to the park, sat at a table messing with my new tablet and configuring it.

The park was completely empty on the sidewalks, but some people with in the park. Like usual, once I got there, the community houses surrounding the park was notified that I was there and within about 15 minutes, teams of people came out wearing Solid Black pants, and solid blue shirt.

This is a common daily tactic to create paranoid schitzofrenia.

P1220914 P1220916 P1220925 P1220929 P1220934 P1220937 P1220959 P1220961 P1220988

Of course, this one girl looked cute, so I looked up, and instantly when I looked up to terrorize me she starts singing. This is a common terror tactic to have person after person walk by and sing or hum endlessly to try to get a reaction to provoke me into a fight and figure out ways to remove me from society. Kind of like the, I’m going to come out of my house wearing clothing with hinting messages, and if you look at me I’m going to passive aggressively provoke you into a fight, then play victim which has been the tactic from each and every person in my life since I was 10 years old


After this, maybe 45 minutes later, everyone with solid black pants and solid blue shirts went inside but people then came out all wearing clothing with horizontal stripes

P1220957 P1220967 P1220984 P1220987 P1230002 P1220948 P1220954

Finally I decided to leave, and when I got home, of course, like every day, there are the same cars parked in 2’s, I get home, and 2 people had pulled out 2 pickup trucks, left their hazards on next to the Metro complex across from mine where I park or walk out.


And one person waiting on the other end in his red pickup in the red zone

P1220974 P1220971

I should also note in the other places I went today, two other women walked by and started humming to provoke me into fights

This is an all day and night world wide terror campaign to either remove me from society or push me to suicide to end my life and has been going on since 10 years old

For details on this 30 year hunt to destroy and end my life you can go to


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