Gang stalking – “Using the system against you”

Posted: February 23, 2014 in Community Mobbing
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When I turned around 30, and I started noticing that I was being hunted and targeted my entire life.

My so called friend since 4 or so, Mike Huntley, originally my brothers friend, broke from is secret hidden agenda working with my brother to remove me from society telling me “he could not set me up”, he was “Using the system against me” and that it was my fault for living a careless lfe, whatver that means.

At that point all I know was something wasn’t right to find out their was a world wide campaign to end my life or remove me from society.

Using the system againt me

There is really nothing I’ve ever done to anyone. I’ve lived a normal life, and growing up with my family, I always chose the right path with positive building or creativity, and my brother went down the destructive, controlling, murdering path.

I could not comprehend what that even meant, or who could even conceive of such a thing. To find out that. Their was actually no reasoning behind my family and brothers murder campaign except one thing. The only thing that logically makes sense.


This whole compaign which for years I wondered why I was being targeted, why people were trying to create mental illness and end my life. And their is not one logical reasoning behind it except my family HATED me so much they wanted me gone.

This is nothing I’ve ever done to anyone except being a kid some childish pranks or peeling out in a car. Which all kids do. And if compared to my brother and friends, I am a saint.

I lived a life of being positive, friendly, and helping everyone in my path to find out that, the only real reason this is going on is Murder or removing me from society in the grey areas of the law.

Now, There are only a select few people I know life this and the first one who comes to mind is Adolf Hitler. He hated and he hunted.

This is where I come from. But today’s murderers are much smarter and don’t want to be caught, so in my case, working with the knowledge of how the system works, they devised a way to end my life, and make it look like it was my fault.

“Using the system against me” is just that. We are going to provoke, provoke, provoke, provoke, provoke, until the end of time. We will never stop. And when we get any type of reaction possible, we are going to publicly give it to the world in secret, including the police to remove me from society.

Basically, the setup of all setups. And because these people such as my family all have psychology degrees, they figured out that they could put together every possible passive aggressive terror tactic and have the masses all around the world do it to the end of time. Of course, claiming I’m imagining it, or it’s someone else, etc. keeping it secret.

Now, in the end, the setup is to terrorize me to death to get that reaction so they can call the police, or remove me from society, or just push me to suicide.

Each control freak that has approached me has tried to use some kind of leverage that I had done something, to justify their actions trying to make it look like I have a problem.

Example, Mike Huntley sends a girl after me to target me try to set me up and smear my name, Jen Hess. this is just one out of countless of them. When I started to feel something wasn’t right with jen hess, Mike with a world wide campaign came after me with even a larger campaign. Why was this you ask? because I got paranoid and it seemed like something wasn’t right with this person trying to lock me into a situation to destroy me.

Now, what was my crime? it’s simple, It was finding out something wasn’t right which at that point they worked on every smear possible. I’m somehow doing something to this person, by knowing, I suffer from paranoia, etc. Everything possible to not leave me alone, move on, or meet someone new.

That was it, finding out I was being targeted and they need to keep it covered up

The people making these claims damn well knew they sent her after me, just like the countless girls they had follow me to coffee shops, then turn around with claims I am following them. these tactics go on from using women, to having employees at every place imaginable endlessly attack me and each one will turn the story around how I did something. What is this? “Using the system against me”

that is exactly what it is. Now noting that this “Gossip” as they say isn’t traveling to normal circles, but it’s a funded operation to systematically give to the world and tell me I’m imagining it.

so in the end, I look like the bad guy. I supposedly did all these things I didn’t. Which we all know is what a smear campaign is. But in my case, it’s done in secret, and I’m told I’m imagining it. So, what is this murder campaign doing? they are intentionally creating paranoia because each person passively aggressively attacks me, tells me I’m imagining it, or when they collect enough out of context dirt, they then try to use that is their leverage, saying. Well, you did this or that.

Pretending like I didn’t do anything, and I’m attacked or hunted by each and every person that comes in my life and somehow I am the bad guy.

When I look back at my life, I notice this pattern of behavior starting with my mother and brother. My family got together and told me brother to go ballistic on me. He would hold me underwater in the p0ol, run up from behind either flicking me in the ear or going ballistic on me. He and his friends would watch horror movies over and over trying to send me hidden messages. At one point he got so desperate, that he started telling me he had bug taps in my room and was listening to everything I was doing. He would run cars off the road at 16 in hopes that I would follow his footsteps so he could remove me from society. This was and is their goal.

Now if I were defend my self in any way shape or form, he would do everything possible to cover it up by stating I did all these things, or I have anger and rage issues for reacting to things like being bashed in the back of the head over and over. He did not stop their, he kept working on me my entire life. He would introduced me to his friends, like Mike Huntley, then they would work on me over and over to remove me from society.

And the strange thing, to me, the person who spent his life being kind generous, friendly to everyone is that I’m the bad guy. But what really red flags the whole campaign is that everyone pretends I’m imagining it telling me they are in on it and that this really is a funded campaign to remove me from society using every possible psychological warfare tactic imaginable.

Once you remove all the lies and smears, and show the actually people criminal actions, it’s no longer about anything I’ve ever done.

It’s about people like Adolf Hitler who want me dead out of hate and rage.

In my case, everyone is working together. The police are working with the people, everyone will work with the people with psychology degrees  and so on. Each person will point the finger at someone else damn well knowing they are involved.

it is the conglomeration with the people and the police targeting me “Using the system against me

trying to rid me of the world. I’ve been to 14 shrinks, all involved, every police officer I spoke too refused to help me, every lawyer, refused to help, you name it, it’s a world wide murder campaign using paranoid schitzofrenia tactics, obsessional looping, thugging, bullying, terror tactics all with one pursuit. End one mans life.

And if these people who are involved then want to be a part of my life, they will then say. “oh, it’s not me, it’s them”

trying to shirk responsibility.

But in the end, it is a mass world wide campaign to rid me of the world and no more, no less.

for specific details on this mass world wide murder campaign you can go to


You will see tactics, who has come in my life and done what.

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