Same setup tactics of my fathers X-Wife Janet Nordet put in Jail being done to me, and trying to cover it up, by pinning their crimes on me

Posted: June 11, 2017 in Community Mobbing
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While I have no factual evidence of what was done to Janet Nordet After I moved back from Colorado. I know I was Semi around the situation, and at this point, know that there was a reason my father called me up around the time of me Graduating College and out of the blue, without me asking. Him telling me I was welcome to Live at his house for a year, while at the same time, Him telling me about Janet Nordet he was going to mary around the same time.

The one thing I have learned about the Entire Perelman family. Except the Black Sheep, ME! is that they have a certain PATTERN OF BEHAVIOR, of trying to slowly reel you in, get you close to them, and then Filet you!  no matter how much you try to get away from it.

If you don’t see these patterns of behavior, keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer, and when they mean closer, actually working and living with them.

Now, All the things that are and have been done to Janet Nordet from her side, or the things I witnessed from myfathers lies said about her, her personality, all the claims from Lorena Escobar and my office of things they said she did, like coming down to his office in an angry rage until the point they calling the police filing reports and such are all things I watched them do to me for 14 years, all working together, and with police and community support!

While I was their, I was bombarded with endless office lies of unimageanable levels. The same lies started at 9 years old to the world. Also, endless communication with the police. Elsie sandoval claiming I had hit her, after sending Jen Hess after me with the same types of lies. The Elita frame jobs. Black girl making up lies that I am trying to make her mentally ill, like women were told to do one sequentically after the next since 12 years old.

The Elita Golden State Black employee frame job

Lorena Escobar, Gwen Suazo, Patti googin, Shanna Briantseva, Stalking Tactics  –

Golden State Sports Medical Discrimination and Stalking to keep me quiet about what I know

So you can imagine. If all of a sudden, your minding your own business, trying to make money, friends, relationships, and people world wide are hunting you down, and the same exact things you watched being said, or happening to Janet Nordet are being done to you. And world wide anger towards you. It is fair to derive that something freaky was being done to her, as well as you. And being that my father called me up at the same time, and I’ve watched him do these types of things over and over to me. That most likely, the reality of the situation is. He did not like Janet Nordet, before even Marrying her, and wanted to frame me on something calling me up getting me close to him.

So while in College, it wasn’t only my father working these manipulations to get me back to California, My mother also stepped in. Calling me up, putting on the pure pressure. Telling me since I only had a Art History, and Spanish Class left. That I should walk the graduaton symbolically, and then come back to California, and finish the degree on some local schools and transfer the credits for the peace of graduation paper.

Image result for cu

You should also know that my family will sink to the levels of saying I went to University of Colorado because it says (CU) or something. Saying I am shitzo. I mean that is the level of hate and rage they are using to tell the world I am crazy out of some kind of rage against me at 9 years old.

Also, at the same time, My brothers friend, and also my friend for 25 years Mike Huntley. Was calling me up, knowing I did Web Design, and saying he wants to start up an Internet Host Provider back around 1997. Also reeling me in. While I was probably going to move back for Hollywood and 3D animation which I was studying anyways. They wanted to make sure this was going to happen.

At the time, I did not put togehor the puzzle pieces about my brother telling me at around 14 years old that, “We put one of our teachers in a mental institution, and we have a bug in your room and we are listening to you on the radio” as an attempt to try to turn me into a paranoid schitzo and things like this to remove me from society. I thought he was just trying to be some macho person, no did I know he actually had, fmaily and government resources to actually do this with the rest of my family and their PSYCHOLOGY Degrees

While what is strange is that when I tell people what is going on. More and more mass groups come after me whistling hinting I am a whistle blower in an angry rage as if groups getting togethor killing you is the norm. And how dare I say something. As if this is normal anad happening to everyone. You know, maybe in some Cartel somewhere. But I don’t think it would go that far. I think they’d just get killed instantly. While my family pretends they are mobsters to try to make me look crazy. But only around me. When I am not around, their demeonor changes back to normal, chowing they are trying to pure pressure me into things. MANIPULATION! in this case, manipulation to end my existense. Maybe they didn’t like my art class demon painting they should have no knowledge about. Who knows.

Especially with a mother who is an Art Therapist.

Using my art to smear my name  –

The P51 Mustang art angle being used against me.  –

Some of my Art Mike Huntley, Brian Longbotham, my family and Government have targeted me over

Now, I would never think of things like this until after strange shady events which I have watched all day and night for the last 16 years finding out my family is mad at me telling someone something or for the information in my brain of things I know, especially done to me in colleges and growing up. Which they basically put me in a position to be more aware of their criminal abusive behaviors towards me growing up. Which I didn’t really realize were going on, until after 29, and looking back at my life from severe abusive emotional blackmailing personalities. Which really fully sunk in about 38, the magnitude, of unphatheomable demented events which are unprecidented,


Hence why everyone went so ballistic when I bought a book called “Emotional Blackmail” about abusive people to help understand the people around me and their behaviors.

Which is a book, not just about abusive people, but people who pre meditatively abuse people, talking about how sick and demented that type of person is.

So, in the last 16 years going to Attorney’s for various things, one of the things I found interesting from a lot of them, was them digging for a confession about me moving from Boulder Colorado, back to California. And the digging question was “Did you graduate” and while I was 2 classes short from graduation.

There’s also weird things from Mike Wexler my brother sent after me, like driving to Sandeigo to meet a girl he knew is someone a crime. But Of course I am not told what it is about, they just want some kind of confession as well as Mike Wexlers setup and frame job attempts with Lin Junkin.

My mother sweeps in with her frame jobs telling me to move back without the graduation paper, but walk the graduation, and Mike Huntley working with the to curve me so to speak, and start a company where he can get me close enough, to figure out ways to frane me, sneak freaky things in my contracts, or use the customer for mental illness tactics in hopes he can get me angry at them to use against me anything known to man to put me in a mental instition or cage for what they thought I knew about my family and was going on. imply taking spanish 3 was a lot more complex then it sounds Because that one spanish 3 class, would involved me retaking spanish 1 and 2. Because I had taken those classes way back in High School and could not remember much. Which is really like 4 classes. and that’s 3 semesters.

Now of course, after my family working on me to get me back to California, they were clearly telling the world I am on the run and paranoid, and things like this. Or have done something wrong.

But you get the idea, while passionate about making money with Mike Huntley which applies more with the knowledge you know about making money.

Which Coincidentally, explains why Fernanda Sime, and Lorena Escobar went BALLISTIC from a simple ofiice joke to Fernanda, “No speaking Spanish” in a joking voice. But now understanding that they are involved in a mass crime. I guess it didn’t sound funny to a bunch of murderers reeling me in and hunting me me down in the first place. Because no matter how nice I am to them. It’s about extermination. Ridding me of the world no matter what.

Now your probably asking yourself, so what? someone walked the graduation before the paper, or they didn’t. They graduated, or they didn’t? who would remotely care right? Well no one. Unless something shady is going on! unless your family, police are trying to build a profile of you of being a horrible person which could be done to Abraham Lincoln with enough, time, energy and resources. Hence what is called a smear campaign.

And the mere fact that people, especially lawyers world wide have been told something about some random, non famous, person who went to college and left a couple of classes short. Says all the anyone with any type of common sense knows. That something highly ILLEGAL and DEMENTED is going on. And my life is being used against me while my family keeps calling me up trying to put me into situations to frame me. And of course, my stalkers are saying things to me to try to make me look crazy. Well, what makes you so important to the world? things like this to try to make me look like a delusional narcisist. or crazy, or to say crazy out of the norm things that can be used against me to help my family label me as crazy, or someone who can’t seperate media from reality with all sorts of angles like this. Of course, with Adriana Olivarez who was sent after me by by my father and Lorena, trying to say I am a narcicist, while also saying “She is going to get the doctors son” and did not mean it in a trophy kinda way.  After me watching years of people coming after me, and her taking things I was saying about Mila out of context. Showing what she was involved in. Who she was, what her true motives with my family are. But like usual. This is just one accusation out of 1000’s and 1000’s to the world in secret. With no defense. No opposing arguments. No judicial system. Just a world wide murder operation since 9 years old with every resource known to man and government support. Because if this was anyone else. People would start coming forward saying this is wrong. No matter what!

So, what is such a big deal about not completing some classes and moving back to California, and moving into your fathers house, right when he gets married? well, normally nothing.

UNLESS, someone, or more importantly, Your family, with Lorena Escobar wanted the world, in SECRET to think, that your BEHAVIOR, or PERSONALITY, is something like.

Kevin found out his father is getting married. Dropped his degree  to move in to control her,  Then trying to make her crazy, after me learning that My family is telling the world that I am trying to make people crazy or Gas Light people to COVERUP their campaign since I was 9 to make me mentally ill and put me in a mental institution.

Because remember, the world is being given endless information on absolottly nothing at all. Pure fiction! And my life is no different then anyone elses. Except a simple event in my life is complete out of context fiction to the world of criminal accusations. based on thin air, and given out secretly with no defense allowed. I mean anyone can make up whatever lie to the world they want about me. Are given NSA resources to do this, and their is absolutly no accountability in any way shape or form. Which is not normal.

Especially after finding out people named “Paranoid” are befriending me on IRC to make me paranoid, and endless things done to me for years with IRC people, because my family believed the IRC and talking on the Internet is Shady, and wanted to TEACH ME A LESSON. For being on the forefront of technology. Which now the ENTIRE WORLD DOES! showing that at no point was it wrong.

Just like at one point people saidbuying something on the internet is dangerous. However it never was. It was just new and different.

And that they just didn’t like me doing it. Which would have been non nof their business me being older then 18 and in a different state. Showing that people like Lorena Escobar were being paid stalk me. And clearly her intentions are to kill me, by Gas Lighting, Gang Stalking Tactics.. And I can assure you. This is not out of LOVE as my father tries to Brainwash me. he has no concept of love. That emotion does not exist in him or the rest of my family. It’s more like a family grabbing a chain saw, hunting you from place to place for 35 years then saying. He trolled me! he blinked wrong.

So, while working with Mike Huntley, My father once again sweeps in, Telling me that Shelly Humphreys, company moved, and there is some great office space on Ventura Boulevard in the same office building above them. Which also seems to apply to the Kelly Hatch being sent after me, and her frame jobs with the police in Oregon, and the Goth Kelly hatch similar looking girl in University of Colorado, also told to move above me in my astronomy class. also working on me. Like leaving the keys in her car in hopes I’d steal it, like Kelly hatches lies I stole her car. Who knows, trying to make it look like a repeated pattern. Just like Jen Hess claims I hit her, and so does Elsie Sandoval who is covering up the fact thatthey are involved in these setup attempts.

With a phenomenal Ventura Boulevard price! You know. Those too good to be true, deals. But it’s your fathers property. You think he is a good person, and so why would you say no?

Little did I know, once again, reeling me in for the kill so to speak. While starting Signet with Mike Huntley and him going from I’m your friend for 25 years, to 6 years of working with him and his personality going from. Lets make money, to He has been HUNTING me with my brother and family since a young age.

Micheal Huntley
Michael Huntley
20 year friend, and started a company with me all to get me close to him to destroy my life. Originally a friend of my brothers.
from his own mouth “We are using the system against you”, “Have a good life now” as he was singing “World of paranoia”, and dropping papers about Korea using mental illness tactics to control people. Then telling me “You had better live a careful life”

While there is endless mental illness tactics, setup attempts, frame job attempts with Mike Huntley, my family, and mass groups world wide working on me somce 9 years old. Especially the biggest one of their scams, the Jen Hess, person they paid off to send after me which seem to be working with Lorena Escobar. Which setups and frame jobs did not work, they, like usual, are blasting every lie to the world to cover up their crimes. But Jen Hess, is just another female to me involved in 35 years of women sent after me, to try to set me up, frame me, to remove me from society, and coverup these mass crimes. due to my families lies to the world around 9 years old. That I am a crazy, paranoid schitzo, who is a danger to himself or others. Out of their hate, rage and jealousy towards me, because I am not like them. And am a good decent person.

And if you want to understand the Dynamics of a Mobster family. That this would be equivalent to the White Collier Mobster personality. That the youngest son, did not want to be part of. Which ends in. What happens to most people in Mobster families who WALK AWAY! Of course, because their operations are in stealth, I had no clue of the Magnitude of their personalities. How far they will go, and what they are capable of. especially with the use a PSYCHOLOGY degrees to hurt, harm, mame, or rid of the world. Which is fairly unprecedented.

Now you can understand while a simple book called Emotional Blackmail the enlightens you about abuse psychotics you defy, would put your stalkers on edge, for understanding what is being done to you. Just like Adolf Hitler not wanting people to read books, that talk about other cultures and their social systems. He, like my family and targeters want to control my perception of what is, and give me disinformation so you know, that seems pretty relevant the complexities of how well thought out and premeditated this is with PSYCHOLOGY DEGREES to try to brain wash you into thinking it’s for you or something that you supposedly did wrong. But of course, what could be so bad that their is a world wide torture campaign to get you to kill yourself or put you in a mental instition while trying to get you to bite off your jaw or soemthing with world wide support?. Example. Being told, That I am too sensitive while watching world wide mental batterings, setup attempts, and endless frame jobs, I am told is normal. But we all know. Even if someone once in their life is set up. That is pretty rare.

Also, Things to make me believe that because it is similar to a movie, it is normal or things that you would never conceive anyone or a mass group would actually do working togethor is beyond any level of demented or unphatheomable with world wide support. Then to be told by your own father that you think differently, like this is done to everyone, and I think the world is out to get me to try to make me look crazy with dissinformation.

Now, Once Mike Huntley Flipped out on me, showing his true colors, and me starting to become more aware of my world wide angry enraged surroundings and not being able to comprehend what was going on. From some shy quiet person, with not many friends who is somehow known world wide, and the Majority wanting me dead in secret. Was pretty freaky, and strange. Especially to this day, 16 years later. Not one person can tell me what I actually did? Especially when this starts at 9 years old. And to launch a campaign with the police and government like this would normally be someone who builds an atomic bomb, and kills 100,000 people in a football stadium or something. 

You wouldn’t think someone who wasn’t good at asking women out or something is a crime. And you wouldn’t think that would be a reason to put someone in a mental institution. Unless it isn’t about you. It’s about someone who HATES you, like my family. I mean before finding out at 29, I can remember people introducing people to friends for dates, or web dating sites, and things like this. Which my family has their weird thing about you either chase or be chased. And of course there is never any both people working togethor either. Once again their catch 22 tactics. Where I am told I have to chase people or something. but never about two people working togethor to make things work out. Even on a simple level of strangers both trying to talk to each other, then go out on a date. To my family, it’s either this way or that way. No middle ground. And the word chase to them is also something spooky like sending Kelly hatch to follow me up to Oregon from Calabasas High working with the police.

So, as you can see, once I left California, I was being reeled back to California, and my family, in coordinated, stealth operations with manipulation from people communicating togethor with an Agenda. And the fact that random Lawyers world wide are trying to get a confession for some reason for not graduating pretty much shows that information is being given out to make it look like my father married Janet Nordet, and I did a 180 coming back to California over it. Like usual, leaving out the phone calls asking me to move in with my father, and Phone calls of things like Mike Huntley contacting me. And things like this. And the fact that no one world wide QUESTIONS the method of information dissemintion about my life on basically some kind of psuedo secret propoganda internet network is beyond any level of demented. I mean, they could literally put a knoose around my neck, drag me back to my fathers house, put me in a cage, like my father did hi English Sheep dog, Maggie. Then say. Look, he barged into my house and thinks he’s the Boss! of course no one seems to care about the part where the knoose is around you neck, your put in a cage, with cattle prods shocking you every 10 minutes. Which is very odd.

Hence Mike Huntley’s words “We are using the system against you”

And normally this would not matter, unless one sided lies to paint a picture of me who isn’t me and give it to the world is being done. And it clearly is. Last I checked their are two sides to every story. Not one. And then their is the details and specifics of everything going on. This is all left out when this dissemination is being given to the world about me. And really no one cares about something like Jury information unless you are arrested for a murder or something of this magnitude. Not things like. Some girl made a claim you trolled her because she doesn’t like people who tap their foots and things like this. Other then that. people normally could not care about things like. You were a shitty friend to someone. Or you called a girl a bitch on a date or you were an asshole to someone. Because people are assholes from tine to time. And everyone has some kind of asshole moment. And if they never have, I’d worry about me being around someone who is afraid to be imperfect and goes ballistic on you for it. Which is the roots I was born from and could not escape after realizing who they are.

So, once I moved back, moved into my fathers house, My father married Janet, I think things started to go to shit for them, and I had no clue I was being framed, setup, hunted, you name it. As a matter of fact, I was kind of in my own little world and trying to live my own life. But my family has an uncanny ability to matter how good of a person you are to make the world think you are a murderer with endless money and resources. Working with theGovernment.

While I was pretty much stayed away from their situation, it was however impossible to notice the marriage going to shit. And while my family is going to try to play the boundary card. Saying things like I’ve done something wrong for violating boundaries, or space,this is a scam or credibilty tactic, that someone looking for an ANGLE would use. Lots of families live togethor. Especially lower class, who can’t afford that type of life style. I’ve never heard of someone saying. Well, a family member moved in with another one, and so their space was violated, and they need to be killed for space violation crimes and things like this! UNHEARD OF!

The SPACE tactic  #cnnireport  #FoxNews  –


Like for example, Janet got her eyebrows tattooed, and later on, my father told me I should tattoo my eyebrows because I pull them out. But not only did that seem extremely odd that he wanted his son to tattoo his eyebrows like a girl. I had no clue that he was trying to make me look like a schtizo or copycat. And give this out world wide! after being aware of his manipulations to frame me. I watched him do this endlessly to me.

What I can remember back then is the Janet went from fairly normal and loving to falling into a paranoid state. To the point where my mother calling me and leaving a message was a big deal. And me thinking that is strange. Which it was at the time. But after understand who my father and family are. What they are capable of. The resources they built around me as a child to create mental illness with the police and government. And watching everything that comes out of my fathers mouth as a blatant lie, accusation, dissinofrmation, setup attempt, frame job, or mental blackmail or thugging. You start to understand the dynamics of somethign unphatheomable. Something that does not normally happen. Especially with police and NSA support. School systems, teacher, professors, and world wide support.

She would cook, and be very wife like. And then I can remember Lorena Escobar saying well, it’s all and act, and she wants his money, is controlling or is crazy. While I do not know Janet very well, because it really wasn’t my business. I have a feeling now knowing who my father and Lorena Escobar, and they psychotics my father keeps around him, as well as the same accusations about me, and watching them try to endlessly set me up or frame me over and over is that Janet most likely was a very decent person being that he is doing the same things to me. But I cannot tell you who she or anyone is without getting to know them. One of my fanilies scams that I somehow think I know people from a picture or strange types of statements like this. to the world. Or I think I’m friends with a girl who gives me some lap dances. I mean their lies are ENDLESS to attack my credibility!

I can tell you that my father, Lorena, the people close to him, are saying something about everything is an ACT with me as well. And even at one point while being asked to fix Fernanda Sime’s computer for her at the office they hired me to work at. Then telling the world I think I am the Boss and trying to take over the company which is absurd in itself. Fernanda burst out in anger saying “Don’t worry, you will get your will!” Now putting this togethor with my brother and his wife digging for information from me about my step fathers will is even stranger as I’ve watched my step father Arnold Silber take part with them in destroying every aspect of my life. So, I am confused that if someone is out there trying to make money, have friends and relationships, and the very people sabotaging their lives then starts spewing that I just want their money. Seems kind of strange to me with everything else going on. Because if this is the case. My father, Lorena Escobar would not have contacted over 600 hired programmers world wide of mine. Told them lies, sabotaging my name. with each and every one as I went from one to the next. This is very strange. Most people who don’t like people, let them go live their lives. Not stop them from moving on. Try to get them to move in with them or hire them to work at their company.

But the one thing I can tell you. Is these aren’t just abusive terrirotial dogs that says I don’t like this person and want to be around them. Everything they do is well thought out. Pre meditated, calculated, with hidden agendas. So moving into his house was well thought out of how to rid me of the world beforehand. I made a choice. And not a wrong choice. Maybe in my families eyes of perfection and some kind of warped ideals based on their mathmatical equation that this is how life has to be or something. And I supposedly did wrong. Even though anyone else in the world. No one would care less. These are perfectly normal situations.

Now to realize who my family is. Is not very strange when you are around my father, Lorena Escobar, the people that as you would say “Got there backs” Are not the type of people you want to be around when they start calling you liars and things like this. Some people say “I got your backs” for moral support friends, and some people like my family say things like this is a Mobster type of way. There is no doubt when they are away from me, they are as friendly as can be. Showing motive to kind of create a CHOATIC environment, which around the time of 14, my brother telling me, he and his friends put a teacher in a mental instition, then started working on me. He would always talk about and listen to Roger Waters, Radio Chaos, and then talk about the Chaos effect. from fractal theries, not realizing it was really about so much CHAOS to put me in a mental instition. But of course, these planned out mental illness campaigns are so well thought out, they even thought of ways to make it look like I was abused and then going ballistic on people from being abused! ironically. Now knowing I was and still am severely abused, and always have been since 9 years old. But I had no clue of it until was after 29 and putting the peices togethor.

Example, after saying he made a teacher mentally ill, he had my friends in high school, doing things to frame me in front of the teachers. Can you imagine how thought out and calaculated that is? and no doubt with my parents helping! They are not mad at him for doing it! they are mad at me for knowing his agenda.

Your like your brother Genetic, schitzo Scam  –

Once that trust in my family is broken, You better be prepared for a world wide TERMINATION!

So, while Janet was falling into a paranoid defensive state, and things were going out of control, I can remember my father not wanting to address the reality of the situation that it was not working and him getting very controlling and not letting go. Which was very strange to me that he would go out every monday with his friends talking about what a crazy she was, and then going back to it while it got worse and worse while him telling me things that she grabbed his car steering wheel and trued to throw the car into a tree. But now knowing 90% of what he says are blatant lies to get what he wants.

But the one thing I learned about my father when situations get IMPORTANT, is that he a a complete pathological, manipulating, control freak liar. And will say and do whatever it takes to get what he wants. And there are absolutely no Morals or Ethics. There is also no communication. I cannot count how many times I tried to address issues with him or the rest of my family about what is going on. Catching them in lie after lie. Never telling me what it is about. Trying to make me look crazy. At this point, I would not be surprised if my mother divoreced my father and they just couldn’t deal with their decisions. I have no clue where their anger and rage is coming from? did I out Photography my dad in his mind? nothing is stopping him from buying a camera. I have no clue why he is so mad At me. He once in a while has outbursts of of random vaguities “You know what you did” but he can’t actually tell me what I did, showing he is full of shit! Once you learn how my family operates, it’s about labeling with vague statements. Never anything specific. And trust me, that was well thought out with their psychology degrees to create obsessional looping from childhood.

For example,


You did SOMETHING! what is this about?
You did SOMETHING! what is this about?
You did SOMETHING! what is this about?
You did SOMETHING! what is this about?
You did SOMETHING! what is this about?
You did SOMETHING! what is this about?
You did SOMETHING! what is this about?
You did SOMETHING! what is this about?
You did SOMETHING! what is this about?
You did SOMETHING! what is this about?
You did SOMETHING! what is this about?
You did SOMETHING! what is this about?


YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID, YOU WILL PAY FOR IT! with world wide support!


if that isn’t the end al be all of Hannibal Lecter, I don’t know what is

Is it because of this? is it because of that? are you mad at me for J-walking? are you mad at me for drinking your clearly canadian which you and Alexandra went ballistic over and wanted to know who did it, Did I eat ny fathers New York Steaks out of his freezer when living there?

You get the idea.


While I am the opposite of my family, in my family, You are either a good or bad person, you are either honest or a liar, There is either trust, or no trust. Their is, you date, mary, who we say, or not at all. Their is absolutely no middle ground. And I sure you can comprehend defying what that want in this equation. Such as who you talk to, associate with, what you do for a living.

Hell, Most likely my family wanted me to get into IT so they could have me talk to T.I. (Fake Targeted Individuals) who then say, you do IT, so your targeting me. As one of their terror operations. There are no bounds to their rage and what they are cable of doing, especially with world wide support since 9 years old.

Which they will justify by saying. Well he met a friend in Colorado, and said something about me. So he is coming after me. Or things like this. But of course, the fact that he would know my personal conversations with some random person in colorado, and then try to censor my conversations is beyond any level of demented. Maybe I told my friend about my father puttin a shock collar on his dog Rhoda, hence Jim Johnson my computer imaging teacher coming after me with the “Sleeping dog contest” hinting about in High School when Rhoda our dog jumped up and bit an Indian friend of mine, when sleeping and he stepped over him. So maybe in my fathers eyes. Me Making friends and talking to them about who I am and my life = Your a Rat, and need to be stopped.

Sounds crazy, but this is my family. Who would even care!

But then my father has hired thug psychopaths like Lorena Escobar running around with these murder tactics, saying “I am trying to protect the company”

So, the things looking back that have been done to me, are all the things that were done to Janet, with My family, the people in his office, and other strangers coming in my life following me from place to place world wide. Which is very strange that here I am, trying to live me life and they have built world wide psychological terror operations since I was 9 years old for EXTERMINATION, or to rid me of the world no matter what the means.

My family is telling the world I am schitzo and can’t see myself for some reason with 1000’s and 1000’s of world wide lies in secret working with the police, government, NSA, you name it on me. My father and friends, and mother are trying manipulate me into these situations playing both sides of the fence. And then all of a sudden, the same TEMPLATED accusations which put Janet in jail supposedly talking to her son Mario’s friend to try to kill my father, seems to be the SAME EXACT tacitcs I have witnessed all day and night, for 16 years now, which I found out a shitload more since 9 years old. With Lorena Escobar, in charge of these operations. My fathers office manager.

Kevin Suffers from abandonment issues
He has split personality
He is agoraphobic
Ideas of grandsure
Thinks differently
Thinks he is the Boss, is trying to take over the office
When I get mad, I physically change in anger from rage

I mean what kind of person says these things about someone and invests insane amounts of money telling the world while taking me out to dinners to try to get false confessions.


Even sending Cheerleaders after me in University of Colorado to try to get me mad at them and things like this.  Or my mother trying to get me nad at  Kelly hatch and sending me blow dart guns in hopes I’d blow dart her.

The same tactics Lorena Escobar is paid to do,  that I realized was contacting people in Colorado and having women try to set me up or frame me. Even before moving back to California. CU Cheerleader Setups, Working with  Professors, You name it.

So, while supposedly all sorts of things happened. Supposedly Janet lied and said my father hit her and called the police. While I remember going to bail him out. Magically someone got there right before me to do it. Who even knows if it really happened or some staged event of my father trying to get me to go after her or something. Before 29 years old, I would not even be abke to conceive saying this, but after what I have seen all day and night for 16 years now, and looking back at my life.

With people like Elsie Sandoval, employee of my fathers, and Jen Hess, both were told to make up lies that I had hit them. Elsie being my fathers office employee. And she did this after me talking about Mike Huntley and his World of Warcraft tactics in my office trying to get false confessions that I play games with people lives. And she got defensive and ballistic for me simply speaking out about mike Huntley and his World of Warcraft tactics in my office. Showing that she is involved.  Then working with the police and doing things like having Black people in line at Right Aid and Starbucks, start fights and hit me. Which the police weren’t concerned with anything that happened to me. And even knew of the incident, before me calling them. My father even hired an Black Xray tech named Brandon, to bulldog me. And this was after they hired a black lady years before named Elita to pretend she was paranoid and I did it, which I can’t even count anymore how many women came into my life using this cry wolf tactic.  As well as them telling the black employee Elita to tell everyone I am trying to make her mentally. Which Has been done to me my entire life with women for some strange reason. But they really got mad at me for kissing the black girl at 12 years old at sunny skies day camp which seems to be where my families racial rage comes in to play. And then told the world I hate black people am a racist white supremecist. Which is very strange, unless maybe my family does not like Black people, and just hires them to try to frame me. I could never imagine how mad a family could get from a simple kiss! Can you imagine, the person who accepts everyone in his life is being called a white surpremecist to the world!

Elsie Sandoval having people follow me to public places and stalk me

The Elita Golden State Black employee frame job #cnnireport  #FoxNews –


Some of the identical templated tactics of my family. My father claims that Janet Nordet suffers from split personality disorder. Agorapheabia, when she gets angry he said he saw her physically change. Just like he is telling the world about me.

And COINCIDENTLY, after going to over 30 psychiatrists, and psychologists, who all togethor knew of me, told me they did not know me. Showing their true colors. Suggestively gave me the run around not allowing me to talk about my life from who I am, and what I know. And at the same time were working with mass groups to thug me to death from our private sessions, trying to stop me from talking. From thugging, being followed, people coming up to me with random criminal claims I’d done things to them. You name it. Even a lot of these confidential conversations were going to Lorena Escobar and even publically to try to intimidate me quiet.

But more so, my sessions were being used against me. And not only that, Lorena Escobar was getting them. And giving me hinting messages from our conversations that she knew this or that to try to intimidate me from talking. Or the info they would get would be turned into fiction and given to the world.

Showing that all these people in the Psychology community were involved in something HUGE! and don’t want the truth coming out, keep it covered up, and are protecting the criminals, and murderers targeting me.

Now, why is the psychology community so important? well, the dynamics of the situation are that first off, my mother is an Art Therapist, and analyzes troubled poeple art. And in my case she is neurotic, obsesses on nothing, and turns them into possible future crimes based on thin air. I could give her a flower, and somehow she’d relate the flower pedal to the some kind of car pedal or hit and run or something out of thin air.

Kind of like going to a movie, then saying the writer, producer, director, and actors, are all potential schitzo murderers and they are going to commit crimes. or their movies are threats or confessions of guilt. Without any actual crime or anything else. They are just fabrications made out of hate, using their resources. No rational person would spew off  things like this!

But being that these world wide accusations just keep jumping from one to the next, shows that it’s not really about concern. It’s about, I don’t like Kevin.

When I see the endless art posted on the internet, who knows, 1000 – 10,000 per day, from monsters, gore, angels, fieryies, skulls, whatever. I pretty much say. I like it, or I don’t like it and this is why. I don’t go ballistic psycho analyzing people and saying they are a danger to society. And anyone that tells you that is NORMAL, is full of it!

My father is an Orthopedic Surgeon but he also has a minor in psychology, and my brother who basically told me they were going to put me in a mental institution, and has proven it, since 14. This all seems strange to me, and is clearly because they just don’t like me. I cannot tell you why. I was an extremely kind person. And whatever comes out of their mouthes about me are blatant lies. I will not tell you I am a perfect robot. No, between one argument with my mother, and a few insignificant tiffs with my brother. And no arguments with my father. Nothing out of the norm. As a matter of fact, pretty damn normal and better then most families as far as verbal arguments. I think a lot of children get in tons of arguments with their families, and it’s no big deal. I am more concerned about people like my family who say, arguments and showing emotion are crimes! this is STRANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My brother Is a Urologist, with a minor in Psychology. Kind of like copycat, Hannibal Lector murderers.

They use this knowledge to try to hurt, harm, mame, ride you of the world. Make you look crazy with Gas Lighting Tactics, Gang Stalking tactics. Then tell the world you are crazy if they can collect anything to use against you. With huge amounts of resources.

I cannot tell you why the police, NSA, and gov are supporting them. But they are. Maybe it was how they worded things when I was young and now they can’t get out of what they did to my life. Which is most likely the case.

How will it look when the world knows I am not crazy, have done nothing wrong, and that it was just a HUNT since 9 years old with government support for EXTERMINATION?

So after years of going the therapy to try to get help, even to talk about all the horrific things coming to light from childhood, and present, and watching them take part, even with Karine Echington, working with the police to set me up and things like this. I believe my website states that there are 24 psychiatrist/psychologists, that I went to for help at the time, and refused to be honest, or even let me talk about things. Basically to her, it was, I have to pay with my life, for finding out I am being hunted since 9 years old, working with the police.

And in their retaliation for me knowing, trying to be honest, truthful. one of the things they did was spew these lies to the world by having writers kind of write fragments of what the world is told who I am and then put it in movies to pretty much send me hidden messages as retaliation for being a so called whistle blower. So, the recent movie SPLIT, where my father accuses me and Janet Nordet to have Split personality disorders.  Character is based on the lies they are telling about me.

Image result for split

Now coincidentally, the character is named “Kevin” he has 24 personalities, like my statement on my website, he suffers from schizophrenia, and a lot of his characters are based on my joking around on social networks. Things like this. This tactic done in endless media to try to make me look crazy. Which I can trace to people like Brian Longbotham told to frame me over and over in the entertainment industry. Who knows why. Because even back at 16 years old, they sent Brian weaver after me, and every person I was in contact with basically for 35 years.

BUT WAIT! they also said Janet suffers from Split personality disorder!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean is that my families new trend on those who they don’t like? there seems to be a lot of split personality disorders around them. Maybe when you brake a bone and go to the orthopedic surgeon, because all broken bones are split personalities who come through my fathers office.

But also, the same people who made this movie, coincidentally I was being worked on years prior on IRC by some black girl in Inland Empire who they were trying to send me hidden messages about the 6th Sense and trying to make me look schitzo. Working with my mother. Who was black, full of shit as well, and was told to remove me from society with my family no matter what the cost. The girl was saying weird things to me, like I will give you the end of the movie because you haven’t seen it. Who was waiting for me on IRC to take a turn on me.

Image result for sixth sense

While I don’t want to go too deep in how my family with the psychology community with the entertainment industry and are using media to try to make me look crazy, and try to create mental illness since 9 years old. You can read some other blogs about this.

Using my art to smear my name  –

The P51 Mustang art angle being used against me.  –

Also, at one point, my father was spewing his rhetoric how Janet Nordet, he saw get so mad, that he could see her face Physically change in anger. Now, not only is this interesting in the basis that in the Movie SPLIT, it’s about him being schitzo and physically changing, like me and Janet Nordet.

But at one point, Brian Longbotham who I thought was a friend and Mentor who I met when getting into 3D Animation and the Entertainment industry. Would do things like ask me to work on projects to try to create mental illness, and try to frame me as well.

For example, After having Holly Hollywood come into Yankee Doodles, and I think her or the person she was with belittling me or giving me a weird kinda mean look or laughing. I can’t remember. Instantly after, Brian Longbotham hires me to work on Hollyweird, a wes Craven Pilot. At one point he tells me that Wes Craven wants me to put a short clip in what we were working on. Of OJ in his Bronco, fleeing the scene. Well, little did I know. Brian was tarnishing my name, in the Industry, telling them. That I am fucking with Wes Craven. And while this is just one of these endless 15 years operations by him alone. And the same things being done to me by Brian Weaver, showing that, it just goes from person to person since 9 years old. And is not an isolated incident. Shows that something larger is at hand. I was friend with Brian weaver maybe from 14 – 19 or so in High School.

Needless to say. while in my fathers house, while he is making these claims about Janet Changing in Anger. Brian calls me up asking me if I could do a quick CG character of the Hulk for a possibility of working on show. So I do. And at this point, they all try to make it look like I am schitzo, the Hulk, and crazy. While from this private image, world wide groups for years worked on me about it. Showing what is really going on. From a father using spyware, hacking, NSA resources, Maybe my father says. Janet changes in anger, Brian Longbotham is told to call me up ask me for a favor. I do it, computer is being spy’d on. Father with them say I am schitzo or mocking Janet.

Same types of operations Jen Hess, and Rodie Morales were told to do to me. They both called me up, while NSA is data-mining my computer. Asking me to log into their email accounts and check their emails for them. Of course, all the world is told is I am hacking my friends emails! they leave out the phone calls! Hence, endless FRAME jobs to the world. Kevin is doing this, Kevin is doing that, on their propaganda networks. You think it would stop there right? then my family will give things to the world that, He  even see’s things differently because he loves photography. And maybe photography is unhealthy for him while neighbors say I should have a photobook called “Through the eyes of a lens” I mean these people are BEYOND INSANE!

All these people are working togethor. And keep in mind. In my family, if you are nice enough to buy your father a birthday present, like I bought him a watch. You are hunted world wide for it, saying you did something to him. There is no middle ground. There is no dialog.

So, once again. Janet and I both suffer from Split personality Disorders, and we both change in anger. We both supposedly have abandonment issues. We both suffer from agoraphobia. We are both violant crazy people. Ummm, ya sure.

I did however see a law paper online saying that people were doing dementing things and following Janet around. Seems kind of coincidental. To push her to her limits and try to get a reacation, like is endlessly being done to me since 9 yrs old.

Which ironically, I am being told by mass people I am not allowed to leave my house, while being called “Homie” and even last month THREAT! by a neighbor, I had better not leave me house. You think that is kind of similar?

Which is strange to try to thug someone in their house, then tell the world he is Agoraphobic like Janet, and schitzo. Hence, a campaign to try to make you look crazy, and tell the world you are schitzo. Also, why would anyone remotley care unless they were involved in something larger.

Now the same things were being done to me. I was out living my life, starting a company with Mike Huntley, and all of a sudden I realize something is very wrong. And noticing angry enraged people world wide, with Mike Huntley going ballistic on me. and the people who were my friends showing me, they weren’t my friends. For example, Tim Thompson who supposedly did work for Hot Body International, wanted to do adult websites with me. And when I started projects, he would make excuses why he hadn’t done anything yet. And in the end changed into scorning me saying “we’ll you were building adult web sites, weren’t you” showing me that, while this is not a crime, he seems to have my parents AGENDA, and was probably paid to sort of say, lets get him to do something we don’t like. Not illegal, then punish me if I do it. Alsom Tin was involved in some scams with Alexis Amore and Brian Longbotham. While Mike Huntley changing from a 25 year friend who was originally my brothers friend to a enraged person who had been hutning me my entire life showing his true colors.

All these things coming to light, from childhood, to noticing world wide pissed off people for some reason, and not one person being HONEST about the situation. And 16 years later, I am known world wide, probably 10 times more known the Donald Trump, in a angry extermination type of way. And not one person will admit to the situation, trying to make me look crazy. Which is UNHEARD OF! but we all know it to be done to me to try to turn me into a schitzo. To try to make me think I’ve done something horrible, and I deserve to be torchered and killed. But peoples actions show that, they know they are involved in something beyond illegal. So when someone is hinting you are a bad person involved in the highest crime known to man to make you mentally ill with world wide support in secret. It is clear that they have no argument other then the same thing as Adolf Hitler exterminating the jews. Any honest person is going to tell you what you did. Especially in the context of world wide murder operations.

At this point, you can imagine, them saying things to the world like I just snapped, I went crazy, things like this. All pre meditatively planned out. I mean I had a friend and he briefly got paranoid, and I didn’t launch world wide campaigns saying he is crazy and we need to remove him from society. I will leave out the part that this friend Paul Humphry was also sent after me by my family and brother at 14.


That is a common situation that happens, and people aren’t hunted for it. Just like I was hunted for 6 years alone for simply tapping my foot by Aubrey Fisher! UNHEARD OF! with government NSA resources.

Aubrey Fisher sent After me by Police, Family, Friends, Government to end my life  –

So after moving out of my fathers house, I moved into a place in Woodland Hills, my fathers Real estate agent found me, but little did I know they were using Street Names and things like this to tell the world I am crazy. And doing things to people from it. You need to understand that my family and these people make up a criminal accusation on any insignificant thing possible. You committed a crime because your shirt is green and you think you are in the miltirary. Your car is blue, or it’s an eclipse, more crimes. On my fathers birthday, I gave him a watch. More crimes. Kevin is doing this, Kevin is doing that, with their psychology degrees. But of course with millions to billions of resources invested to the world with NSA support. Sounds kind of strange? You get the idea. No matter how perfect you are, you will be exterminated!

So, for example, his real estate agent found me a place on Juliana PL, which since I am clearly not schitzo, nor could I even conceive of my families extermination operations to remove me from society, that. They were actually correlating, the street to a cute girl in University of Colorado, who worked at the COPY center, and was in one of my classes named Julia.

However I did not make this connection. Because these are all frame jobs, to make the world think I am crazy, am looking, or waiting or things like this for some kind of imaginary ghost girl or something like this. Hence their Sixth Sense tactics.

There have other people been sent after me, like Julia Sophia Reynoso, working on the same types of Angles with them.

So, after this, my family is telling all my neighbors like they have done my entire life. That I am a crazy, schitzo, out of control, monster Nuisence, and things like this. Yet like usual. I am the nicest and friendliest person known to man. But they keep investing insane amounts of money with Government resources to give out every lie known to man to the world for some strange reason which they try to give me disinformation because it’s to help me. Like the Mother with a chainsaw, trying to chop off your limbs, telling you it’s for your own good. And of course, their coverups are. I can’t see myself, and this is so I can somehow see myself, and I need to change. All strategically planned out how to rid me of the world since a young age.

So, at this point, after moving out, my father wants to take me out to dinner every Sunday! But I had not at the time, made the connection between his Paranoid Schizophrenia Tactics. And did not make the connection that the reason he wanted to take me out on Sunday is because if your a schizophrenic, you might get ideas of references about SONday. Get it?

And while he would take me out to dinner every Sunday, while he like HOUSTONS, my guess is about Jen Hess they sent after me to try to set me up. Working with Mike Huntley, Paul Humphrey, Tom Farley, Lorena Escobar, with endless setup attempts, and frame jobs. And trying to manipulate me into situations to tell me to do things and things like this.

With elaborate claims that while Jen Hess was pretending to be Crazy, that I had somehow done this to her as well, which has been done to my my entire life with these tactics and the world told I am abusive and things like this, all strategically planned out from girl to girl since 16 years old. One sequentially after the next. Going back as far as Carissa Brands. at 16, or Cory Bixbie. Just other people I had done absolutly nothing too, like everyone else in life.

Houstons was probably most likely a psychologial terror guilt about Jen Hess, supposedly moving to Texas. To try to INFLICT psychological punishment  for me figuring out what they were doing. Or my mothers worlds “What immobilizes you” after telling me things like “Your past caught up with you”

Showing that, they are just making up endless lies, endlessly trying to set me up or frame me, then hunt me down in punishment for these imaginary crimes Or coverup their crimes againt me. Then telling me I am imagining it and crazy.

Kind of like one of there media tactics as a young child in a movie called Wizards, trying to turn me into Necron 99. Make me look crazy, or make it look like I conform to movies. This has been done with endless media across the last 35 years. And especially Brian Longbotham’s frame jobs to Wes Craven.

Image result for necron 99

A mentally tormented robot assassin. They then called Peace. Things get a lot deeper about this one tactic alone and are in the media blog. Which stem from my brother trying to coverup his childhood physical and mental abuse to me.

For example, at a young age, my father bought a boat, called it “The Flicka” and then my brother would follow me around endlessly flicking me in the ear from behind, and getting togethor with his and my friends showing me movies, and Horror movies trying to send me hidden messages to create schizophrenia, I had no clue was even going on. But what is weirder is all these things being done to me, my father knows about, and is not mad at them. He is only mad at me for finding out. And whistling at me that I am a whistle blower, especially when saying to me. “Lets watch a movie”. Like I’ve watch endless people whistle at me when I start telling people what is going on.

Trying to actually make me think they are trying to exterminate me for me


So while in a state of, This is happening, I cannot work with people, no one will be honest, I cannot have a normal life after this being done to me. My father and Lorena Escobar sweep in.

So during these dinners, They were usually, him telling me stories about the weekly things Janet was doing to him. Now knowing he is a pre-meditated pathological liar with ulterior motives and hidden agendas. Which lie after lie come out of his mouth come out about me. And pinning all the things Jason did to me or did on me. For example, My brother Jason and Richard Grunburg accidentally lit our back hill on fire when I was young throwing sparklers in the brush. So my family has been blasting to the world that I am angry in rage, and lighting hills and houses on fire. At one point my father asked me with Lorena at one of his business lunches about me doing that. Of course, I said it was Jason. I sure he did not like the truth.

But because this isn’t just one of these frame jobs, and lies to the world with unlimited resources. It is fair to say, the whole situation was probably strategically done for the sole purpose to pin on me, like the other ones I have watched them do over and over.

So while going out to these dinners I can recall bringing Paul Humphrey along, which was sent after me at a young age, because Joe Humphrey his older brother was in my brothers grade, and Paul flocked to me, with me not realizing I was being targeted.

Some of their digging involved, trying to get confessions like “How do I get my money” which is strange because I’ve never really made any money. To realize that them sending people like Val Morzav into my life in University of Colorado trying to manipulate me into selling other peoples copyrighted content did not work. And they needed to cover this up.

But mostly his conversations were about trying to figure out ways to get me angry at Janet in hopes he could get me to go after her. Which clearly did not work with any of his endless tactics to get me to CHASE people. Even when having my brother go out on his RUNS, getting cars to CHASE him. Then pinning it on me with the police in secret to the world. Or Tom Farley told to go on his Grunion RUNS, egg mob Eric Johnson and pin them on me. I cannot tell you how many women I’ve watched over the years try to send me suggestive messages to try to get me to show up places. And after my family and brother telling the world I am like David Berkwitz. Can you imagine a family like this?

Now these operations go a lot deeper, Like Paul Humphry moving to locations of IRC people I chatted with, asking me to come over, trying to frame me to make it look like I am going after people and things like this.

But as far as Janet, it is clear that my father was trying to get reactions. And not only this, he was trying to collect conversation information to use against me to give to the world to create a chaotic environment to rile the masses known as Criminal Defamation to basically end my existence. And then tell me I am crazy and imagining it.

Hence Lorena Escobars words to me “You are too sensitive” While being paid to follow me from place to place my entire life with this terror operation to remove me from society.

Of course when you have a world wide operation like this going on your entire life, and your father is giving you lame bullshit “People are afraid of you” and you keep asking what is going on. Then he tries to Belittle you, saying “You think differently”You think the world is against you”

And crazy things like this, after watching him go ballistic on you when he looses control each time.

It is blatantly obvious he is involved and has something to hide. Hence why they don’t want me talking and want to say I am crazy.

So after this My father decides with Lorena Escobar to hire me at his office. Me knowing that something is really wrong, I am attacked all day and night world wide, with a family and friends trying to make me look crazy saying I am imagining it and snapped. Also keep in mind, that he is telling the world I am a crazy person who has done horrible things to people behind my back, and then approaches me yet again to get me even CLOSER. to REEL me in. And has Lorena Approach me and asks me if I want an IT job at his compnay.

And while I was there for 14 years or so, And think I did a pretty damn good job not only for someone who isn’t allowed to have friends, learn with others, take part in social activities. or share business knowledge to improve my skills while I have been kept isolated in this terror operation to stop me from telling anyone about what is being done to me and my life.

I think I did a pretty damn good job with virtual environments, and learning Linux, and Windows Business environments. While there is a lot better out there. I am one man, on my own, with no support. And normally, people work togethor as a team segmenting specialized areas to what is needed to be done. But if the Golden State Infrastructure was ever questioned. I can assure you. On my own, while Lorena Paying people to sabotage and destroy it, was still always functional with a one man team. As I watched the entire office for 14 years, not only hacking up the network, but working on me all day and night with psychological terror and murder operations to try to get me to go after people. And in some 2bit cheeseball psychotic, wanna be medical office. By a low life psychotic father who tries to make his son look like a Narcissist while putting him in a mental institution my entire life.

So, the entire time at this office, While me trying to just make enough to eat, figure out a way to continue my life after finding out what was going on. But kind of jumbled in my head. Once again after Lorena Escobar hired me.

The world was told “Kevin thinks he is the BOSS, he is trying to take over the company”

Also telling the office girls in front of Dion, my fathers old Limo Driver, “Kevin is Crazy and to do all these things to me”

Of course, my fathers labeling response, “Dion is a Criminal” intentionally ignoring the obvious. that what he sits around and is watching has merit with my surveillance video of it being done to me. Showing he is playing stupid and likes doing harmful things to people.

So, if you can’t see the pattern of behavior, or moreso TACTICS, once again, it is them coming to me, them hiring me, and them telling the world, I am somehow trying to take over their operations.

Even to the point my Father and Lorena Escobar had his friend Debbie Groveman, call me up, hire me to repair her sons computer, then tell me I should get rid of Lorena Escobar. And like usual. I told Debbie, I could not care less about some two bit doctors office, Which I have no future, I am not even a doctor, and my focus is my own things, Social Web Systems and things like this. But do you think that aspect of who I am was given to the world? Of course not!

So while being at this office for 14 years or so, you can only imagine the world wide all day and night 24/7 mental battering to end my life which scaled up to literally 100,000 mental illness attacks per day, world wide. For something like the last 16 years alone. Which no one thinks is wrong.

Endless frame jobs, setup attempts you name it.

Golden State Sports Medical Discrimination and Stalking to keep me quiet about what I know –


And of course, not being able to walk away from it. Because they have world wide resources. But I need money, and I need to eat.

So at this point, I start my own projects with the thought in mind that, if I can make money, I can walk away, and not look back!

WRONG! I can tell you that in some of my larger web projects that involve having a team of maybe 4 – 10 programmers that might take a year or so to build. That while hiring over 600 programmers world wide. And that does not take into account the ones interviewed for the job.

I was attacked by each and every one, with this mental illness campaign. And all of them given endless lies about me.

So, India, Japan, China, Germany, Russia, Philodendrons, Germany, Sweden, Canada, You get the idea off of


All were told to make sure I could not get any work done. Not only this. As someone was told to abuse me, and I’d fire them. The next random person was told continue the prior persons terror tactics, and it went from every programmer world wide showing their is a murder system built around me since 9 years old. To accomplish removing me from society.

This also has been done with lawyers, police, you name it, to stop me from talking, defending myself, or the truth coming out.

But, you get the idea, when Lorena Escobar is telling the world that I am obsessed, trying to take over their company, and I am trying to get away, and they are contacting everyone world wide to stop me from walking away.

And their aggressive behaviors really got bad, once I moved away after High School to Oregon, and they had Kelly Hatch with the Police follow me their hunting me down. Showing that their ACTIONS and not consistent with their world wide secret propaganda channel of lies to the world.

Leaving no room, for truth, honestly, the discussion of the situation, or defense. Just, EXTERMINATION! since 9 years old.

So, you can imagine the mass setup and smear operation against me, but what is really weird, is that all the things Lorena is being told to do to me, are consistent and Identical to what was done to Janet Nordet.

I am out living my life. I have frenamies, which I think are my friends, I have a family which I love, and think are great people. I am being social, for a fairly introverted quiet person. But not the life of the party.

Never really been a recluse or anything.  And yet all of a sudden, I open my eyes and their are world wide extermination operations, and realizing people keep coming after me for some reason with ulterior motives, and intent to make me look crazy, and remove me from society. ONE SEQUENTIALLY AFTER THE NEXT!

For for the 16 years after finding out, watching and documenting these activities which are UNDENIABLE from the pictures and videos. Not even touching the surface of these illegal operations.

So, this gets to my point about Janet Nordet.

She is labeled with the same lies as I am and given out. They try to make it look like she is angry crazy person. Who i have no doubt got paranoid when my father had Lorena have people following her around with endless Gas Lighting Tactics. Like Lorena is involved with me. Working with the entire office, and lots of resources available to them. Which the entire office is all family, and friends of a family.

And in my situation Leonor Calderon, my father did the same exact thing  to me after he finally fired me, because I refused to continue going out to dinner with him. Because he kept lieing to my face I was imagining what he was telling the Restaurant Employees to do to me. While they kept inviting me out to business lunches and launched mass terror operations every single time. And if I said anything in regards would try to make me look crazy.

And after I told him. If he would not admit to what we all know, then he is not on my side, and I don’t want to be around him, while he invites me out, then tells the Restaurant employees to LITERALLY mentally batter me to death so he can put me in jail while trying to get a reaction. I don’t want to be around it, or that type of person.

So he fired me on the grounds of not going out to dinner. Saying that it’s because of my website

Which he has known about for 5 years prior. But at one point his scam was saying Take something down. And my response was. For you, I will take this down for now. But I can guarantee you, once it’s down, they will attack me more.

And within 30 minutes of it being down. They amped up their attacks showing that this isn’t about me causing problems or being a Nuisance. it is about SELF DEFENSE!

And they have given me no CHOICE! but to speak out for my life! My sanity, My physical and mental health!

So, after being fired, once again, they tried to set me up, frame me with  Leonor Calderon, and my father, with attempts to try to get me to come down to the office looking like I am in an angry rage, and barging in. With who knows what motive!

While my father actually tried to trick me into meeting Leonor in some strange place while having the world keep tabs on me. To make it look like something shady is going on. LIKE USUAL

(Show text)

Now, All of the Trolling, Baiting, Passive aggressive operations, against me, are about a mass setup starting at 9 years old to get a angry reaction, to make me look crazy, working with the police to get a reaction to arrest me, put me in jail, or some kind of cell.

And IRONICALLY, Janet Nordet, at one point, must have gotten on my father bad side. And probably before that call to me to move in to his house, was made. And even before the Marriage. In a mass frame job operation.

To like usual. Tell the world in secret. That I don’t like Janet, I quit college, Forced myself into his house, just like he has Lorena Telling the world. I am trying to take over his office.

With comments from Leonor Calderon, “You are the doctors son, You are the Boss”

Now, I can recall things being told to me, that Janet flipped out in Anger, and kept showing up at my fathers office in angry rages saying this and that, and she was crazy. While the office girls were all calling the police filing police reports.

And I watched that office first hand for 14 years working on me all day and night calling the police making up every lie known to man about me. As well as it being spewed out world wide.

And I can tell you that my father, and anyone associated with him. ARE NOT CREDIBLE HONEST PEOPLE! They do not care about right or wrong. Especially in things that really matter like Human life over money. I’m not talking about stealing a 1 cent jolly Rancher at the age 10.


And an operation to off Janet Nordet, and pin it on me. Just like the endless other operations of pinning endless things on me and giving it to the world.

In the end, I can recall seeing some court documents that People would not leave Janet Alone. I cannot tell you if these conversations that my father claims her sons friend charged him 20K to take place, or maybe my father paid him for the lies.

But eventually Janet went to Jail for attempted murder.

And I can tell you, the SAME EXACT THINGS, are and have been done to me for the last 35 years in order to try to get this REACTION!

As far back as my brothers endless bullying at a young age, and never stopping while he and the police kept introducing me to his friends, and them trying to set me up or frame me over and over. And the more I move on, the more I am hunted. Of course not knowing back then.

Now that being said. My family, with the police and government, last month actually got me in a situation of a threat in defense from their endless threats, attacks harassments. But he then played victim calling the police who are clearly aware of EVERYTHING that is going on.

And on countless occasions, refuse to investigate, refuse to look at my deniable proof, All the times I called them to document or make police reports of the obvious mental illness tactics started ball busting me to try to scare me quiet. With several police threats and things like this to try to stop me from talking.

Not only this. The same exact things that were done to me, when hiring programmers to walk away, are now being done to me, with the Police LAPD, Family, working with all the Criminal Defense Lawyers. While this is a simple threat. You can understand what is going on to try to put me in a position of self defense to set me up to rid me of the world.

So, While hints to me this week that Lorena Escobar could be related to Pablo Escobar. Ya right, I doubt it. But the fact that maybe they want me saying that to try to make me look schtizo and crazy. There is no doubt in my mind. While the Lawyers are mimicing things from my father to me.

So, while if you want to talk about Janet Moving into my fathers house, getting sick, then flipping out. And then it pinned on me. Lets talk about some other people sent after me.

Jen Hess, Julia Sophia Reynoso, Elita, Black girl in my fathers office, Val in my fathers office, Fernanda Sime in my fathers office, oh, and one 16 year old my family sent after me trying to set me up Lin Junkin, back in 1995.


Claim, I am hacking their computers, and trying to make them mentally ill and kill them. Ummmm, ok, ya sure. Not only back then was I just a computer Artist. Still now, I would not know how to hack anyone.

Despite the Kelly Hatch sent after me and using movies with Lin Junkin with schitzo messages about me and telling the world I am a hacker. While Lin, tried to send me hidden messages with this movie.

Image result for hackers 1995

using my families media, mental illness tactics.

My point is. That my family. The people my father has around him. Especially when he was friends with  David Greenstein, a Lawyer who set people up and sued people for a living doing all his legal paperwork. Is pretty damn strange. that this person is saying I’ve done something wrong. Especially at 9 years old.

Then telling the world crazy things like this, using his psychology degree.

Your like your brother Genetic, schitzo Scam –

So, to sum it up. When my family gets mad at you. It’s a life time hunt to make you look crazy, defame you. Destroy your credibility, Isolate you. Turn the world against you trying to make you look crazy and schitzo with their psychology degrees. And then figure out ways to put you in a cage.

Like my families English sheep dog Maggie they put in a cage most of it’s life and could not understand why she was so happy when got out. Saying that dog has problems.

Or the shock collars my father put on Rhoada his dog to control it. While not the most painful shocks, I still cannot comprehend someone who does this to an animal instead of giving it love, affection, and communicating with it.

Probably why he sent Rodie Morales after me with the Police.

Now, when I think back to what triggered my family at 9 years old or around then would be that situation where I was sitting at the Dinner Table and Liver grossed me out. And my father said. Eat your living, and I said I didn’t want too. At this point he says to me. If you don’t eat your liver, you cannot leave the dinner table.

And I can recall not eating it and sitting there for a long time. While I cannot remember how long this standoff took. I did not eat the liver. Now, in most families, or sane people. You would just laugh, and say whatever. But this is the type of thing in my family that gets you hunted and killed the rest of your life for defying them. And while most cannot comprehend his level of INSANITY, it does exist however rare it is.

And while there is no actual reason why this is happening to me, and being done since that young. You have to understand that someone with common sense cannot comprehend where a PSYCHOTIC is usually coming from. Because they are not operating on all cylinders.


In my family, you could eat your fathers steaks out of his freezer, and that can be your demise, saying you stole from him. So who knows.

Now we all know I love slutty women, strippers, Porn Stars, or whatever. And used to build adult websites, and Got into Studio Photography which My father disprove of and sent Lorena Escobar to exterminate me for getting into.

But I can assure you. Everything I’m doing is LEGAL! Porn is LEGAL, Strip Clubs are LEGAL, Adult websites are LEGAL, Photoshoots for Art, for money with Models are LEGAL!

Every aspect of what my family is doing on every level is ILLEGAL!

The difference between me and my family is I am a good person who explorers and like different things. Some could be weird, some could be strange, some could be Risque. But it is all LEGAL, and while some PERFECT SQUARES might not be able to accept it. It is LEGAL!

My family on the other hand, PREACH about right and wrong. Pretending that they can go out and commit every crime known to man. For the Greater Good, or something like this they pull out of their ASSES.

If anyone ever wanted to ask me what I stood for. It would be for people to go out and be themselves provided it did not hurt anyone or break laws. I don’t care if you want to do porn. I don’t car if you want to be a nun. I don’t care if you are black, white, Asian, German, Japanese, gays, tranvestites. I believe in the melting pot, everyone working and growing togethor. Making money, and everyone making money.

I may not dedicate my life to you, but it does not mean I have anything against you. I may not relate, or feel comfortable around you, but it does not mean I have anything against you.

I am not, and never have been like my family, and that is why they want me in the ground.

Everyone thriving. The same person I have always been, and told I have to change and be a murderer like my family. It will never happen.

And those putting on fake ACTS for them. I’d really like that explanation instead of telling me it’s somehow my fault.

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