Metro Complex Security Guard trying to Mace me on Public Property

Posted: February 12, 2017 in Community Mobbing
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Also related to Lorena Escobar in our office and following me from place to place, college to college trying to get me to move until I am homeless as well as what she is involved in at our office

Lorena Escobar, Gwen Suazo, Patti googin, Shanna Briantseva, Elsie Sandoval, Fernanda Sime Stalking Tactics –

The Metro security guards who think they are the police upholding the law for crimes of taking walks in public

Today at around 2/11/2017 7:20 pm while talking a walk, the security guards, once again were waiting for me to take a walk to try to harass me, set me up, and try to dictate my life. They had one car parked on the sidewalk with a security guard in it watching me. Who notified the other guards when to come out of the gate by me when I was walking around the culdasac.


Obviously, this is part of a larger campaign with security guards hunting me since 9 years old with my brother and friends working with security guards to try to figure out ways to make up whatever lies to make it look like I somehow did something to security guards. As he and his friends actually did. But we all know that, that was all a scam to try to manipulate me, or pure pressure me into things he could not get me to do.

These security guards, along with all the other ones world wide know their is nothing I’ve done, which is why it is so important to cover up their crimes against me and destroying me life, and ruining me name with their Criminal defamation, and world wide slander to destroy my life and rile the world against me.

Because they don’t want the truth coming out. And need to try to set me up so they can say to the world. See, told you so. We were right. While calling me BRO, trying to insinuate I am like my brother for doing nothing to them, or trying to bait me into a situation to set me up and frame me. They have also tried the genetics scam. Well, if your brother is doing these things, it means you do to. As if any rational person would believe that bullshit these people are trying to shovel.

With their, if one foot touches the community drive

way where people walk to go visit people. they will start harassing and provoking and threatening me. While at the same time, having cars parked backwards or crooked to try to get me on this community/ sort of private property. So not only will they follow me out every single day of my life. But if a foot goes an inch on this property they will start threatening me and provoking me. This has gone on for 16 years now. We are not talking about one person, in a bad mood, and parking a car weird at me. We are talking about all day and night, with world wide support. And upwards of 100,000 of these types of terror tactics a day. In this culdasac, it is every single day for 16 years. From cars in 2’s, backwards, using names of cars. Example, lets say I go out and drive around. Maybe when I get back there are 2 white explorers parked backwards. Or maybe if I go to the beach and take my camera gear and do some beach sunset pictures or something, there might be toyota camery’s with mental illness tactics. WHY? to try to set me up.

dsc03791 dsc03794

You can see how cars are either parked backwards, in 2’s or . This is after tonight, as this person seems to be moving his car. But tomorrow, it will probably start all over again, or go forever. Since this is now all day and night for 35 years world wide, and never stops.






dsc03873 dsc03885 dsc03887

dsc03892 dsc03913

dsc03916 dsc03930


The girl who has been following me from place to place trying to tell me what I can and can’t do’s car. Working with the secerity guards trying to set me up. At one point, the guy she was with another time followed me to a Starbucks in Encino. As well as with an ADT security company, trying to intimidate me. Of course not only are they coming out of their complex to harass me. Then following me to public places as if this is somehow their job to follow people around from place to place telling them what they can and can’t do. Such as how to sit, who to talk to. Where you can go.

dsc03828 dsc03829

They wait for me, over and over, following me every day, and having people park cars in such a way every day of my life to try to figure out how to set me up for some kind of breaking and entering scam which they have been working on me for childhood to set me up.

Because why would the security world wide care that some random guy just stepped out to take a walk, and this has gone on every day, with these corrupt security companies for 25 years trying to set me up with my brother.

Here is some pictures of a security guard who was in communication with one of the people from their complex, and when I said, “What’s up” to the person walking. A couple minutes later, the security guard came out when I got to the end of the street to intimidate me and of course mimiced the conversation “What’s up” in an attempt to provoke me into a situation. this also shows how they go out, for no reason other then when I come around to try to provoke me into situations to set me up. Because it happens over and over. Not a random event.

Obviously using the people who live in their complex to help stalk me, making up any lame excuse that does not make sense to accomplish their AGENDA. Of obviously trying to remove me from society, working with my brother since childhood.

dsc03830 dsc03831 dsc03832 dsc03833

And what kind of person sits and watches if a foot goes an inch on a public driveway, and then follows you all around the world saying that you can’t be trusted and they are going to make you mentally ill and kill you to begin with? Well, Psychotic Murderers do.

So these security guards are a Nuasance to people like me trying to go out, take walks on public property, and trying to POLICE the side walks. As if profiling people. You didn’t shave, We don’t trust you, you can’t be out in public, or on the public sidewalks, because they think it might be a potential person breaking into their complex. In woodland hills no less. Where this type of thing is non existent.

But the public streets, and sidewalks are for people like me, to be out in public. And that is all their is too it. To be honest, they probably should not be allowed out on the streets while doing their jobs. They should be inside their property being security. and actually waiting for a crime, instead of being the criminals they are, trying to start shit, then turn it around on good people like me, just trying to live my life they destroyed with these mass groups.

This driveway thing all seems to start about 16 years ago, for walking out of my place and simply taking a walk, and when walking around this other culdasac on the other side of my place, a security guard comes up to me on public property harassing and trying to thug me. “Your not allowed on this property” as he watches and tries to intimidate me and things like this.

dsc03803 dsc03788

So, they are simply trying to intimidate me from going out, talking walks and doing things. It’s not like I am standing at a door in the complex with a battering ram, breaking down a door. Which then would be breaking and entering. I am simply on a public street walking. They could do this anywhere in the world on any driveway. And I am sure they have tried or said things to people no matter where I go in the world. Showing that. This is more about elaborate cry wolf lies. Or just blatent lies like. Lint fell off your shirt. You are a litterer, and need to be hunted, tortured and killed. Things that no rational person would do, or support. Which shows what is really going on here. That the whole operation is a coverup to remove me from society.

And of course, then they will start making up elaborate excuses to justify their actions that don’t make any sense. Little hidden messages by parking mass white jeep cherokee’s that Kelly Hatch, who followed me to Southern Oregon State hunting me drove. Who when I asked to barrow something said the door was open and to go in her room to get it.

And of course, not only is it ODD that the world LITERALLY is being told that I broke into Kelly Hatches room. But then they will try to spin it that I am reckless for going into someones room like that when told to. As if this isn’t a normal situation. As if everything I do in life, I have to be terrified. I have to cross every T and every I. We all know, I did nothing wrong, now, or then. And someone saying, oh, go in my room.  is no big deal, and obviosly does not justify world wide murder operations. But not only that, parking the cars to send hidden guilt messages create mental illness is a whole other level of murder tactics. Which only could have been thought up and executed by people with psychology degrees, and mass government resources

These security guards not only come out of their complex following me around trying to intimidate me. They also follow me, also working with these groups of people to public places. If I drive to a coffee shop, I will be followed. Sometimes even by the security people. And not one. All working togethor. Saying, it’s your fault, you might step on a driveway, so we are following you from place to place trying to intimidate you to PREVENT the crime of stepping on a driveway. Ya, ok. Doesn’t really add up now does it?

And also, look at the size of this complex which surrounds mine. They can go through the entire place in their Nazi Golf carts. Why do they keep coming out and going down the side walks on public property and going in and out the gates? Their job is to protect the people on the inside. Not hunt down and kill those they don’t trust, or didn’t shave one day.

dsc03793 dsc03795 dsc03807 dsc03799-pano

I never really thought about nor did I care about it until tonight. About them coming outside the place and trying to police me in public with their pre-crime bullshit. Just noticed they have been hunting me my entire life trying to set me up working with my brother and his friends.

While the one Mexican person with a thin beard who thinks he can scare me quiet keeps calling me bitch. In his ANGER that the world is starting to know what is really going on with these people, especially these security companies HUNTING me since 9 years old who will make up any lame excuse to justify their actions. And while we all know I joke around online a lot, and jokingly say BITCH a lot because, after finding out that some of these reasons I am being hunted by world wide groups is because who knows. Probably at the age 20 years old, I called some girl a bitch. And the cruxt of their argument is, you need to be hunted and killed for your out of control reckless behavior of calling someone a bitch. As if you could take some kind of statistics on the amount of times bitch is said per day. It would probably be like a billion times per day. Showing that these people will make up any lame excuse to justify their world wide 35 year murder campaign. So after being told, I am an out of control monster for the horrific crimes like this. I jokingly say BITCH a lot online. Which annoys the Nazi types. But it’s not because I am a troll. It is obviously because this people are trying to do things like take away my FIRST AMENDMENT! Freedom of speech! Because this doesn’t happen to other people in the world. And if someone says. You called me a bitch, I don’t like you. They just don’t talk to each other and move on.

Tonight he realized that he could not SCARE me quiet about what they have done to my life. And finally broke as he actually tried to Mace me. Unfortunately, I do not have his picture, as it would be here. For illegal activities, and trying to set people up because they cannot live in the same world as people they do not like. And will get security jobs to try to leverage themselves into HUNTING down the people they hate. For all I know, he is just some guy in a security uniform. He might not even be on the payroll, since he is focusing his time outside the place he was hired to work in.

I was not in any private property but on the sidewalk on the streets when his endless threats, I had better go, I had better leave. He asked me if I knew his name, I looked at his badge, he started threatening me, I had better leave, and get away from him and things like this. He got really DEFENSIVE once I started reading his badge. Of course, I, just as everyone else is allowed in the public. And him trying to mace me, especially on a public street after following me from place to place.  would just land him in jail for attacking someone because he thinks he’s special, and has a fancy uniform. And what he is doing has nothing to do with security of a complex.

And the only time he and they get really mad, is when I start letting people know what is being done to me. And the only time I let people know what is being done to me, is when I go out, and see people doing these endless things to me to try to set me up. But that is not what they are going to tell the world with their endless resources in SECRET where anything known to man can just be given to the world in a drop of a hat, without anyone world wide being held Accountable for lies, smears, slander, defamation, and murder tactics.

Their is also a girl at this complex, along with tons of other people, but this one young spoiled brat, princess girl who also just wants to control a man, working with these security guards, using her pickup to park backwards and crooked, along with her friends using their pickups with her.

She and her friends have threatened me several times because she does not want me living my life, or speaking about what has been done to it. The other day, sat around waiting for me to take a walk, started to tell me what I can and cannot do. Trying to thug, intimidate me, and set me up. And of course, when she didn’t get her way,  starting this over and over.

The other day, I was walking. She came out waiting for me while they have their neighborhood watch groups trying to set me up. Of course I say nothing to her to make sure I am the one in the right. And she starts in on me telling me what I can and can’t do. When she not only was using her car and her friends cars to try to set me up. She started following me, and taking pictures. So I basically laid into her that she was full of shit and we all know what she is doing. But this type of person there is no dialog, and there, was not. Just a piece of trash yelling out you like Adolf Hitler. And once you showed her that she needed to get a life, and maybe anger management classes. And control issues.

She tried to call the police, crying like a little baby. What were some of her words to the police? “He was rude to me”

YES! I am rude to low life trash who targets me, tries to set me up, then tries to tell me what I can and can’t do. Especially when I try to tell her the problem. And she lies to my face, trying to leverage me into the position she wants me to be in. Instead of just living her own life, and not destroying mine, because who knows, she didn’t have the Brian’s to graduate from high school.

YES! that kind of trash does not deserve my respect, even though I am always the one giving it first, until you show me who you are. if I don’t like you, I will walk away. But if people like this start HUNTING me, because I am better then that, and they are low life moreless trash who want me dead and gone. Will, sure I will be rude!

But the fact that this low life trash princess girl tried calling the cops, especially after these mass groups to set me up. And all I really did wrong was pass out cards telling people, because they will not stop or leave me alone. now going on all day and night for 35 years with world wide support.

But whats even stranger about this SECURITY COMPANY at the METRO complex is the fact that they don’t wait inside the Metro complex waiting for something to happen and do their job. They go outside the complex going after people like me in the public out living my life. So each time they come after me. It’s not like I am breaking into their complex. Kind of like the Lorena Escobar tactics

“I am protecting the company” so she contacts every person world wide and sabotages my life. From every girl I’ve tried to talk to. Every programmer world wide to make money, Every hobby, you name it. Ya, ok, to protect the company.

Because me asking out a girl with tattoes, going on a date, and having sex. Or maybe walking into a pool hall, is somehow going to destroy their little two bit company. That’s it.

I am out in public, living my life. And they come out saying, we are watching you, and you better not come in here. Showing that, they are not concerned with anything wrong happening. They are going after people like me out living their lives on public property and trying to get them to go into their properties. Their very act of following someone around trying to rid them of the world, then say, “We are watching you” you better be a good person. Is honestly, pretty much an act of war.

Like Adolf Hitler saying jews are bad people and need to be put in concentration camps. The normal response is. What did the jews do to you? But of course, then people like these Security Guards, the people helping them, or Adolf Hitler’s response will be. Oh, they slapped a Nazi guard for putting them in a concentration camp and killing everyone they know. So they are bad people.

But from the question of security? these people shouldn’t be policing the public streets. And using the EXCUSE, you might come in here as an excuse. He isn’t even on the property he’s suppose to be on, while they all keep driving around the public sidewalks in the golf carts trying to feel important by going after good people trying to live their lives. And any person like this, is going to say, whatever they need to, to try to get away with what they are, and have been doing to me my entire life.

They will probably try to make up some lame excuse to justify their actions, that I some how think I am a cop, by leaving my house and going places, taking walks, or living my life. But even if that was the case, it still would not justify their crimes of hunting me and destroying my name and life.

But the reality of the situation is that, this isn’t about princess brats, it’s about keeping me QUIET about what I know! And they will try to INTIMIDATE me to silence me.

And so of course, an hour later what happens? like usual, now when I go back outside, now the neighbors all have started pulling tons of cars out in front of my place. Parking in patterns of 2’s, without plates, tons of Mazda’s togethor. Cars using names to send hidden messages. The things that are in my endless other blogs







4 grey Lexus’s in a row

dsc03808 dsc03809




dsc03838 dsc03839


dsc03945 dsc03946 dsc03947 dsc03936



2 focus, 2 elantra pairs alternating. one is a genesis, but same car as the Elantra

Also, pulling out groups of cars without plates. Especially Keyes plates on my street directed at me. As well as today, 2 cars parked and left their hazards on. One parked crooked like the others



and two people pulled parked in normal spots leaving their blinkers on. One parked crooked intentionally



So why are they now bck to this one and ramping this up again? it’s simple. They thought they could thug me quiet with this low life trash inbred security guard with the inability to learn, get an education and do things with his life. So now they are mad they could not thug me quiet like they’ve been trying all day and night to intimidate me quiet since 9 years old. Since I stopped my brother from BULLYING me.

And instead of these people saying. It is not right to hunt someone down all day and night since 9 years old and let him live his life. They will do whatever it takes to try to IMMOBILIZE me, and try to torture me, and remove me from society, with lame excuses to coverup their never ending world wide ACTIONS.

Plus, the amount if information that I know that they don’t want coming out is a whole other factor.

Ask yourself why, in 1995, university of colorado, I took a photography class, and they went ballistic because I had a camera on me. Cameras are pretty harmless, what is the threat of someone being stalked by mass groups by simply having a camera? 🙂

And since then, mass groups of been parking toyota camry’s in front of my houses over and over to create mental illness.

The security guard who is targeting me, with others there works at the

Metro Complex

5500 Owensmouth Avenue
Woodland Hills, California 9136

For more information on this world

Updated: 3/7/2017

While going out to take a walk today, once again, them knowing I walked out of my place and went to go for a walk.

2 people came out walking dogs, in their patterns of 2’s

While getting to the end of owensmouth, their was a security guard waiting trying to intimidate me where the other ones keep trying to figure out ways to passive aggressively set me up

When getting to the end of the street, one of the people walking the dog starts yelling at me. Your the guy passing out the cards. As if he and the world does not know this and what is being done to my life.

He then starts taking my picture saying that he has my picture now, of my face. Of course I let him know, we all know I am known world wide. Showing he is trying to control and intimidate me quiet.

Of course he then starts calling me a RAT. As if any rational person would not say as to what is being done to them. Especially when world wide murder operations are being conducted by the masses and you are told you are imagining it. As if people just say, ya sure, I will accept being tortured and killed by an angry mob who can’t tell you what this is really even about starting at the age 9.

Which probably has something to do with me telling on my brother for bullying him, to my parents, or something unfathomable like this.

He proceeds to say, I am a wack job, a RAT, my parents must be proud, things like this. But of course, as we all know. Turning 29 and finding out you have world wide secret murder operations to try to thug, terrorize, intimate you quiet, or tell you that you can’t date women, have friends, have relationships, have hobbies, even take walks, with them having world wide internet based terror operations to rid me of the world is somehow ok?

If someone is not on the side of someone being victimized, hunted with a 35 years terror operation, then why would you want them around you anyways. And if they are on the side of something like this, then they are thug mobster personality type criminals anyways.

To try to brainwash me that I am a RAT, because I found out about a world wide murder/terror operation since 9 years old to rid me of the world shows that type of persons true colors.

The point is. If I go out and take a walk, and they don’t like me, they should not be following me from place to place trying to rid me of the world like they have been since 9 years old. People generally don’t say, I don’t like that person, we will all get togethor and follow him from place to place terrorizing him his entire life. They generally say, I don’t like him, I will go live my own life.

And that applies to my entire life, from my brother and his friends hunting me since 9 years old because I told on him at 9 years old or whatever. Which is completely insignificant anyways and probably happens in every family.

And of course then pulling out more vehicles.

These people are not working alone though, they are heavily involved with Lorena Escobar who seems to be coordinating most of this, with the people I grew up with like Mike Huntley, Paul Humphry, Jason Perelman, Tom Farley. You can read about just the office tactics to try to make me homeless and starve in the streets, or figure out ways to remove me from soceity.

Updated, 3/30/2017

When going out to take a walk tonight, more groups got togethor working on me with the security guards. as I walked out of my gate, their were 3 cars in a row without plates. This type of thing is done over and over, and I am followed from place to place as they do it, but here it is tonight as I walked out.

Immediately, a different security guard comes out working with the neighbor in the complex above these cars trying to intimidate me. He starts yelling out his balcony referring to me as a dog, trying to intimidate and insinuate I do what he tells me. As the security guard, who tried to mace me kept calling me bitch. Showing that they are working togethor. He doesn’t do much put say things loud on a phone, probably trying to scare me somehow as he targets me.

As I walked around the complex taking my normal walks, which they seem to have a problem with me getting exercise, and being healthy which as actually started around 14 years old when I started lifting weights, and going running or jogging and my family had a problem with this for some strange reason. Meant for another blog about growing up and how this escalated from a paranoid psychotic family.As I got to the other side where they have a problem being at another location as well, security once again is waiting for me trying to intimidate me. You don’t put a foot on this property type of thing or we follow you around threatening and attacking you with mass groups.

You can see their is another person waiting in a car trying to bait me into a situation with their passive aggressive setup tactics as well. Just sitting there.

On coming back around to my place, the 2 people which park a white and Black Elantra togethor or on my street to create mental illness park their cars togethor.

And as I am taking a picture of these cars. One lady shouts from her balcony. “Are you the person who passes out these cards” as if she doesn’t know me or what is being done to me. And I say “Are you the person who is working with these mass groups to park cars in patterns of 2’s and 3’s and things like this”

Of course she plays stupid and tries threaten me that she is gong to cut off a limb or something but, we all know the type of person that has to work with world wide groups doing these types of passive aggressive world wide operations is a COWARD to begin with.

Of course, like usual, her refusing to admit to the big picture and what is really going on, and just trying to tell me what I can and can’t do in life. Who I can date, what I can eat, what hobbies I can have, etc. Which is the bigger picture to this campaign.

Of course, walking back, there is a  car by her place parked crooked, another one of the tactics. just like earlier in this blog a took a couple pictures of a few crooked parked cars when this is done to me world wide whever I go. Especially on my street after one time I didn’t park perfectly straight at a Starbucks in Encino, and Lorena Escobar, my fathers office manager, didn’t approve of it. Adding this TACTIC to their world wide murder operations.

Lorena Escobar, Gwen Suazo, Patti googin, Shanna Briantseva, Stalking Tactics

Of course, you know how these low life trash think. We are not causing problems by creating mass world wide mobs to end your existence, and rid you of the world with covert all day and night 24/7 mental battering. But you are causing problems by telling people everything they have been told are lies with what little resources you have. So you need to have larger and larger mobs hunt you down, simply by speaking out that you are being hunted by mass world wide mobs. Which is blantly obvious it is going on. And those who say it isn’t are most likely playing stupid it is so OBVIOUS!

For more info on wide extermination campaign since 10 years old you can go to:

My World Wide Targeting info

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