People waiting for me after Jurassic World to try to intimidate me

Posted: June 16, 2015 in Community Mobbing
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It should be noted that this type of thing happens at every movie I go to and this is not an isolated incident. Also, 50% of media out there has either references taken from my life and put into it, or things that are to send me suggestive messages directed at me. Half the characters in this movie had things take from my life and put into the movie.

And of course, I’m told I’m imagining it, which shows their true intentions of trying to make me look crazy especially since these tactics have been going on since 10 years old.

When I left the movie, two cars with people in them had been waiting for me. And they waited over an hour before I got out.

A blue mustang parked backwards mimicking me and in front of him a car waiting for me with people in it as well.

P1200435 P1200444-Pano

The entire lot was parked forwards, which since a couple years ago after I parked backwards once, people all around the world started mimicing me for years in the masses to create mental illness and try to guilt me to death. Just one of out thousands of world wide terror tactics. Now it is back to normal, but the one blue mustang with people in it decided to copy me.

His friend parked in front of me. You can see in the video the person in the car eventially gets irritated with me not leaving so he turns on his headlight a couple of times. A common tactic of people leaving their cars by my house and keeping the lights on while they park their cars. Or following me to public places and doing it as well.


After I copy him to see how he would react, the mustang drives up to him, they talk, then both leave.


Showing that they were togethor, and waiting for me to try to provoke me into something.

Here is the video footage

These tactics go on all day and night with world wide networked support to remove me from society since 10 years old. The motive is to either push me to the point I commit suicide, or try to push me out of control working with the police to try to set me up and remove me from society.

For more details on this world wide all day and night terror operation to remove me from society

you can go to

  1. Margaret Cone says:

    This is community mobbing and gas lighting. Do not respond, I repeat, do not respond in any way. Street theater, intimidation, vandalism, noise causing, lack of sleep are all part of their entertainment.
    The goal is to destroy your life, do not give them what they want.


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