People waiting in the same GMC cars for me to leave coffeebean to try to intimidate me with the police to set me up

Posted: May 17, 2015 in Community Mobbing
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This tactic of people following me from place to place, or waiting for me at places I go or where they know I am going to go has been done my entire life.

In the last 24 hours alone. One man was waiting for me in a mercedes at about 3:00 am at malibu peer. Because I told peopel on twitter I was going to take milky way pictures and needed to find a peer. Not mentioning which one.

And another person was waiting for me at another spot where I tale landscapes. And I mentioned on twitter I would going to take some cloud pictures. So everybody goes to the places they think I will be, and wait for me to try to figure out ways to provoke and intimidate me into situations to try to set me up. Which as you can see from what is going on, has been all day and night since 10 years old.

In this instance, they are using the same type of color and car to try to passively aggressively provoke me into a situation to make me look crazy and arrest me.

Here is a picture of my car, and another one before the third one came


You can see from the pictures, that one man pulls up while I am in coffeebean and waits for about an hour. The other people pull up a little later. a man and women and just wait as well.

P1190645 P1190645-Pano P1190652

The police then show up as I am leaving. Of course, they give me a nasty look as I am leaving because they want that reaction to arrest me and try to set me up. It is clear that they have always known what is going on since 10 years old and never have done anything to stop it. Not only this, but when I came to them with what was going on, they have done everything to try to silence me. They have all the details of what is going on. And they have done everything possible to try to sweep their endless crime spree under the rug.

So much as having officers follow me from place to place threatening me.

This is a video showing me as I leave, and the police with their car parked backwards and lights on staring at me and trying to set me up. it’s very passive aggressive, but it’s done all day and night with world wide support to try to make me more and more sensitive to get the reaction.

These tactics, never stop with the 1000’s of others. This video shows that the police know exactly what is going on, and do nothing about it as they clearly could put a stop to it.

Instead, they are trying to set me up, and remove me from society with these all day and night abusive things to try to break me into a reaction they can use against me.

Coffeebean location
The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
21851 Ventura Blvd.
Ventura/Topanga Canyon
Gateway Plaza
Woodland Hills, CA 91364

While this is at at Starbucks in Tarzana, it is also done at Coffeebean and all other coffee shops world wide for simply trying to go in, relax and get some coffee or get things done, The same tactics done to me at each and every place worldwide

For more details. you can go to

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