Community Mobbing – 4/10/2014 – METRO neighbors continuing to use Ford Rancheros and Honda Accords in 2’s

Posted: April 11, 2014 in Community Mobbing
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The last post I showed my neighbors who pulled out an old Black and Red Ranchero and then the next day moved it and replaced it with a blue one. These are 1960 – 1970 cars which it would be extremely rare too see the same cars being parked in the same spots over and over.

This post you can see them switching cars. The one was here this morning.

Tonight when I got home


Today I was wearing Red and Black and when I got home the BLue Ranchero was driven away and replaced with the red and black one again.

This is a common paranoid schitzofrenia tactic that has been used on me by the masses world wide, since I was 10 with the sole intent to either figure out ways to get a reaction to remove me from society, or push me to suicide. These criminal acts have been inflicted on me one person sequentially after the next world wide for over 30 years. Started by my own mother and brother working with the police making up lies and theories to get people to do their own dirty work.

In order to coverup their criminal activities they need to make up lies and smears to make it look like their actions as justified. But in the end, it is a murder campaign funded and operated with people like Adolf Hitler who try to kill what they don’t like or understand.

Across from where I parked my car, they pulled up two honda accords and if you read my other endless posts, you will see that they use this tactic every single day and these things have been going on for 0ver 30 years with a world wide mobbing murder campaign. They will make up any lie possible to justify their criminal acts and make up outrageous claims that I have done 1000’s and 1000’s of horrible things and am a monster. I can assure you every single one of these STRATEGIC lies in SECRET, is for the sole purpose to end my life in the gray areas of the law and make it look like it was my fault.

P1220710 P1220701

I assure you, these people have spent all day and night for 30 years trying to end my life any way possible. If they can’t do it one way, they will work another. If one person can’t achieve it, the next will try. These masses from school teachers, police, every person who befriended me for 30 yrs, every acquaintance. etc have all been involved for the last 30 years to end my life any way possible and cover it up.

These blogs are undisputable proof, that I am being HUNTED for 30 years. And even if any of their lies were true. Which I can  guarantee they are all elaborate setups the failed. It would not be justified.

For details on everything you can go to http://www.KevinPerelmanTarge

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