World Mobbing and Murder Tactics – Fox News

Posted: August 22, 2013 in Community Mobbing
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Fox news withing the last 10 years has been one of the biggest supporters of this murder campaign.

Why are they involved? I do not know. But I couldn’t tell you what this is about either. I’ve heard every lie and theory imaginable. I’m doing this, I’m doing that, I’m a jerk, I’m an asshole, you name it.

But not one person in the WORLD can tell me DIRECTLY what this is about. There is a reason for this. It’s simple, if you’ve done something. People would tell you, if you did NOTHING, people would not tell you and tell you that your imagining it.

With the Police involvement from my mothers lies starting with I hit the neighbor kid in the head with a golf club starting covert investigations to mass lies and information collection and dissemination to the WORLD in secret.

If i’ve actually done something. People would directly say it. No, this is nothing but a murder campaign with a cover up.

Fox news uses their network for covert operations against me. They use the show to collect my person life and use it to send hidden messages directed at me to try to creat paranoid schizophrenia.

They started doing this working with Tom Farley as Tom would always want to watch fox news with me to create mental illness along with tons of other tactics started from him.

At one point they had a Dana Purino look alike sit next to me at Encino Starbucks, which is a common tactic, I couldn’t tell you why.

Other tactics is using shows dedicated to covert harassment directed at me like Red Eye, and The Five. Which aren’t even news shows but entertainment.

But these shows true agenda is clearly to target people. After notifying Fox news that they had better stop, they actually sent helicopters out to the park I walk at to get exercise after I noticed I was being hunted by this mass murder group for over 30 years and my health was deteriorated, not knowing their motive was Murder and working with the police with world wide hidden news networks to SMEAR my name and rile people up against me, never stop,  to end my life.

FoxScare2 _I9I5350 _I9I5345 _I9I5344 _I9I5342_I9I5339 _I9I5351

Notice the blury black dots, those are all Fox helicopters to scare me. And there are a lot more, this is just one picture.

On this day, they sent something like 10 news helicopters to the park while they had their employees walking to park with radios. At one point a fox news person walking started talking to me and trying to INTIMIDATE me quiet because I wanted them to leave me alone.

Fox news, MSNBC, I don’t know which other organizations are involved in TARGETING, SMEARING, and then MASS COVER UPS resulting in INTIMIDATION and MURDER tactics because I found out about their LIES and SMEARS.


Notice she is wearing the common color tactic. Solice black pants, and solid red shirt along with the others ones. Note, 100′s will come out within 1 hr when I walk the park, and 1000′s a day, all to make me mentally ill. This is a Fox employee who was Radioing to the copters.

This tactic also results in sending police copters at my work and house at specific times or after phone calls and such in such ways to try to create paranoia and mental illness.

This was not a one time thing, but a continual thing. And usually, they have some kind of fabricated alibi.

Fox news, generally isn’t about news as much as it is about MANIPULATION. Getting people to do or believe in what they want. This is why OPINIONS is more important then the actual news.

This is neither here not there. But knowing that I am a huge target. One man, minding his own business to find out they are creating the most elaborate lies with this mass media group and giving them to the world to torcher people with the INTENT to kill, or leave them homeless on the streets and starve to death.

Either way you look at it, it’s a clear case of systematically targeting an individual to kill them.

Let’s just say I’m this asshole they claim I am, is that justifiable homicide using paranoid schizophrenia tactics? of course not. And if I was an Asshole, they would have to justify their claims, but they cannot in a direct sentence. This means they are Liars with a covert operation who won’t let anyone defend themselves, it also means they have no credibility because if they are capable of selecting a random person and spending all day and night on him with billions of random people all around the world. They clearly aren’t truthful and cannot be trusted,

They very people they preach against like Reverend All Sharpten who they are mad at for telling random people to go after Zimmerman, they do the Exact same  to me in SECRET. with world wide covert networks. They are Lieing Hypocrites plain and simple.

They are basically Progressives with a MASK on, the ends justifies the means. And they do not care about right or wrong.

They are not a reliable source, and they need to be held accountable for their actions. They are not trustworthy and will commit MURDER to cover up their true actions.

Now do you think this is about what I’ve done to someone, or even Tom Farley which I’ve never done anything to the man but always be there for him, write free code for him, give him free room and board, and always be friendly and polite?

No, this is about me finding out what they are doing with Intent to kill.

I Believe, but have no proof, this person in my neighborhood has been working with them


Because she didn’t like me at the park with a camera taking pictures of tree’s Rocks and Dogs, etc, asking me why I am taking pictures of people, which I wasn’t, but now I am since they are coming out trying to create mental illness. So they are now Documented for attempted murder with mental illness tactics which fox news claims I am an asshole with a 30 year murder campaign saying I did something  at the age of 10 to them or someone else, and I need to die for some “Reckless Comment” to my mother or something.

I can’t personally prove her action or theirs, but I’m sure their are tons of people who know what’s going on who could since they are keeping me in the dark to protect their crimes and keep it going until I’m dead.

She lives in Woodland hills, Ca. Warner center area

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  1. John Doe says:

    This same thing has been happening to me for five years. It’s not just FOX News; it’s CNN, your local TV and radio news, ABC, NBC, CBS, anyone in the media. The stalking even extends to your local police and most, if not all, our representatives in Washington and probably Obama as well. They know they’re powerful and in charge and that they literally can get away with murder if they target people who are poor, have criminal histories, mental illness, or stand to take their power or money from them. They will frame you. They have tried to have me arrested twice by making false reports to police. I fully expect to be murdered or framed and sent to prison for a very long time.


  2. Pearlie Stinson says:

    Where does a family seek help if these very things are happening an have been going on for 20yrs or more. The stalking has gotten worse . which lawyers do one seek out?


    • It is difficult to say, since I have no support in my own life as to what is going on. I did however put up this site which may or may not help. I stopped putting up much information to help other long ago, because I have been isolated to the world for so long, and nothing really stopped from the age 9 until now. 35 years. And since mine is world wide, and no one wants to come forward. It is difficult for me to say who will and will not help in these situations. They are very difficult to deal with. As designed to be. My best advice would be to normalize, and let people know, no matter how hard that is. I think once people understand how they operate, they will then be inclined to help and speak out on your behalf.


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