Golden State work mobbing with the intent to kill – Targeted by Lorena Escobar since she was hired.

Posted: May 27, 2013 in Community Mobbing
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When I was in my teen years, My father hired an X-ray tech named Lorena Escobar.

Lorena Escobar, with no college degree, no business experience somehow made it to my fathers number one manager who still works there today and does absolutely nothing but follow his son around the world trying to figure out way to end his life and mame him physically and mentally.

DSCN0748 DSCN0724

Lorena Escobar(Office Manager who’s been targeting since hired something like 20 years ago, maybe even prior)

Now, Lorena, while being the MANAGER of this tiny medical office which does nothing but Work Comp Orthopedics and Collections does not have any management skills. Also preaching outrageous claims like they are top IPO’d corporations while if there is 1 second of down time, peoples heads must roll, as she play business man with nothing but blackmailing and murder tactics not knowing one thing about actual business accept some work comp things she’s learned while being there.

Nor is she even ever in the office managing or actually doing a damn thing while having a co manager Elsie take her lead while giving her the rights to help stalk the doctors son with mass world wide terror networks she claims is to protect the company from things like me going on and making a life for myself to get away from where I am now, She does not have any business skills except saying “Talk to the hand” and Whatever. When addressing issues such as paperless office, or even scanned documents and then emailed, Lorena’s stand on these things is. It’s not done, and it is a waste of time. Where we all know the entire world since 1994 is using email and scanned documents as well as a mandatory medical paperless office in a few years.

Now, these are not my concerns about Lorena, if she was the ordinary Moran, Dingbat, Airhead, and was PROFESSIONAL, I could not care less or give a shit, I would respect her non the less.

But Lorena, since the day she was hired, has had ULTERIOR MOTIVES. Mainly one. To wipe me off the face of the earth. At the age of 29, as we all know, I found out something was wrong with my life.

One of Lorena’s main information tactics is the good old tactic of taking information out of context. You could say she’s the QUEEN of this tactic. For example, If I build a race car, take it to Los Angeles County Raceway, and go 180mph. Lorena will tell the world, I am reckless and am driving cars at 180 mph and am a danger to others. Lorena will leave out things like it’s on a racetrack. Just as Lorena is using my INTERNET life in the same way blocking out the whole story and taking things that aren’t anything, and making them massive world wide lies.

She knows EXACTLY what she is doing, she is also, sending person after person after me to try to bait me into these situations and then tell the world, especially when I don’t react, to cover up her lies.

Something I could not pinpoint, or possibly conceive to be going on, especially when my life was being kind, generous and giving to everyone in my path. Now for years I would not believe that not one person, but a mass army of lieing smear campaigning MURDERERS had been hunting me down for my entire life since early childhood.

Lorena, is a huge ring leader in what would be equivalent to network terror cells all around the world directed at me to terrorize me until my nervous system gives out and I die or get psychological, or physical problems due to all day and night severe abusive tactics. And for each time, or 1000’s per day that this mass group which Lorena is heavily involved in gets a reaction from their systematic infliction of terror and pain, or even perceives of one, she and this group will CRY WOLF claiming that I am up to something, or have an Anger, Rage, problem, or am harmful to myself or others then telling this mass terror campaign to do it more, because I need to be controlled as she and this mass murder crew claim while not being able to tell me one thing I’ve ever done to anyone but find out what is going on.

She has been working with the police from day one making up false claims, One sequentially after the next, you name it to try to remove me from society.

In my teen years, maybe my early 20’s Lorena tried to set me up with another X-Ray tech, Named Crystal, I did not work in the office then. Lorena’s intent was the same as all the other girls that came in my life from her direction, and that is to get any dirt possible to wipe me off the planet.

Crystal and I never connected. Mostly because I was off busy with my own life, had no clue who this person was, and it did not work. But years later, Lorena came after me for this as if it was a crime. As if it just couldn’t be chalked up and two people who never met because Lorena has a different set of concerns.

Also, Lorena is involved in our Business lunches not only having people come in doing the same types of things, whistling, or people coming in in patterns of 2’s wearing same colors and things like this at this Sushi Restaurant, but they’ve worked adamantly to try to set me up with the niece of the Asian employee Victoria who Lorena is spreading her lies abut me. The only reason they work so hard, and calculatedly work on my loneliness is because like usual, Lorena wants a friends niece in my life to collect information to use to destroy or blackmail me with. I know how Lorena works and I would never take the poisoned apple she so wants me to have over and over to rid me of the world

At the age of maybe 26 after I moved back to California, and had my own company, as my family gave us great rent top floor of their building on ventura blvd. Seemed like a good deal. But the true intent was to keep their enemies close while they tried to figure out ways to destroy me any way shape and form possible.

And while I was there, Lorena introduced me to their new employee Adriana Bolivar. At the time, I did not know that Adriana’s goal was to try to end my existence with Lorena any way shape or form possible, trying to use such things like “Guilt by association” or empty theories like this.

When I realized Adriana was running around their office saying things like “I’m going to get the doctors son” I felt it immature and something I did not want to deal with. Although I was still nice enough to let Adriana in my life as a friend, I was not interested in a relationship with that mentality. Later on to find out, what she really meant was, she and Lorena were going to destroy my life, and rid me of the world.

Normally allowing someone in your life is not a crime. Normally setting Adriana up with you friends in hope she meets someone is not a crime. But when it come to Lorena and Adriana, their spin are things like, I’m playing games with Adriana, or Adriana is pretending to crazy and I’m friends with her therefore the world must be shown who I am.


Adriana Olivarez (Friends with Lorena, who introduced us to try to get information to publicly destroy my life, conversation said to Adriana were taken out of context and given to the world with Lorena to destroy my life, while they told me they just wanted to see me with someone and happy the whole time making up every lie imaginable and giving it to the world in secret)

While I can talk volumes about Adriana, and Lorena’s tactics From Oregon, to Colorado, back to L.A, I will try to stay on topic with Lorena and her recent office mobbing s, as well as her covert activity while I was in Oregon and Colorado. Maybe another blog on specifics although it’s detailed in

When I moved to Oregon, they had a girl named Kelly Hatch follow me to Oregon putting her in the same dorm from my high school. I was never friends with Kelly in high school, never even spoke.

But in college, I vaguely recognized her, we began to speak, and I started to like her. Needless to say, I had no idea Kelly was part of a mass group trying to set me up and end my life. After I left Oregon, and wanted more for myself, I went to University of Colorado, where, Lorena, My friends, and Kelly followed me there smearing my name as well.

While in Oregon, Kelly was working with the Professors who were approached and told to try to remove me from society, while she collected private information the professors were giving her to try to create paranoia and mental illness and set me up any way possible. Also collecting insignificant details of our relationship turning them into lies, and disseminating them to the entire world claiming I have wronged her.

If I showed any emotion towards Kelly, or anyone else for that matter, happiness, being upset, you name it. The normality of friends and relationships, interpersonal communications it was used against me and turned to lies and smears with the intent to build mass world wide armies to hunt me down and end my life.

The same tactic used on me all my life while my family demands I have to be a perfect robot or they will PUNISH me for such crimes of being imperfect and human.

Not only this, but now, looking back to my high school days, as my brother was running cars off the roads, and launching metal balls with slingshots into cars on the freeway, while reporting his crimes to the police telling them it was me, I realize that my brother and friends involved in this mass PRE-MEDITATED setups, were running around for some reason singing “because her name is Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, k e l l y” then sending this person after me for some reason was just another attempt on my life.

This also has some kind of relevance to me and my sick demented brother at the age of 10 or so, telling me he has bugs in my room, and he’s listening to me. Which at the time, I just figured he was being an idiot, not realizing this is a life long campaign to make me mentally ill, or at least look that way in the eyes of the world to rid me of society for crimes of being a good brother but not putting up with his bullshit.

Needless to say, in regards to Lorena Escobar, not only did she have every detail of their freaky situations and elaborate setups which I can go from person to person one sequentially after the next of private information of people that she would never have this information if it wasn’t being collected and given to the world to create mental illness and tell me I’m imagining it. This goes for the friends that came in my life, the women I tried to meet with ulterior motives, and even the approached professors with the intent to rid me of the world.

Now being that Lorena has been following me from place to place my entire life, trying to get anything possible on me to give to the world in secret, create terror groups to end my life or intentionally mutilate and cause pain, and tell me it’s somehow my fault in hidden message, and then I’m imagining it, is MURDER plain and simple.

Now, back to the office since this person and group have been working on me 24/7 all day and night for over 30 years to end my life, and then tell everyone I have a problem and it’s my fault.

When Lorena Hired me, she was making these claims that I was crazy from day one. So the question is, if I’m CRAZY, and she does not want me around, why did she hire me knowing this? And right after I found out Bob and Mike were working the same tactics with her to end my life with her involvement and Adriana, crystal, etc.

DSCN0001Bob Sandler (Ex Partner who tried to prove I was trying to get rid of my friend Paul who I kept telling him I refused to shut down his account even though bob did not like him and it was unprofessional, but Bob with this mass campaign working with Mike Huntley still wanted me dead to cover up their crimes)DSCN0003Mike Huntley (Ex Friend and Partner who befriended me and was one of my brothers friends spending over 20 years following me all around the world trying to end my life. After moving back to California Mike approached me with an Internet Host Provider idea while he spend all 6 years using clients for mental illness tactics and trying to figure out ways to end my life finally making statements saying “I am out of control and had better live a careful life” to find out all the crimes he and my brother were involved in, he was pinning on me for a mass cover up, as well as empty accusations of anger and rage based on no actual events of anger and rage, just elaborate world wide smears to end my life)

On working in the office Lorena would start making random claims, one after the next. The first one was that I was taking over the company. First off, all I know is computers, I have no clue about work comp medical as we all know, and personally it sounds suicidal anyways.

But Lorena had a plan for this. She had a family friend named Debbie Groveman call me up asking her to fix her computer. After I completed the job, Debbie wanted to talk to me. She started in about how it’s my fathers company and how Lorena was no good and I needed to learn the business and get rid of her.

Of course my response was, Not only do I have no clue about medical, I have no desire either and never will. And as far as my fathers will, what he decides to do with his money is his own business. And since I’ve never questioned it in the first place, it shouldn’t even be an issue unless someone is trying to destroy me any way shape and form possible.

Well, being that this was an attempt to set me up, like usual, they had to cover it up saying things like. See I told you so, or we still need to get that confession.

Now, Lorena does not care about a confession, especially since it goes to the next claim, and the next one. Lorena just wants me dead or to inflict pain out of her psychotic personality, I really do not know, but I do know where they put people like this. Hence why I am attacked over 1000 times per day by strangers all around the world for 30 yrs telling me I’m imagining it and am just too sensitive.

Lorena’s goal is to rile people up just like Adolf Hitler, or Charles Manson to do her dirty work for her, just like she was doing with an employee Named Patti Googin who worked in my father office when I was a teenager working with this Murder group. Making claims that because I listen to Guns and Roses, or Queensryche, or I’m sure there’s a lie for each and every of the 1000’s of bands I listen too.

Now, the results of these lies are shown in video I captured here because they refuse to leave me alone knowing, that I know they are lieing MURDERERS, and they need to keep this crime covered up.

Let me give you the context. In the office I have not done one thing to anyone to create any type of situation. Not only that, I’ve tried to address it over and over to be lied too telling me I’m imagining it.

Not one girl has claimed sexual harassment about me, multiple have, and most of them, I’ve probably never even spoke too.

At first, when hired 6 yrs ago, the co manager Fernanda Fisme, kept following me around trying to make me mentally ill. Before I knew of this she asks me to come over fix her computer at her house because she can’t log into the system. I do this but I say, well, this isn’t really work related, I probably have to charge for my personal time.


Fernanda Fsime

She then starts telling people that I have spy ware on her computer and am spying on her. At one point in the office, she is speaking in Spanish, and I make a joke, which any rational person can tell, and I say no speaking in Spanish. At this point she tells everyone I am telling her what to do and control her, and they need to get rid of me which we all know isn’t about me doing anything to her, it’s about trying to wipe me off the planet.

At this time, of being hired, I am placed in the office with the main secretary Denise. Who has been there my entire life. Denise, with my family is claiming I stole 10k dollars of theirs as a child, which was put towards an engine. If gone through the records, it would be in black and white, that this is what I was paid for working my ass off in monthly pay checks over a long period of time, all day and night until my fingers bleed for this money and my passion which normal parents would be happy as shit with this type of work ethic and drive.

But while in the office room Denise, under Lorena’s orders was told to emotionally abuse me over and over until I stopped talking while using the other employees to help. And when I stopped talking to her she got even more abusive, finally telling them I want out of that room.

At this point Patti Googin sweeps in asking me about file management and their documents. I say it’s a good idea for archiving, as she then tells Pat Vilas that she’s wrong about the way she’s doing things, and somehow, she turns this into, I am somehow trying to get rid of Pat Vilas, because I answered a technical question for her.

DSCN0722Patti Googin (Working on me at childhood, making up every lie imagineable, collecting private information to use to destroy my life, sending friends after me trying to set me up every way possible, accusations that I’m committing crimes by listening to music)

But due to the nature of a life long MURDER campaign, this didn’t stop a thing and it just goes from person to person making outrageous claims that these blatant world wide lies and smears in secret are just gossip and drama. Now,

I can go through 6 years of situations like this, where every person, even my father is telling me this is normal, and this is how people are, especially when this is done to me every place in the world so I can’t go anywhere else, or even really get another job, especially now due to what they’ve done to my health. If you want an analogy of the psychological profiling of these sickos telling the world these things about me, and what they are doing, just watch the movie Misery, and when you see the point where she HOBLES him because she wants him to stay. This is no different but in a psychological fashion in the gray areas of the law, well thought out beforehand to do so.

So, now instead of Fernanda being a Co-Manager, we now have Elsie who is told to follow me around the world, create mental illness to keep me in line and protect the company. This was told to me from an Ex-employee Named Victoria, and a friend or Leonor, who claims, by committing abusive crimes against me to make me mentally ill it’s to protects the company from me as if that make sense.

Now, when I go to Starbucks, Elsie and the office are collecting every detail of my visit while I just try to live my life. Not only this, when I come to the office they will mimic back my conversations to create mental illness while claiming they are trying to protect the company and run the office.

Now, we all know that is ABSURD, and the true nature is to create mental illness, push me to the end, and cover it up, giving me disinformation which my family and friends have been doing to me my entire life to try to CON me into believing this is normal. Not only this, but by protecting a company by committing vicious acts of mental illness tactics and murder does not protect the company, it boat anchors the company and puts people in jail.

This is a crime on the highest level, this is intentional and calculated murder campaign. At one point, a cute girl named Marlene would sort of smile and reel me in. I didn’t say much knowing the intention of the office. As time went by, Marlene worked the same old tactics of trying to reel me in, and then cry wolf to get rid of me or covertly try to provoke me with mental illness terror tactics to get a reaction to get rid of me.

At one point, I replaced everyone ancient 14 inch monitors, and instantly, Marlene claims the PIP function on the monitor is a hidden camera. Now we all know this is absurd, but when 3 other employees instantly make the same claim within minutes saying they saw a window pop up showing a video picture of them. And out of 4 of these monitors, only 2 were replaced. The other 2 had no PIP function.

Within weeks of this, Elsie started claiming I’ve hit her and sexually harassed her making up lies I had touched her and telling the office to get that confession by walking up and putting their hand on my should over and over all day. I’ve never touched, said, done one thing to Elsie, or anyone else in this office or any other, and they damn well know it but she plays the same victim game trying to set people up, then keep them around trying to control them now that they have smeared their name claiming they need to be watched.

Also, on several occasions, People need to log into a server from the outside. Being that my job is to make it easy for people to get work done, on occasion when they call me with their consent, I will log in and fix their computer. Now, being that multiple people have made claims that because I have logged into their computers claiming I am now spying on them. We all know this isn’t realistic, and these claims are being given world wide, and I’m being hunted for such crimes as doing nothing at all but my job. Which I’m imagining according to them. Now, in any company in the world. If someone does something like this, they are fired on the spot, and would never have another reference again. In my office, I’m told this is NORMAL and how the world works.

Several employees made attempts to get into the systems from the outside claiming they need access to find out, that people like Charlie, who has been Lorena’s right hand terror man, wasn’t even supposed to be in the system while having people mess up the systems and target me. He kept asking for login rights as I thought he was a valid person, after doing an audit with the right people they basically said, Charlie has absolutely no reason to be in the system as all he does is give patients meds or something.

Not only this, Since Lorena keeps getting the admin passwords with someone, And I noticed outside logins to our servers to tighten up security from the outside so only employees can be in, Lorena and the employees have done everything to try to make it look like I am up to no good, and saying I’m blocking people from getting in and having each and every employee make the same claim, which is her normal tactic from having multiple women claim I’ve hit them, to multiple women claiming sexual harassment, to you name it working her tactic of, if it’s more then one person it has to be true. and “I know their IP’s” which is true due to the fact that anyone who logs into our system it shows who’s IP is logging in. But she’s having all the employee’s now claim I am spying on them by knowing their IP’s and claiming I am blocking our employee’s so they can’t work because I told the firewall to block all strangers. Now to put it in Layman’s terms. If someone has an address on their house or business, and you open the yellow pages and see their address, are you spying on them and in their facilities? Of course not. And we all know this. But Lorena’s Tactics are to play stupid, and make criminal accusations and get people to go after those she wants out of the picture or even dead.

Lorena’s motives are clear. And being that she’s 43, we all know she’s in the age to know enough about what a firewall is. Especially when they made so much hype about putting it in, in the first place while having people they knew screwing with the systems and pinning it on me. Which would never happen in 98% of the small businesses out there.

OK, so, anyways, that’s the tip of the iceberg. But let me show you what they are really doing. This is Golden State, but I am followed all around the world and these tactics have been done to me for over 30 years escalating with the intent to kill and end my life stating things like this is my fault and my past caught up with me but refuse to address any actual issue trying to create obsessional looping, as well as paranoia, schizophrenia, and continual harassment every few seconds all day and night to kill and cannot justify their actions which wouldn’t matter anyways because we have judicial systems for real crimes, and not people who make up lies with no fact. Hence, people aren’t put in the gas chamber because they broke up with a girl and she cry’s wolf.

The first video is just one tactic. The tactic since the day I found out I was being hunted for 30 years by Mike Huntley, Originally my brothers friend who was following me all around the world, approached me and wanted to start an Internet Host Provider. Person after person will walk by and whistle to try to provoke me into anger. If I react, they will make up a lie stating I attacked them, I’m stalking them, you name it, I suffer from anger and rage. Now since this is EVERYWHERE I go, the tactic is obvious, push me into a situation to remove me form society which has been going on since my mother and brother decided they were going to either remove me from society or kill me out of their hate and rage. My mother RAGE comes from the fact I said “Fuck You” at 14, and my brothers is because I know what he’s doing. Now, any RATIONAL person would say, Who the fuck cares. You mouthed off to me at 14 years old, and now your 30 or something, who cares. But not my family with their obsession, and psychotic personalities, which for some reason I am the opposite of these psychopaths.

Notice in the video, this is not one person, it’s one sequentially after the next, all day for 6 yrs. So no buddy can say, well so and so likes to whistle because he’s happy and your too sensitive. Especially it being WORLD WIDE and a 30 year campaign.

I put these into sequences to make it easier to see what is going on. Especially in only a few days and not months of data to show that this isn’t me collecting, this is an attack all day which is then turned around like usual stating I have a problem.

The second video is singing and humming. Another tactic being used on me all my life. Now, their coverup to this is saying things like. Well you purchased an Gun and Roses album, we know what your up too, and we will put a stop to you. Or you sang out loud, and everyone in the world is allowed to sing, but your not, so we will kill you for your crimes. In the end, they will just say anything to cater to the situation to rile people up because even if I walked out of my house in Colorado or wherever, not only would anyone give a shit if I sang. It wouldn’t be a world wide secret smear tactic. So there really is nothing they can say but they are lieing murderers. And by me moving from state to state, a new set of strangers wouldn’t know the lies anyways, but being that it’s a world wide dissemination to poison the well to begin with means that it’s an attempt on my life of systematically being followed from place to place smearing my name wherever I am in the world and then telling me bullshit that I’m out of control because I sang a song, or said fuck you, which no buddy in their right mind could give a shit about.

This is not the best video due to the audio pickup and background noise but after seeing the whistling it is the same 30 year tactic. Keep doing these things from person to person until my nervous system gives out claiming I see things that aren’t there and if I react, I’m a monster with anger issues. Right out of the Jason Perelman, wipe his brother off the planet handbook. And if he says anything he’s a “snitch” and needs to be dealt with.

What you don’t see in this, is Lorena and Elsie recently had Gwen, a friend of Patti Googin, who Lorena was having follow me around and try to destroy me any way possible since my teens, is told to move by Dominique recently, for a mass attack to try to rile me up and make me look crazy and get me fired.

Dominique also has been following me around and sending his friends after me to try to prove anything possible to discredit me. One was a person pretending to be a photographer to get information about my photography.

Now Gwen and Dominique will both sing. Especially when walking behind me, and using specific songs or lyrics as messages. Also, when they talk to each other they will try to INTENTIONALLY create schizophrenia, by hidden messages directed at me called Ideas of reference. Gwen will also do things in patterns of 2 or 3’s with others like Loydi, and Marlene. As you will see in the video’s it’s every tactic possible by every person possible to end my life which has been going on for 30 years and they know this, which is why they need me mentally ill smear my name, and rid me of the world to coverup a mass MURDER campaign because mass groups conspiring to end one persons life over 30 years, just doesn’t look good. Especially when the person responsible is in jail or death row due to intentional MURDER tactics all day and night for 30 years.

This third video basically shows a few things, while not recording long. There is not much of it, but you can goes this goes on non stop all day and night, and every day I’m in the office with one intent. To kill me, as it has been for 30 years and they will make up any lie to justify their actions and cover it up.

First, there is some new girl, and Marlene swinging their arms which is something I did once I think maybe walking in the park, then there’s George, who is following me all around the world with this group making pedophile claims, as well as other claims I’m spying on him for the sole purpose to rally people behind him as he tries to end my life. He will walk by shouting things to me to try to start a fight, or walk by clicking his pen which is a tactic Fernanda told them all to do when I started working their 6 years ago. There is then Loydi, Gwen, and Marlene, and charlie, with some black employee I don’t know the name saying things in patterns of 3 to start a fight, then cry wolf that I have anger and rage and am abusing my power. At the end you can see Leonor in green and black with horheato working on some angle digging for new information as well as again with a newer girl Patti and Gwen. Also, coincidentally, in their patterns of 2’s, Dominique is also wearing the same black pants, and green shirt.


Horheato (Told to walk by and whistle every time he walks by me trying to get a reaction to get me fired)

303642_459555160755884_673332944_nGeorge Escobar (Collecting every detail of facebook, to send me hidden messages, telling me what I can and can’t wear, Pedophile accusations, and lies I’m spying on him)197817_10151583165339662_1648166106_nLoydi Martinez (Close friends with Lorena Escobar told to do everything possible to get rid of me with mental illness tactics)

_I9I9655Charlie Patrone (Following me from place to place collecting information and creating mental illness)

306045_422743114460455_708946190_nElsie Sandoval (Co office manager involved in getting private information from starbucks and using it for mental illness tactics in the office locations, claiming I hit her, also having a black man attack me at a starbucks in regards to her lies)


Dominique (Collector Hired by Lorena Escobar told to sit next to me and figure out any way possible to get rid of me)Gwen

(Gwen Suazo, another collector recently moved next to me to help dominique get rid of me. Also friends with Patti Googin who wasLtold to hunt me down since childhood when Lorena was Originally Hired)Leonor

(Leonor Calderon, in charge of secretory work, also part of this campaign to sabotage everything I’m trying to accomplish such as my own business projects, responsible for having her friend victoria come in and try to destroy me)

Now, as you can see in the video. I’m just sitting minding my own business. There is not one bully, but 99% of a company, to find out, this is world wide, and done all day and night everywhere around the world as people say “I’ve done something, but were not going to tell you what” so I cannot defend myself. Also, you will notice, like the 41 years of my life.

Not only am I just sitting at a desk and not talking, this is basically my entire life, of doing nothing to anyone with mass world wide campaigns to end my life. These people know this. They know I’ve never done a thing to anyone, and they are telling me I have to be PERFECT or they will KILL me, or CLEAN me up.

These are the same people telling me I’ve committed crimes by breaking up with girls I wasn’t interested in, and I have to be held accountable for such actions while they go out and date the world. Because you know, by breaking up with a girl, I’m playing games with them, or whatever bullshit they want to make up.

Now, one person wanted to know what the office is like when I’m not there. Even though this is a blatantly obvious attack on my life which there is no doubt in any way shape and form. I will cater to the bullshit and the people trying to play stupid for control purposes, and show you.

So, here is a video of me going to lunch, coming back and leaving, as it records the rest of the afternoon. If you actually sit through this, nothing happens but one thing. Horheto has a paranoid look and whistles once as he looks at my computer. He does not whistle every pass like usual, nor does any other of these events occur. Dominique is not singing like he does all day with Gwen while others walk by and sing and whistle with hidden messages. Absolutely nothing.

These people have clearly and INTENTIONALLY targeted me for MURDER. They most likely will not be held accountable, but they need to be put in jail with the clear INTENT to KILL and MAME.

These people are criminals and have no morals, they project their psychotic behavior on others. They are clearly Murderers and need to be treated as such clear and simple, and put in jail.

And being that Lorena Escobar is SECRETLY disseminating LIES to the world with the INTENT to kill, she needs to be locked up as well.

We all know, I have done nothing to anyone. We all know that in the eyes of the law, if I had, I would have been arrested, read my Miranda rights, went to trial for a crime. Being that there is no crime, that I have not committed a crime in any way shape or form, Lorena’s lies do not constitute factual evidence,

And being that it is DEFAMATION with the INTENT to kill, she needs to be dealt with by the law. Sued civilly for the damages to my life.

Not only is she making up lie after lie for the last 20 yrs or so, she’s building world wide hate armies to kill me in SECRET, and sending people into my life for information purposes. And because not one issue is openly addressed, it means that the INTENT to MURDER is there making false claims, and sending people after me to end my life which is a crime. The belief I am a bad person is not a crime, but the actual ACT to get rid of me is.

Clearly, she knows I have done nothing to anyone, or the issue would be addressed, especially with the police.

This is not about anything I’ve ever done. It’s about people like Lorena Escobar who are no different then Adolf Hitler, Charles Manson, David Karesh, Jim Jones. Saying things like they are different, they cannot be trusted, we have to get together and exterminate them.

This is who these people are following. But in the end, they are following of free will, which means, they are no better and need to be held accountable as well, for 30 years of attempted murder and hate crimes with damages.

Every person I’ve ever liked has been sabotaged, every person I was friends with has been sabotaged, every hobbie I’ve got into has been sabotaged, every business I’ve tried to do, or work with people has been sabotaged. And now other problems due to all day and night terror tactics since I found out 12 yrs ago. This is 41 years of my life destroyed for doing nothing to anyone but being nice, courteous, caring, open, and honest and these people need to be held accountable for this mass crime, especially when they hide in secret using every aspect of everything imaginable to end my existence for my entire life.

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