This seems to be a common theme,

Every time I let people know what’s going on with this mass mob trying to kill me, they try to keep me quiet by mutilating my car which is the same INTENT they have been trying to do

to me for speaking out about being targeted.

Today, when I walked outside at 4:30 pm 5/13/2013, I noticed my car tires were now slashed. Not one, but the two front and rear on the right side. Of course, every time they do something like this,

they have more people come out and try to make me sick for finding out.

A good analogy is like having millions of little wolverines hunting you down then telling you it’s your fault they keep slicing away at you and your car for 30 years.

More on last months top slashing and keyings on multiple occasions when I started talking out about what’s going on.

Today was just another attempt to act out in there angry rage instead of taking responsibility for their 30 years of actions against me and refusing to deal with their hate and rage issues follow me all around the world trying to destroy every aspect of my life, health and credibility.

Front Closeup Front Tire 2 Front Tire Rear Tire Slashing 2 Rear Tire Slashing

When going to the police station, once again, like usual, they are always working on an angle for a confession  scare tactic, or paranoia tactic to try to, what they call “Immobilize” me for these horrible crimes they say I’ve done, but cannot tell me what it is. Which makes me believe it’s more about HATE then any actual crime to wipe me off the planet and not let me defend or even know what their REAL problem is.

When I got to the desk, the Police office asks to help, me, then cuts me off, and asks another couple their issue. It’s a Hit and run, which I believe Tom Farley was working on that angle as well, and he kept getting DUI, hit and runs, as he kept working with a mass mob to destroy my life.

Then, another officer helps me, but can only do half the report for some strange reason. When I give him the CD of video of the car damage on all 3 times, he does everything to not take it. Then he says, the female officer will finish as I wait. He walks in back, and starts whistling which is one of their original tactics. Weather it be to bait me into a fight, or he’s MAD because I’m a whistle blower that won’t stand for murderers trying to mob me to death, who knows.

After the female police officer fills out the report, she sands up snapping her fingers, and tapping, which is some of Horhey x ray tech in our office as well as others to keep trying to provoke me into fights.

Horhey is also responsible for walking behind me all day every day whistling as he walks by, then playing victim.

I also should note, after 7:00 pm, after I fill my car tires of, and video the leaks and knife cuts, Fernanda from out office texts me

“Why can’t I log into golden from my house? open the damn ports so we can WORK!!! it is not for fun that we need to get in!!! I need to work!!! I am sick and tire of not been able to do what I have to do”

first off, notice the “tire” which normally I’d say is concidence, but knowing the history of her involvement with this crew, and the continual mental illness tactics like this, I doubt it is. Not only that, but she is the 3rd or 4th employee to all of a sudden refuse to give out their IP address to let them into the servers, then making claims by me giving them the IP address, I am somehow spying on them as I had a discussion with upper management.

Each one has done everything possible to try to get the firewall down, by making up lies and claims that their privacy is being violated by me telling the firewall to let them in.

I made it clear to the rational people, that anything that hits our servers, the IP is recorded anyways. like any computer firewall. even if they come in, it still shows the same info. But since one person connie, who needed to work, and when I made it clear I was not opening up the port to the world, especially with over 1000 hits a day on that port, but also, this person who it was so important to get work done, now has not logged in, in a while and it’s no longer an issue.

An employee George then claims he cannot get in, and tells the manager that he has not been able to work in 3 weeks. When I log into his computer with his consent, he’s already logged in and working giving out false information and trying to get the ports open and play the spy accusation game.

Now fernanda is working the same tactic and any rational person would want the security and most people who are this consistent about getting the firewall down when it take a few seconds to give me the IP, most likely  want people from the outside in the system for some strange reason, and trust me when I say, I know exactly why.

These people will work every angle and every tactic to try to destroy me, rid me of the world. Yes there is gossip, drama, people talk with similar concerns. But due to these people systematic terror tactics, and smearing. I know the real motive.

Yes work can be weird some times, but I don’t know anyone that has people walking by them all day and night for 30 yrs provoking them until their nervous system gives out and then stating it’s your fault they are doing this all around  the world andn trying to keep me quiet about it by telling everyone I’m crazy.

  1. Hi. Are you in LA? I haven’t read any of your blogs but it looks like what’s going on with me. I’m here in California in the Inland Empire.


    • Yes, I’m in L.A., well, the valley. How bad is your situation?


      • I became aware I was a target in late 2011. It possibly began in 04-05 at work by mobbing. My story is too long for this blog. I’m on my way out from work after being mobbed out twice in the last 3 years. I worked for LA County at a law enforcement agency. It appears that the tactics they use are similar as far as colors and cars. I have some type of surveillance at home, car, phone calls are listened to, DEW, the whole nine yards.


      • I am sorry, I know how miserable they can make peoples lives. Especially enabling civilians to commit felonies, and protect them. I am a 30 year target, I found out what was going on at the age 29. I know how hard it is to explain. My details are at I don’t know who comes up with these terror tactics, probably mostly cops working with psychologists of people they decide they just don’t like and want to rid of the world. If I knew of a way to unite all the targets and expose the police, government, and community involvement of what is going on I would. But I can tell you in the last 10 years, tons of people have come forward who have been targets that were afraid. Due to people trying to scare them quiet and telling them it’s not possible to try to put them in a corner and make them look crazy.

        At one point, since I build database systems, I was thinking of building a notification system such as I built for myself, for other to use to expose these wolves dressed in sheeps clothing. which a lot of times is the police playing god with peoples lives because, they discriminate.

        Even last month a police officer broke and threatened me. If I ever take a picture of a person he will “exercise the law in his own manor” meaning, he does not want me to have any proof of whats going on.

        I have a few sites I put up. Might help.

        this is the one I was talking about but takes a lot of time to complete. I’d say it’s 80% done, but I have not looked at it in a long time as I didn’t want my life to be all about this.


      • What is the gang stalking reporter?


      • Due to the fact that because I am attacked literally 100 times per day off the net, and 1000 on, I needed to build a notification system to tell people what was going on, and document each event so that people can be held accountable for crimes like this as well as normalize the situation letting people know the truth.

        Each harassment is put in the website in a database, documented,and people in the list notified of each attach. I’ve been using this for years to prove what the massas have been trying to keep secret in my 30 year campaign to end my life.

        I decided at one point to make the system multii user so that other people in my situation have a chance to defend themselves. The one thing I learned is, even though I have not done a thing to anyone, the idea behind a gang stalking is to notify mass groups of lies, and make sure the target cannot defend themselves in any way shape or form.

        12 years ago when I noticed something was wrong, I tried to confront the issue and asked what was going on. I got hidden messages stating we don’t care, and have a good life now, while I noticed mass armies trying to end my life. To this day, I have no clue what it’s about, but I do know what each and every person in my life for 30 years was doing.

        These situations, the police, the civilians, will tell you your imagining it. There is only one out, and that is to expose the truthof these mass murder campaigns and hold the people involved accountable, for basically 1st degree murder by mobbing.

        Targets are not protected,and the police and those involved want it this way. There is no defense, but I believe if the targets get togethor, and build systems to defend themselves and expose the truth, people no longer have the power of “your imagining it, your crazy” we will rid you of the world.

        Gangstalking reporter, is a start, but it involves time and energy, which I didn’t want my life to become building survival tools, but rather doing positive things to go forward with my life. It would be beneficail to gangstalking targets who just sit around trying to tell people who know what’s going on who then tell them their imagining it until their nervous system gives away and they die due to abuse in the masses claiming they can take the law in their own hands


      • Is the database only for you or is it for other targets? I can add to your list of businesses involved here in the Inland empire. Also other information to help other targets and expose them. Do you get death threats? I wonder if your perps come and stalk me and my perps stalk you. Do you have family or friends?


      • Basically, you will notice, is a database system with reporting features, and notification features. The reports I made public and can be sorted by different things to make the person viewing see what’s going on. For example, if I want to sort by day, and incident I can see, well, on this day, 15 people walked by and whistled, or sang or hummmed. This site was built by me, for me to try to show people and expose the lies as well as show the actual crimes.

        I then started to build using the same base code, but making it multiuser so that other could signup, and do the same thing for themselves. It’s just that, I don’t know how many people would use it, and there is a significant time investment. Although the hard part it done, It’s just a matter of debugging at this point and making sure it is stable.

        My thoughts were, well if there are others like me, they need a fighting chance to defend themselves of what the police claim is not happening when they want to cover it up, as well as make a solid case for the target so when anyone questions his sanity, he can just show them the proof of attacks.

        so, in short, is for me, but would be for all targets


      • What part of the valley? I worked in Sylmar in 2012. I was “GS” then. I lasted approx. 3 mos.


      • I’m in the woodland hills area


      • I’m not sure how to read your information. I only have access through iPhone because those assholes have full control of my computer. Do you know anything about computers?


      • This is cat and mode game with these assholes. Do you know about computers? These assholes are preventing me from doing work?


      • yes, I do IT, and program in .net and SQL, as well as an extensive graphics background


      • Kevin, post your website and info on these forums. Change the location to your area.


  2. That’s why it’s a good idea to keep a weapon in the jack compartment or under the frame. These tire problems often lead to a serial kill.


  3. I am a women who is being gang stalked fro two years the states attorney office in lake county ill hired this organization I moved out of ill so they would stop harassing me but they come every where they break into my apartment every time. Leave they put chemicals on my carpet my cloths destroy my furniture steal my belongings and poison my food stalk me every were I go they use laser to from one headlight that makes your skin burn also a exhaust that comes from the tail pipe of their cars which all this is high tech chemicals that can ham me and other people as well they have no idea what is happening when will the law enforcement and goverment. lock these criminals up the end for people who they stalk is murder



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