Gang Stalking – My Brothers BBQ – Paranoid Schizophrenia Tactics

Posted: May 12, 2013 in Community Mobbing
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After My Brothers made up their lies about me,

I decided to a time lapse as stated in my other posts. During this Time Lapse while notifying people what was going on. They notified the community to come out all wearing solid black pants and solid red shirts.

This is merely one of the tactics going on in thousands to make me mentally ill and kill me. And when they knew that I was no longer going to put up with their abuse, and then follow me to every other place and do it again to keep me scared and quiet and their cries covered up obviously, I decided to take pictures of it.

Note, that the night I was told, not to leave, but that I had to do whatever they say and treat me like shit, because they claim I did not pay my bill which I kindly said “If I did not pay a bill give it to me and I will pay it,” then stating that they don’t have it, or record of it, which seems strange.  The black Hostess girl was of course wearing solid Red Pants, and a Solid red shirt, as she was friends of the hostess trying to get a confession, or any confession possible to rid me of the world.

Picture of girl who never said anything but was wearing the hinting colors as they do at all the places I frequent to get rid of me.Image

Picture of the hostess girl who’s been harassing me since hired, telling me to go other places instead of there, and then finding out she’s following me around trying to get dirt to get rid of me (fortunetelling not good pics)ImageImage

Pictures of tactics not only to get me to leave, but also to get me to leave the planet as this happens where ever I go more then once, all over the world. As they say things like “If your not comfortable here, you should leave” Note, I was only here for 2 hrs this day. This isn’t days, or weeks waiting and is also on a street and location where there aren’t many people walking. Along with tons of other posts showing then using these tactics.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

My Brothers
21150 Ventura Blvd
Woodland Hills, CA 91364
Phone: 747-444-1480

More Details at:

  1. It looks like they use the same colors? Red and burgandy… Here it’s those colors plus Royal Blue, yellow, neon colors and animal prints. Do they drive with their lights on!


    • They systematically add new colors patterns for me with some kind of hidden message. But they will be done in masses. At first, they started with solid black pants, and solid red shirt. Then a waitress kept trying to get some confession about green shirts, so they then started having everyone wear solid black pants and green shirts, then they had the entire city do solid black pants and solid blue shirts as they build mass armies with hidden messages which we know what the motive is.

      If you go through my tactics on my site, it explains everything, at least the ones they are doing to me


      • Kevin, post your website and info on these forums. Change the location to your area.


      • Do you know that a notification is sent to everyone in your area plus anywhere you go?


      • All I know is that I didn’t know it was going on my whole life and it got worse and worse, and when I tried to move forward with my life, they went even more ballistic as I tried to move on. If a group if going to hunt you their whole life, they will never stop until stopped. That is all I know


      • You haven’t done enough research to know who is behind this crime. According to sites, a National Security Letter (NSL) is sent to friends, family, and the community. They hire to people to spread the slander, lies, and give orders on what to do. Do you live alone? They usually break into homes and pit cameras and bugs in your home.


      • Yes, this was done,
        not only audio and video surveillance, but giving out this information to create mental illness. I’ve never heard of NSL


  2. Are you a whistleblower or something? Is that what got you into this mess?


  3. I’m a whistle blower in regards to finding out I have a Gang Stalking campaign, but other then that, My own mother and brother started this at an early age fabricating lies such as, I hit the neighbor kid in the head with a golf club and making claims like this to the police. Then when 14, my brother would commit crimes, and cover them up by pinning them on me. Other then that, I couldn’t tell you what their, or anyone elses problem is. Especially when I spend my life being kind, generous, giving, caring, etc.


  4. Ignore them. That’s why I do most if the time. I know it’s annoying. They want a reaction from you so they can continue to harass you. These people are sick!


    • I ignored it for 8 years after finding out, and it only got worse. Plus, when the entire city is told to park cars backwards, 1000’s of tactics like this all day, there is no ignoring a murder campaign.

      They are beyond sick. These are the righteous. example: see that person over there, he committed a crime, he asked someone I don’t approve of out on a date, so we are going to kill them for their crimes.

      They walk around stating what is right and wrong, then go out and kill in the name of it preaching they are better. And 99% of the time, they make up lies or excuses why they are justified to take the law in their own hands

      If you want to compare psychological profiles, these people are no different then people like, Jim Jones, David Caresh, Charles manson, Adolf Hitler


      • I agree. What I meant to say is do not react to them. When they see that it bothers you they keep doing it. Are they watching you in your home? Or listening to you in your car!


      • No offense to you when I say this, but if you truly are a target, then you will know, that 1000 people per day zapping you with a cattle prod whenever you do something they don’t like, like getting coffee, or asking a girl on a date and destroying you possiblity of having friends, making money, or even functioning is a crime and a mass scale.

        And when people get togethor to kill someone, it’s a crime, with damages, and will never end. By doing nothing, is what they want. Quiet, scared, and in control.

        So when you say that, it almost sounds like you are not in this situation. Because anyone knows that when people follow you telling you what you can and can’t do, or they will kill you, cannot be ignored on any level, and those people need to be locked up for life as well as civil actions for accountability.

        There is no ignoring a murderer or group of them


      • Have you seen some of the pictures I have posted? I’m in the same boat. Yes, I get zapped, fried, and the whole nine yards. The more you let them know the more they bother you. I didn’t say to do nothing I said don’t let them know that they bother you because they will keep doing it. I’ve gotten threats. I get the noise campaign. I get the assholes who follow you and do stupid things like cough, whistle, clear their throat, and other immature behavior. This link is a petition. Click on latest and I’m in Fontana with the long story.


      • I get the stupid Stasi signs like stroking hair, touching nose, touching glasses etc… The assholes wear baseball caps, sunglasses, etc… I had a “relationship” with a perp for the last 6 years. I have perp family members. I was a “peace officer” at one time. That’s what got me into this mess!!!!


  5. Tommy says:

    In order to get an overall feel for what is happening to someone who is entered into The Program it might be beneficial to review these MP3 audio’s: These podcasts are given by someone who is a targeted individual and accurately describes the possibilities and extent to which the BioAPI is leveraged to create false realities. Keep in mind the guy giving these talks is a “SHILL;” he’s specifically attempting to cover up the connection between a targeted individual and phase 2 (the BioAPI via Chemtrail nano-fibers). Nonetheless, the audios give a good background on how people are being harassed and demonstrates the spectacular things that can be accomplished when one controls the brain and body like a laptop computer. For the people doing this, under all circumstances the compartmentalization of information must be maintained by the handler (a handler as reflected in Metopia (2009) and A Scanner Darkly (2006)). For example, when speaking with your friend a handler may quickly jump in and direct-to-speech them and have them say something significant to you, but what your friend says must be in a context of something that could be said anyway in that situation and means nothing to them. This is a general rule and maintains the required false illusion. Same with general harassment, without your dishonor the harassment cannot be detrimental to your life. For example they cannot slash your tires when you need your car desperately to ..


  6. AIwillrulethefuture says:

    Gangstalking is = Artificial Intelligence BroodHound system designed to eliminate adversaries in a slow painful way while relieving the governement of any liabilities.

    Gangstalking is an ultra advance AI utilizing AI for manless Automobile, drones, GPS and other subject locating AI grids.

    Yes, it is military and civilian army worldwide system.

    1. It does utilize some form of Cointelpro, chemicals compounds similar to MKultra in emotional and physical manipulation and Frey effect to disorient the subject.

    2. It is a fox and hound system to slowly prefect the methods. Again relieving the government from any liabilities.

    Because it is an AI system with no emotions and only objectives, it will not stop until it finishes its objective.

    Many escaped previous political turmoil in the past but my guess is none will escape future ones.


  7. AIwillrulethefuture says:

    Gangstalking = 100% effective AI terminator. No human error or emotions allowing any Robin hoods to escape.

    AI grid will navigate any transportation; automobiles, planes (drones), trains etc.

    Robots will arrive sooner than you think at your on-line shopping centers. How do they navigate, you know only whats told.


  8. OS Chennai says:

    Organized Stalking in Chennai, India aka Gang Stalking started for me in the year 2008 with hacking of my cell phone and computers, it proceeded to all the typical Gang Stalking fetures in the year 2009 and Electronic harassment . I have filed numerous complaints with the Police and the CBI (FBI of India) but got no relief. I believe the solutions for organized stalking victims are 1)Educating yourself continuously about organized stalking in the net 2)Exposing this evil on the net by writing blogs and websites 3)Networking with fellow TIs in your city and holding regualr TI metings


    • thomaskhunt says:

      Gang stalking debunked. Electronic and covert harassment debunked. The sinister government conspiracy myth has been mistakenly intertwined with what is in actuality happening to all of us – something supernatural.

      What we are all dealing with is direct interaction with an omniscient, omni-cognizant energy life form. Some refer to this as God.

      Our species is being synchronized which is the reason we feel like we are being stalked. We are each the centerpoint of a virtual dome in which everything is synchronized to our movements and thoughts.

      We’re at the crossroads of the next stage in our evolution. Dormant DNA is being activated in each of us. We are being upgraded and transformed into human hybrid energy beings which is why we are feeling these strange energy sensations all over from head to toe.

      Directed energy weapons are not being used against us rather it’s an energy lifeform that is revealing itself in us and is trying to teach us a lexicon for communicating.

      God talks to us, among many ways, thru other people via hand signals. All hand signals people are seeing fall under one of these meanings: one direction, relax, see, think, or God.

      We are all part of a collective in a divine matrix via quantum/mental entanglement.

      I’ve been asked to teach the planet. I have an abundance of info and documentation, photos etc that are being prepared for release soon.

      Here is a rough idea of what is actually going on at

      Thomas Hunt


  9. Color harassment is the name use for this tactic in Gang Stalking / Organized Stalking. Anchoring is the technique by which they anchor / fix a negative emotion in the Targeted Individual to that color . when the TI sees the color anywhere he feels agitated that the stalkers have sent the person, and anger and upset are what the stalkers want in a TI. The colors used for me are Green and Black………….. Good Photos….


  10. a says:

    What’s up mates, how is the whole thing, and what you desire to say on the topic of this piece of writing, in my
    view its actually remarkable for me.


  11. thomaskhunt says:

    The gang stalking phenomena is misunderstood. I’ve experienced this phenomena in 10 different cities across the U.S. I still see it and feel it everyday and everywhere. But it’s not stalking and it’s not a conspiracy and I’m not crazy and neither are you. But there is something going on. I’ve decoded the truth and it is 100% accurate. What we are all experiencing is the side effects and symptoms of seeing the human species being supernaturally synchronized. There is no stalking. Not even a little bit. More here:

    Thomas Hunt


  12. Henry says:

    Are you still around Kevin?


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