Security Guard John Paul Naranjo now claims I threw coffee on him to cover it up and smear my name

Posted: April 12, 2013 in Community Mobbing, Uncategorized
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I just heard that John Paul is now claiming I throw coffee on him which sparked the incident.

As john told me to leave, I told him 2 years ago there was a contract he wanted me to sign, but would not let me see it. He told me I had to sign it, or I would be banned. When I asked for copies, he and the employees refused.

As we all know, anytime you sign something you get a copy, and are allowed to read it beforehand.

For all I know this document is fabricated by the employees or something, since I can’t imagine Starbucks corporation telling people they have to sign things or leave, and they can’t see them or have a copy. Seems kind of shady to begin with.

When John brought me this paper this time, I started taking pictures of it because I wanted a copy of what they were trying to get me to sign.

As I was taking pictures of it, John Paul kept yelling, “fuck you, get off my property” over and over.

As I got up to leave, I splashed some water on him from one of those clear water cups starbucks gives out, an said “Fuck You” as I walke away.

That’s when he swung the first punch to the side/temple are as I was turning to walk away with a sucker punch. He then continued about 6 more times, as I was disorient from the first punch until I had to defend myself.

I’m not going to say splashing a lieing murdering 12 year stalker who’s been working on you all day and night everywhere in the city to kill you with a mass world wide group of delusionals, in secret, behind your back with covert passive aggressive tactics is right. But I will say, a little water does not hurt, while 7 punches to the head in sync without stopping while the first was while turning to walk away is attempted murder.

Now, About this coffee lie, I bought a novelty camera lens cup I was drinking my coffee out of. The cup has a screw on top.  with a sippy top.

If I threw my coffee on him, I would need time between all this to unscrew the top and do this.

So while he’s yelling at me to leave his “fucking Property” while I’m taking pictures of this contract, and I would have to unscrew a top as  putting down a camera, grabbing my cup and walking away while splashing him withing seconds.

As opposed to grabbing a plastic cup and splashing him.

I am posting some pics of my broken cup after the fight, showing I had it, and it got damaged, and the top was on, or I don’t think it would have gotten damged, and the original factory pics showing what it looked like beforehand.

Clearly  John Paul Naranjo, are Murderers, with this mass group with ulterior motives who are now trying to cover it up, or have been since day one.

Factory with good top:


Mine, after fight:


And what the plastic Starbucks Water cup looks like, which only water was splashed at him, and not even thrown


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